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Real Estate Ventures Made Easy by David Osio

Mobile Application in Real Estate



The real estate venture can be very exciting and profitable. Although valuable too, the terminologies and calculations involved in the business are challenging and involving. That is why Davos Group of Real Estate invented a new mobile application that aims to approximate the real estate returns on investments. Davos Group of Real Estate is an independent company that makes part of the Davos Financial Group.



History of Davos Group



The Davos Financial Group is an international group. It has also been a top company in Latin America market over the past two decades. It offers comprehensive financial advice to private and public companies. Davos Group focuses on implementing an investment strategy tailored to meet the demands of every client. With the team of professionals, the company combines quality products in the framework that requires high quality services, experience, professionalism, and specialization.



Application for iPhone and Android Users



In the past six months, the Executive Director of Davos Group has been partnering with Tecknolution to develop designs of the mobile application. The application enables clients to approximate the profits of an investment after the expenses. It was developed based on the current modern technology and is available for iPhone and Android users. This application marks the beginning of many applications in the future. The future applications will feature the capacity to identify property using the mobile device while forwarding the past reports on real estate to the agent stationed at Davos Group through an interactive session like a chat.



Benefits of the Application



 The phone application developed by Davos Group is an innovative instrument enabling investors to have a clear financial vision before purchasing a property. It assists clients in financial guidance before investing in real estate, and that has been the dream of the company. The mobile application comes with a mortgage calculator. The feature will allow the Davos Group clients to estimate the expenses based on bank projections including the interest rates.



About David Osio



Serving as the Executive Director of Davos Financial Group, David Osio possesses a great understanding of financial practices in many sectors. He also serves as the founder of the group. David went to Universidad Catolica Andres Bello where he studied Law, Banking, and Finance and graduated with a degree. He was a Director at MGO in Caracas, a law firm. His roles included offering legal advice to corporate clients. David prides his intelligence to the higher degree in Education he acquired at IESA School and Degree in Portfolio Organization and Banking at the Institute of Finance in New York.

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Capital Group Investment Firm Is Highly Commended For Its Leadership

Janet Yang, a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) recently conducted a review of Capital Group, a portfolio management company based in Los Angeles that specializes in fixed income and equity funds and services both large corporations and individual investor clients. Yang’s overall analysis graded the firm with an A, taking into account their overall culture and fund management structure as well as the men in charge of operations. She especially commended the leadership of Rob Lovelace, Darcy Kopcho and Tim Armour, portfolio management specialists who are masters at executing investment strategies.

She commends the firm for its use of a multimanager fund system, a method that’s allowed for greater diversity in investments as more than one manager can manage parts of a fund and offset any losses with gains. Also, Armour has led Capital Group to becoming more open to interviews with the media and putting forth reports on how portfolios are managed and other tidbits of information that investors should know about. In addition, most investors are pleased to know that portfolio managers and analysts are usually tenured at Capital Group for quite a long period, and changes in management don’t happen that often. Tim Armour himself is an example of that.

Armour has been a very successful portfolio manager all throughout his tenure with Capital Group. He attended a small private college in Vermont, Middlebury College where he got his bachelor’s in economics. But it was enough for Capital Group to notice and Timothy Armour began his career at the company about 33 years ago as a company associate.

He did very well in the program and got promoted to equity investment analyst, a position managing the portfolios of clients in both telecom and special service industries. Timothy Armour would later become a senior portfolio manager where much of his work has been focused on, and then became head of the firm’s Research and Management Company and Management Committee, and is now CEO of the entire company.

Armour was elected to be Chairman of Capital Group in July of 2015 after the passing of former Chairman Rothenberg. Armour regarded Rothenberg as a friend and a great leader but vowed to stay the course that he and the leaders before him had run in the company. Armour also helped Capital Group form a strategic partnership with Samsung Asset Management, a move he describes as being beneficial to the needs of Korean investors.

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Give Your Hair Optimum Treatment With An Award Winning Shampoo

Beautiful soft hair is just a bottle away, reasonably priced at $40 for most products. Rebuilding your hair with resilience and texture is easy with an award winning hair care product that has proven results. Thousands of women around the world trust Wen by Chaz for their hair. They offer a cruelty-free organic solution to hair care. Their protects work deep to protect your hair from root to tip. Most women have difficulties with the growth of their hair due to an oil and dirt buildup. Once you remove excess particles from your hair, you give it room to breathe and thrive properly.

How Wen By Chaz Works?

WEN gives your hair resilience and provides a 100% all natural treatment that is infused with vitamin C and E. Best of all, they are packed with eleven essential amino acids that work deep within every follicle of your hair. Their beauty products work well for all hair care types. Each bottle has the proper amount that should be used clearly listed on each bottle. Give your hair far more shine, volume, bounce, and resilience. It is a unique hair care system that works to engage healthy hair.

Wen by Chaz Products

– All-in-one products

– Styling creme

– Styling mousse

– Shampoo

– Conditioner

– Deep cleansing conditioner

– 5 day hair care system

– Aromatherapy

and much more…

Chaz Dean ( works hard to give your hair the optimum hair care system. Give your hair the benefits of Mendarin Italian fig, sweet almond mint, winter cranberry, or Wen by Chaz original. Their hair products are easy to order online on Amazon or you can get their products from your favorite local retailer by simply visiting their beauty care aisle. More information available on the official website  and Facebook product page.


Business Executive, Community Leader, Family Man

Dick DeVos is a man of many accomplishments. Besides a long and successful career in business, he has many accomplishments as a community leader and is a devoted family man.

DeVos’ business career includes executive positions with the Windquest Group, The Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association, and Amway.

He is currently President of the Windquest Group.

As Vice President of Amway International, DeVos supervised operations in 18 countries. Under DeVos’ leadership, Amway reached new markets and, for the first time, exceeded domestic sales. It also tripled international sales.

When he became President of Amway, a position he held from 1993 to 2002, DeVos was in charge of all operations on six continents and 50 countries. In DeVos’ last fiscal year, Amway’s sales reached $4.5 billion.

DeVos’ family acquired the Orlando Magic in 1991. He served as President and CEO for three years.

Dick DeVos is not only a successful businessman. He has led many community initiatives.

He founded the Education Freedom Fund, awarding scholarships to Michigan’s underprivileged (more than 4,000 awarded). He established the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a high school offering education with a focus on aviation. And he has served on the State Board of Education.

DeVos has been chair/co-chair of revitalization projects in downtown Grand Rapids and regional health care improvements. These improvements include a $212 million convention center, a $75 million arena, a $90 million medical school, a $30 million Downtown Market, and a $130 million heart hospital.

He ran for Governor as a Republican candidate in 2006.

In 1997 he published his book “Rediscovering American Values,” a New York Times bestseller. It is available in seven languages.

DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University, a two-time National champion sailor, and a pilot of jet aircraft and helicopters.

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have been married for 35 years. They have seven children and five grandchildren.

Water Release from Squaw Valley

Since October, Squaw Valley has been dealing with a big water problem that they never would have expected when they installed their new water system over the summer. This is a problem that came from the heavy rains that Placer County received in the fall and it caused a lot of damage. The water leaked out through the new system and immediately became compromised to the point that the resort was unable to use it for anything. They immediately shut off the ability of the public to consume the water at Squaw Valley and Placer County has issued a statement that it does not affect the surrounding areas.

After realizing that they would not be able to use the water to be able to serve people in the restaurants or for drinking, they found that they could, in fact, still use it to make snow with so that their ski season will not be affected. People may not be able to grab a bite to eat at the top of the mountain but they will certainly be able to ski down it just as they would any other year that there wasn’t a problem with the water.

Since this happened, Squaw Valley has been working to make the corrections that they need to so that they can turn the water back on and business can get back to the usual for the guests of the resort. They want to make sure that all of their guests are taken care of throughout the winter and they have focused most of their efforts on helping them. They are still taking some time to work on the water but it has been increasingly harder with temperatures that are dropping to even lower and making the ground harder to work with.

The dedication that Squaw Valley has to their guests is clear to see in the way that they have handled the situation. While they want to make sure that their water is working the right way, they also want to make sure that their guests are taken care of above everything else that they have done. They are sure that the guests will be able to do things better if they treat them better first instead of working to make sure that the water is done first. This shows a true commitment to the people who come to the resort and visit there.

As the season progresses, Squaw Valley hopes to get the water turned back on. They want to make sure that their resort is the best possible and that the people who are there are able to eat when they are there. In the meantime, they are working to make sure that people have the opportunity to eat and drink with the vending machines that they have set up over the resort. They have even begun providing complimentary water bottles to the people. This is something that they hope to resolve soon and they thank their guests for their continued commitment to Squaw Valley.

Manageable and Alive Hair from Wen by Chaz

When you notice your hair looking limp and lifeless, you may panic and choose to pursue the wrong solution for the problem. Your first choice should be to examine how you care for your tresses. Start with your daily regimen. Do you wash your hair daily, blow dry it or use hot irons to curl it? If so, it might be time to change your routine.

Washing your hair daily is stripping your hair of its natural oils. This is very destructive. Wen hair care is the only system that does not strip the natural oils from your hair when it cleanses it. The process of caring for your hair should consist of treatments that help the hair in its natural state.

Hair is keratinized protein, a dead substance, but it starts out alive and can continue to be healthy after it grows out. To do this it needs care. Chaz Dean’s brand is the only shampoo and conditioner system that doesn’t strip your hair of the natural oils your scalp produces to protect your hair. That’s only the first protective property of the Wen system. It also moisturizes the hair and adds shine.

Wen by Chaz improves your hair’s manageability by treating it mildly and moisturizing each strand, so your hair’s normal properties can be revealed. When washed by Wen by Chaz, the hair you were blessed with has an opportunity to relax, becoming more manageable and alive.

For more details, check out the product’s Facebook page and go to


Nathaniel Ru Healthy Eating

Starting a new restaurant is more work than many people realize. Restaurants and food companies have a high failure rate for a variety of reasons. The profit margin on food is really low, which means that business owners have to sell a lot of product to break even. In addition, the fixed expenses of operating a restaurant are high. Many times, business owners have to borrow a lot of money just to get started.


Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel Ru has had success with Sweet Green because he has taken a different approach to owning and operating a restaurant than many people in the industry. He started in a small restaurant format, and this helps to reduce his operating expenses. In addition, he concentrates on healthy food that is more expensive. Although this is a unique market with fewer customers, it allows him to earn high profits on the food that he does sell.


Financing Needs


When running a business, there are always going to be capital requirements that get in the way of growth. However, business owners have to balance the needs of the present and the future. Borrowing money to grow the business seems like a great idea, but over time it will eat into the cash flow of the business. A company must have a positive cash flow to remain in business over time. This is one of the biggest reasons that restaurant and food companies go out of business so often. If you want to take things to the next level with your company, make sure you have a long term plan for growth.


Future Plans


In the coming years, Nathaniel Ru wants to continue to invest in Sweet Green. He believes that there are many more locations where he could start this concept. The local population has to be more affluent and willing to pay more for healthy food for the concept to work. However, he has found many locations around the country that fit this profile. In the coming years, he expects to open up many more locations with Sweet Green as he expands his business footprint.


Dehydrator Basics + Recipes From Markus Rothkranz

Dehydrator basics, behold the healthy delicious possibilities

Fresh vs Powder
-With fresh foods, there is moisture, which is an oxidant.
-If you pick a fruit such as an apple from the tree and don’t eat it right away the apple oxides. The apple will appear moldy and this is due to oxidation.
-If you cut the fruit into slices, place them in the dehydrator, after a few hours in the dehydrator the fruit will be ready and will last for a few weeks to months afterward.
-Nutritional value when using the dehydrator isn’t lost.
-Normally, if food is off the shelf, food will lose their nutritional value.

-Having dehydrated food is good for
-traveling on the road for hours at a time
-quick snacks for lounging at home or just for a quick pick me up.

-Dehydrator Settings
-118°F or 45°C
-Any higher will kill the nutritional value of the food
-Warms food

A dehydrator is simply a box with a low-temperature coil and a fan that keeps the low heat traveling through which distributes evenly. People normally complain about not being able to afford dehydrators, but they can be very affordable. One doesn’t need to have an expensive, high-art, digital brand, a simple one can be found through research.

Another complaint that comes with a dehydrator is that sometimes the wet food is still wet. The problem is that people are not flipping the food after the first cooking desired time. An example of what to dehydrate properly is garlic naan.

-With garlic naan is that it will be needed to be placed on a wax-like sheet, not mesh. If placed on the mesh sheet the wet naan will seep through. Once garlic naan is placed on the sheet, place in dehydrator for about 90 minutes, after time completed, take out and flip over for another 90 minutes to two hours.

-Important: Flip food products over to dehydrate properly and evenly.

Faux Bacon with Coconut Meat

This is a simple recipe with only one ingredient.
-Coconut Meat
-Coconut meat is very versatile and can be used for many recipes.
-Split open coconut.
-Drain water and set aside for later use.
-Scoop out coconut meat and scrape off brown things from coconut.
-Cut into slices like bacon.
-Soak coconut in tamari sauce for about 10 to 15 minutes.
-After soaking, place coconut meat on a sheet and in the dehydrator.
-Leave in the dehydrator on 115 degrees F overnight.

Easiest Healthiest Candy in the World, by Cara Brotman

Another simple recipe with only one ingredient, pineapple. A very portable snack if on the go and need a quick, healthy and tasty snack.

-Slice the pineapple.
-Remove core.
-Place on a dehydrator sheet and place in dehydrator for approximately 3 hours.
*Optional: Dip in chocolate.
-Instructions are on page 100 in the recipe book.

Cara Brotman’s Fast Easy Raw Vegan Hummus Lettuce Wrap

-Majestic sprouted hummus
-found at Whole Foods
-doesn’t necessarily have to be this kind, just a favorite of Cara’s
-Tomato diced
-Onion diced
-Avocado, diced
-Red Leaf Lettuce
-A good substitute for any bread.

-Smear hummus on red leaf lettuce.
-Top with the tomato, onion, avocado, and cilantro
-Sprinkle a little bit of olive oil and hot pepper sauce, if desired.


EOS: The Balm That Makes You Smile

Keeping our lips properly moisturized and nourished is important to people a over the world, both big and small. Until recently, shopping for a new lip balm was cut and dry. Pick a tube of your favorite flavor or Chapstick, Carmex or Beeswax and head to the check out. While these options did provide moisture, they lacked in variety and excitement. Just shy of a decade ago a new sheriff made its debut in the world of cosmetics. The new and thriving company-Evolution of Smooth, EOS for short, quickly began to appear in the hands of celebrities and lip balm lovers all over. Since their launch, EOS has reinvented the idea of lip balm, and established themselves as the second best-selling balm in the United States.

The makers behind EOS are committed to delivering all natural and organic options to the market. A trend that is ever increasing, experts anticipate a consistent and significant increase in revenue by 2020. In a report by Fast Company, through research and experience Sanjiv Mehra, cofounder of EOS, set out on a mission o deliver more personalized options for everyday lip care.

In order to deliver a one of a kind product, Mehra and his team stepped back to take a look at the bigger picture. Wanting to create a product that withstand the test of time, as well as survive the launch of future products they began to formulate both a balm and bottle that would revolutionize the world of lip care. Using all organic ingredients, they produces mid-sized spheres packed with moisture and flavor, wrapped in a colors to fit all personalities. Placing their focus on specifically designing products for women, they landed their first successful account with a female customer at Walgreens. Afterwards, the colorful spheres of luxury balm began to appear on the shelves of ULTA , Walmart ( and Target. EOS lip balms are now available online on eBay.

EOS has without a doubt renewed and improved the love for lip balm. Aside from the irresistible appearance and smooth feel of the spheres, these ULTA sold balms are packed with vital nutrients that are essential to healthy lips and skin. Have you smiled today?


InnovaCare Adds Experienced Leaders

InnovaCare Health added three executives to the already stellar leadership team. Jonathan Myers will be the Chief Actuary Officer. Before InnovaCare, he worked with Horizon BCBS as their Director of Actuarial Services, which is the largest carrier of Medicare and Medicaid services in New Jersey. Rick Shinto has also consulted with large employers and unions on employee benefits.

The next top executive to add to the leadership team is Penelope Kokkinides as the Chief Administrative Officer. She has 20 years in managed healthcare systems and experience in government programs. Her focus is on improving an organization’s efficiencies and infrastructure. She has held several top executive positions. She has been a Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for a number of top health care companies. At United Health Group, where she was the Corporate Vice President, she was a key figure in their company’s health model.

Mike Sortino is the last addition to the executive team. He will serve as the Chief Accounting Officer. He has more than 20 years experience in the insurance industry on He has been the Chief financial officer for HCC Specialty. He also has 5 years in public accounting.

These three individuals demonstrate InnovaCare’s commitment to excellent and expertise. They come from extensive backgrounds and bring a wealth of knowledge to this leader in the managed healthcare field. InnovaCare brings quality services to patients with Medicare and Medicaid, as well as, other insurance plans. Their goal is to bring cost-effective and quality healthcare to their patients. They are served by a network of 7500 providers in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare uses two types of Medicare Advantage Plans. These type of plans are like the original Medicaid, but they have more restrictions like private health insurance.

InnovaCare goal is to bring the most cost effective treatment to their patients but with the most cutting edge technologies. They offer the only NCQA-accredited health plans in Puerto Rico and strive to ensure the best care for their patients. The three individuals joining their leadership team will help to add to their already dynamic and effective company. InnovaCare gives their patients the highest quality care at the lowest cost.