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“Review of Dr. Jennifer Walden – Gifted Hands”

Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up in Austin in a family of medical professionals. Her dad was a dentists and mother worked as a surgical nurse, so it understandable Jennifer would follow their example.

She attended the University of Texas, where she received a degree in Biology. After her time there, she transferred to the Medical Branch of the school and graduated top of her class with honors.

Walden was able to acquire a fellowship in cosmetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She would stay in New York City for seven and a half years, while working on the Upper East Side.

After becoming pregnant and having two twin boys, Jennifer decided raising them around the family would be a great idea, so she headed back to Austin.

She currently has her private practice called Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, in a suite filled with the latest technology, located in Westlake Medical Center.

Here she performs a variety of procedures, including liposuctions, breast augmentations, facelifts, and rhinoplasties.

Her patients love her work, and they feel as though she is really in touch with what they require. In other words, the work she does on her patients is subtle; the person looks natural. She has gifted hands.

Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and an inventor of technologies other physicians in her field of study can apply in their practices.

These creations include Vectra, which is a 3-D apparatus that can visualize how a patient will look before they received the surgery and instruments to assist the doctor and patient when breast surgery is performed.

This is just a minute summary of all Dr. Jennifer Walden’s accomplishments.


The life and career of Anthony Petrello

As a humble person, Anthony Petrello is someone who is soft-spoken despite him being one of the most successful and important person in the United States of America. His humility and somewhat shyness keeps him off the limelight having once been one of Americas Top-paid Chief Executive Officers. The year 2014 saw Mr. Patrello take home $ 68.2 million. At this time he worked for a company that operated in the oil industry called Nabors Industries. Mr. Patrello has for many years enjoyed great periods of success in his cooperate career with many of his peers considering him a straight and honest person.

The road to success for Anthony Petrello was one that took him through so much hardship and turmoil, but his industrious nature and the ability to give all his best enabled him to rise to the top slowly. Together with his parents, Patrello began life in Newark which was a predominantly a working-class community made up by Italians in the State of New Jersey. The community thrived through hard work and honestly helping each other, and as a result, Patrello upheld these values as he rose in his career.

As a young boy, Anthony Petrello soon became aware of his humble background strived to achieve in all that he did. He put in a lot of effort in his studies, and as an intelligent boy, he soon became the top student in all his classes. Mathematics and Logic became his main areas of interest and as such exuded a generous level of brilliance in both to the point of being recognized by Yale University which he would later attend at the age of 18 just after finishing high school.

His comprehension and mastery of the two subjects continued through his university life and as such, many scholars in these fields praised him for what he was capable of as a young student. Soon after, he switched careers and continued his studies at Harvard Law School.

An executive summary of Anthony Petrello’s career saw him become elected in the year 1991 to the Board of Directors at Nabors. This appointment was followed by another election to the Board Executive Committee. He then served as the Chief Operating Officer and President of Nabors from 1991 to 2011. Prior to being named the CEO of the company, Anthony Petrello had been the Deputy Chairperson from the year 2003. Before joining the company, Patrello had practiced law at a law firm called Baker and McKenzie Associates.

About Anthony Petrello:

Bradesco’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the current President of Bradesco Bank, which is Brazil’s second-largest private bank. He is considered as one of the most influential executives in the Brazilian economic life, owing to the many awards and recognitions he has won since he took over the leadership of the bank. Trabuco was born on 6th October, 1951, and graduated from the University of São Paulo in Philosophy, Sciences and Letters. He later joined Fundação School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo, where he graduated in Socio-Psychology.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Career Timeline

1969 – 1984

Trabuco’s history with Bradesco goes way back to when he was only 18 years old. He started off as a clerk at the bank’s first branch office Marília’s agency. Over the next 15 years, he undertook different assignments with great determination and persistence.

1985 – 1992

Trabuco took up the role of marketing director, whereby he oversaw the marketing initiatives of the bank, a role he effectively played for the next 8 years. During that time, he not only modernized the bank’s communication system, but he also harnessed the relationship between the bank and the media.

1992 – 1999

During this time, Luiz Carlos Trabuco served as the President and Executive director of Bradesco Previdencia, which is a subsidiary company of Bradesco. During his tenure as president and executive director, he oversaw the signing of one of the biggest marketing initiatives accomplished by the group.

1999 – 2003

Trabuco’s business acumen earned him the Executive Vice President’s seat at Bradesco Seguros, which comprised of 8 other companies, including Bradesco Vida e Previdência, Bradesco Saúde and Capitalização.

2003 – 2009

After having served as the Executive Vice President of Bradesco Seguros for four years, Trabuco was promoted to the top seat to become the fourth President of the company. While serving in the capacity of President, the company not only doubled in size, but it also cemented its headship in the country. During the same period, Bradesco Seguros’s performance increased in the group’s result by 10 percent (from 25% to 35%), becoming the biggest in Latin America’s insurance sector.

2009 – Present

At 58 years of age with at least 40 years of experience and having held different positions in the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed the general presidency of Bradesco. This made him the 3rd president of the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Achievements

Through Trabuco’s leadership over the years, Bradesco has achieved many milestones that have been recognized far and wide. In 2015, Trabuco spearheaded the acquisition of the HSBC bank in Brazil, which was considered the largest business of the year in the country.

Under his leadership, a corporate university known as Unibrad was created. The purpose of the institution was to qualify the executives and employees of the group in a personalized way. In 2017, GlobalCCU Awards elected Unibrad as world’s best corporate university.

Luis Carlos Trabuco’s Awards and Recognitions

• Sectoral Business Leader – Insurance and Pension Plans in 2006
• Business Personality of Insurance in 2006
• Insurance Person of the Year in 2006
• Insurance Person of the Year in 2007
• Title of Meritorious Citizen of Marilia in 2009
• Don Quixote Trophy in 2009
• One of the 100 most-influential Brazilians in 2009
• Entrepreneur of the Year in the Finance Category in 2015
• One of the Best CEOs in Brazil in 2016

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has helped Bradesco make great strides business-wise, probably by a greater margin than what was achieved by his predecessors combined. Following Bradesco’s success under Trabuco’s leadership, it’s right to say that the company’s future is bright.

Securus Technologies Keeping Officers Protected

One of my jobs as a corrections officer is making sure all my fellow officers are safe when we are working inside the prison. It does not take much for one inmate to turn a bad situation into a deadly one, so we have to be watching everything on top of all the other responsibilities we have inside the jail. Weapons and drugs are two of the things we are fighting every day to keep out of the hands of these inmates, and we do so in a number of different ways.


Every day that I am inside the prison, I start my hunt for contraband in the visitor center. I search each guest that comes to the jail, then I search each inmate when they are ready to go back to their cell. We do cell inspections all day long, never letting the inmates if and when their cells could be next. Perhaps the biggest and more rewarding of all resources is the inmate call monitoring system that was installed by Securus Technologies.


The system is in thousands of prisons, and the CEO of the company says all his 1,000 employees are working each day to make the world a better place to live. The LBS software can do the work of half my team, allowing us to be in other areas of the prison combating this problem. Once chatter on a number of subjects is detected, we get the alert and can act fast.


Since utilizing this resource, we have heard inmates talking on the phones about where they can hide drugs in the yard. We heard one inmate ask his grandmother to bring her drugs to the jail so he could have them. We even heard about a hit on a fellow inmate that was order by a gang leader.


OSI Group/Industries Is The King When It Comes To Creating Custom Food Solutions

When it comes to creating some of the best tasting, custom food products, OSI Group is the leader of the pack. This company is huge as it has 65 state-of-the-art facilities in over 15 different countries. Over 20,000 employees work for OSI Group, which helps make it one of the nation’s largest privately held companies. Its headquarters is located in Aurora, Illilois, but it started out over 100 years ago in Oak Park, Illinois. OSI Group is the king when it comes to creating custom food solutions. The company already produces some of the best tasting foods for other businesses. This includes sausages, cheese, meat balls, pork products, bacon bits, cucumbers, onions, corn, pizza, and many more.

CEO Sheldon Lavin implements some of the best strategic market-focused tactics for success. He is also looking to focus more on sustainability and green practices in the future. The company has worked with many high profile clients such as KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Subway. OSI Group’s partnership with leading food servers takes the company to another level. These are concept-to-table solutions, which gives the world the benefits of:

• Exceptional Culinary Skill
• Efficient Supply Chain
• Global Flavor Knowledge
• Innovative Research Facilities
• Quality Assurance Practices
• And many more

The company is striving on improving its brand and there’s no cutting corners. The foods are closely scrutinized before leaving for distribution. OSI uses some of the best test kitchens pilot plants in the world. Have an idea for custom foods? OSI Group can turn it into a reality thanks to its knowledgeable staff. With so many business acquisitions taking place, this company will continue to expand, and hold its grip on the industry. All in all, OSI Group is leading by example, and it’s changing the status quo.

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In Pursuit of Greatness

There are literally thousands of banking institutions across this great nation. These financial centers can range in size, diversity and services. NexBank Capital of Dallas, Texas, is always in the news and for great reasons. This financial institution is very progressive in its actions, and it is setting a solid blueprint of success for other banks to follow. As of June 30, 2017, NexBank reported to having up to $6.4 billion in assets. This institution specializes in commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. John Holt, President and CEO of NexBank, has done a tremendous job at running this well-tuned financial machine over the past few years.


NexBank offers many other beneficial services like online banking, checking accounts, saving accounts, mortgages, treasury management, commercial lending, agency services, real estate advisory, public funds and many more. This exclusive financial institution has donated money to the families of the fallen officers who died in last year’s shootout. Besides NexBank, other regional banks stepped in and donated. This action shows how cohesive the people of Texas are as well as the Texas Bankers Association. NexBank has done many similar great things in the past by donating funds to people who don’t qualify for mortgages, and by working with Habitat For Humanity. You won’t find too many other banks that are as progressive as this. This financial institution surely sets the tone on how business should be conducted.


This regional bank also offers services for large corporations, middle-market companies and for real estate investors. Every level of business is being touched thanks to the great leadership. The bank reported its net income at $381 million and this was for the first six months of the year. This gives you an idea of how powerful this center is, and NexBank will continue to provide valuable services for the area.

Oncotarget Stays True to Its Mission of Enhancing Faster Sharing Of Exceptional Scientific Discoveries

There are four main leading factors why researchers choose one journal publication over the other: reputation of the journal, relevance of the publication content, quality and transparency of the peer review process, and the journal’s readership influence and impact factor.In the Oncology and cancer research, one of the top publications that combine all of the highlighted factors is Oncotarget. To begin with, the journal is highly ranked as one of the top open-access journals globally—with an average impact factor of 5.0 for the past 5 years. Its editorial board is also comprised of reputed scholars and researchers, most of whom boasts of numerous accolades in the medical research world including the Breakthrough Prize and the Laser Prize.Oncotarget’s publication process is also straightforward and impartial: researchers and scholars who want their studies published can easily find the necessary information and resources that they need on Oncotarget’s website.While the primary focus of the publication is oncology, Oncotarget also publishes research papers in the fields of pathology, immunology, age-related diseases, and endocrinology. The Journal’s editors decided to publish papers in other fields as well to allow the researchers in these fields to also leverage on the success behind the publication.

Making scientific research widely available

Unlike other journals which require subscription, Oncotarget is free to access. In fact, each of their weekly issues can be printed on special demand.The publication’s mission is to make scientific research easily available by enhancing faster sharing of exceptional discoveries. The publication also aims at maximizing the impact of scientific research through capitalizing on insightful review. This subsidiary of Impact Journal is also focused at eliminating the border between different specialties and fostering application of clinical and basic science in fighting diseases.

This move has resulted into positive cross-border collaboration between researchers, something that wasn’t initially possible.One of the recent researches that Oncotarget published is an article on Salvage Therapy for Relapsed Testicular Cancer. The article has brought a lot of hope to patients diagnosed with testicular cancer and who were uncertain of the treatment options available. The article highlights some of the causes of this type of cancer as well as how it can be treated and prevented.

The New Podcast And Noteworthy Career Of Norman Pattiz

Most people remember the sitcoms that became legends. There was Good Times, One Day at a Time, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, and Maude to name a few. These programs revolutionized television in America. Norman Pattiz remembers this programming and this is the reason for his new and intimate weekly podcast. The podcast will feature Norman Lear, the man responsible for some of America’s most classic programming. The podcast is titled All of the Above and the listeners will be guided by Norman Lear on enlightening conversation, pressing social issues, current political discussions, music, family programming, current events, and of course comedy. Learn more:


The topics discussed will be widely varied on most every possible topic and feature the viewpoints of everyday people, celebrities, and politicians. Paul Hipp will be joining Norman Lear each week as his delightful sidekick and friend. Some of the earliest celebrity guests will be Amy Poehler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, America Ferrera, and Jerrod Carmichael. The topics will be interesting, insightful, and will grab the attention of the audience. Norman Pattiz has been a fan of Norman Lear for a long time and could not wait to welcome him aboard. For more details regarding the new podcast please visit


Norman Pattiz began the career of a lifetime when he founded PodcastOne. His accomplishments have been featured on Forbes and his experience in radio syndication goes back forty years. His creation of Westwood One brought America news, sports, talk, entertainment, and traffic programming then grew to be the largest provider in America. Norman Pattiz has become renowned for his masterful leadership his gift in broadcasting has made him a legend in the industry. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz wanted to both distribute and produce programming of the highest quality so he launched the Courtside Entertainment Group. Due to his awareness of the rampant opportunities in audio on-demand PodcastOne came about in 2012. He believes in remaining excited, engaged, and busy and his heroes were Steve Ross and Bill Paley. In the past, his advice was to always read the trades because it was so important to know the players in your industry and what was currently happening. He now believes due to the digital shift in the trades everyone thinks they are an expert. He feels this makes it much more difficult to find the information required. Although he is primarily known for his work in broadcasting Norman Pattiz is also an accomplished entrepreneur.

Clay Siegall dramatically increases therapeutic window of chemotherapy agents

One of the determining factors that decides whether or not a drug will be available for over-the-counter use or will only be available by prescription is what’s known as the therapeutic window. This is the amount of the drug between which clinical effects first start to be able to be noted and the point at which the drug becomes likely to cause serious adverse effects or overdose in person taking it. Generally speaking, the wider the therapeutic window is, the safer the drug.

However, many drugs used to treat the most serious illnesses have a relatively narrow therapeutic window. For this reason, they’re not only available by prescription only but often times actually need to be administered under the active care of an attending physician. This is the case with such drugs as anesthesia, morphine and chemotherapy. In the case of the latter drug, the reason that chemotherapeutic regimens fail is not due to the ineffectiveness of the agent. Instead, the ineffectiveness of any given chemotherapeutic regimen is usually due to the inability of the oncologist to administer sufficient quantities of the agent in order to fight the tumor.

In fact, this small therapeutic window has been the bane of chemotherapy for as long as it’s existed. Oncologists have long known that if the amount of chemotherapeutic agent that can safely be administered could be significantly increased, the effectiveness of chemotherapy in general could be dramatically increased.

One man, Clay Siegall, has undertaken the task of finding a way to do exactly that. Through his company, Seattle Genetics, he has been researching and developing a new class of drugs called antibody drug conjugates for the last 20 years. Antibody drug conjugates use a synthetic antibody in order to deliver the chemotherapeutic agent directly to the site of the cancer cell, eliminating any systemic release and all of the horrible side effects associated with massive doses of drugs like cisplatin being released into the patient’s body.

In theory, this exciting new class of drugs is capable of completely eliminating all side effects previously associated with chemotherapy, allowing for massive doses of the drugs to be directly delivered to the site of the tumor. This often leads to the complete destruction of all malignant tissues, frequently allowing the patient to become cancer-free.

Seattle Genetics currently has more than 20 drugs in the development pipeline and is working on developing dozens more. Through efforts like these, it is saving thousands of lives every year.

Marriage Equality Backed By The Honey Birdette Brand

The issue of marriage equality has become front page news in Australia as the government has recently announced a postal vote will take place on a subject that has never proven particularly controversial in the nation. In fact, around 70 percent of the public are reported in polls to back marriage equality, a figure that has made many questions why the vote is taking place; Honey Birdette founder, Eloise Monaghan, has been seeking to show her backing for the right to marriage equality and recently organised a flash mob of Honey Birdette employees and models marching through Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Honey Birdette’s march was met with support on social media platforms from customers and interested parties who backed the idea of a successful business showing its support for a topic the majority in Australia state they agree with. Marketing specialists believe the flash mob of lingerie wearing models and Honey Birdette employees was a political and advertising masterstroke from the company over a cause the founder has always been vocal about. By showing public support for the marriage equality and “#freethenipple” campaigns the brand was positioning itself alongside the majority of its customer base in 2017.

The decision to create a flash mob is not the first controversial campaign the Honey Birdette brand and its founder have supported in recent months; Eloise Monaghan’s luxury lingerie brand also took the bold step to feature advertising images featuring an exposed nipple at the flagship Rundle Mall location in support of the “#freethenipple” campaign. The majority of public commentators agreed with Honey Birdette’s view of the marketing image being on the right side of public decency as another important public issue was supported by a luxury brand with a high level of social concern.