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Why Anthony Petrello Was Not Ranked As the Highest Paid CEO in 2014

Anthony Petrello was ranked as the best-paid CEO in the United States in 2013, with a total payment of $68.2 million. His pay could have been justified by the fact that since he became Nabor’s CEO in 2011, the company’s share price has risen by 180 percent. However, this was not the case in 2014. Considering the proficiency he has shown in running the business, one may wonder why the shareholders could not allow him to receive such a huge bonus in 2014.The shareholders were unhappy with the huge bonus perks issued to the company’s executives in 2013 and 2014. That is why they decided to alter the corporate governance and compensation policy. One of the changes was to separate the chairman’s and the CEO’s roles. By doing this, the executive severance payment was limited to three times an executive’s bonus payment. Although these changes reduced Anthony’s pay to an extent, it did not limit his zeal to serve Harbor.

Petrello’s compensation in the 2015 financial year

Anthony Petrello received $15,202,689 total compensation for his role as the president and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. Of the total compensation, $1,575,000 was salary, $10,808,769 was awarded as stocks, $1,492, 982 was his bonus payment, and $1,325,938 was issued as other kinds of compensation.

Anthony Petrello’s career

Petrello joined the Nabor’s board of directors in 1991 following his election. He served as the company’s president and CEO from 1991 to 2011. Tony has been serving as the chairman of the executive board since June 2012. His contribution to the company is immense. He is in charge of strategic planning which ensures that company can compete in the ever dynamic industry.Before joining Nabors, Petrello worked in a law firm known as Backer and Mckenzie. Here, he specialized in general corporate law, taxation and International arbitration, a position that helped him understand how businesses are run. During his service at the law firm, he was appointed as a partner manager in the company’s New York office. Besides his position at Nabor, Anthony is also a Director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Firm. He also sits on the Texas Children’s Hospital Trustees board. You can also follow him on twitter:

Talos Energy: The Standard for Small Business

For the first time in 80 years, Mexico has allowed a foreign joint venture to sink an oil well in their waters. The joint group includes Premier Oil, Sierra Oil, and Gas, and Talos energy. Talos Energy which is holding a 35% stake in the venture is the company that is operating the well. The oil well is expected to bring in 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil. The companies are hoping that this will lead to many more possible investments now that Mexico has opened to competition from foreign countries. This is a profitable deal for both the country of Mexico and the companies involved.

A bit more on Talos Energy: This successful business overcame the past financial crisis to now reaching new heights. Talos Energy is now raking in over 16000 barrels of oil a day from the Gulf of Mexico. In only a year, the company went from 15 to 60 employees. This is fantastic and insane exponential growth. The company looks to keep growing, and not by putting risk on its employees.
Talos Energy has been rated highly among small businesses as it does not put its employees at harm. Instead, they reward them with some of the equity from their ventures. Several employees have said that they enjoy working on a smaller scale as they can see their hard work helping the company. Michael Harding, the chief accounting officer and controller at Talos said that he personally knows each of his fellow employees and that he prefers this to his work at a bigger firm where he just felt like a cog in the machine. Many employees would agree with this assessment and they produce more as they can see what their work contributes to the group.

Talos Energy should be the standard for small businesses. They Play by the rules, are hardworking, and they treat each employee as important. Talos energy is the blueprint for a successful business

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Madison Street Capital is the Name for Expert Financial Advice for Businesses

Madison Street Capital, an leader in the international investment industry, has recently served as the exclusive financial counselor to DCG Software Value in their recent merger with the Spitfire Group. The merger was made public by Charles Botchway, CEO of MSC and was headed up by Jay Rogers. The entire process was organized and led Rogers on behalf of MSC from inception to completion.


DCG Software Value is a global provider of packages catering to function point analysis, as well as software estimation services, and software value management. The company was founded in 1994 and has been an industry leader in software analytics, software quality management, and the merger is a logical one for both parties since The Spitfire Group is a consulting firm catering to the business-oriented technology market. The exact details of the merger were not immediately made public at the announcement.


The Spitfire group is a global provider of services which help client bridge the gap between their business objective and their technology initiatives. They do this by providing comprehensive technology resources in the form of a “force multiplier” concept. This is accomplished thanks to the high level of experience that the team has as well as industry leading state of the art technologies to help businesses address their complex needs.


The combining of these two powerhouse players means that a new level of service can be achieved for their clients. By bringing together the myriad of services offered by DCG and the expertise and resources of Spitfire clients can make better use of the technology resources and plan out the best time to adjust those resources for maximum effect.


Madison Street Capital was an obvious choice, advising DCG in this merger, considering they have many years of success working with firms of all sizes both domestically and internationally. Specializing in mergers, acquisitions, investment strategies, financial opinions and more, they are the first choice for those who want to bring the most competent advice possible to a negotiation or undertaking. The firm considers emerging markets to be the core component driving the global growth of their clients and strives to find creative and innovative ways to enter those markets with the highest level of return on investment possible while minimizing risk to an acceptable level. Thanks to the high Madison Street Capital reputation level, clients know that they are in good hands when they work with MSC.


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Identifying the Status of Your Health through Life Line Preventive Screening

Life Line Screening is a health based institution that seeks to improve the quality of people’s life. The organization aims at creating an awareness of unrecognized health problems with their clients. After performing a series of screening tests, the client is advised to seek a follow–up with their personal physician. The institution lists among the leaders in community-based health screening in the United States. Life Line Screening employs the use of advanced technology, mostly found in hospitals and highly trained professionals to do the screening tests. A certified board of physician then reviews the results of the tests to ensure credibility. The company started in 1993 and had screened over eight million people. Today, Life Line Screening organizes over 16,000 screening events per year. These events receive a turnout of over one million clients. The company prides itself with the provision of preventive health screening services at an affordable rate.

Life Line Screening performs three major types of preventive health screening namely :

  • Ultrasound Screening – it is also called sonography. The procedure employs the use of sound waves to image structures in the body. It is specially used to monitor conditions in areas like the heart or cardiology, ophthalmology, and obstetrics. It is painless and non-invasive. Life Line Uses this method to primarily perform the screening of abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease, Ankle-brachial index screening and bone mineral density testing.
  • Finger Stick Blood Screening – this is a kind of testing that identifies risk factors for diabetes and heart disease. A drop of blood from the finger gets used. Machines used to perform this test are FDA approved, and it takes less than ten minutes for the results to materialize. The screening shows complete lipid panel, the level of glucose, levels of C-reactive protein, and levels of ALT and AST liver enzymes.
  • Limited Electrocardiograph – this method of screening identifies atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat. This type of condition increases the chances of having a stroke. Life Line Screening conducts an EKG. The procedure is quick, non-invasive, and requires no preparation or cloth removal.

Jason Hope Has Hope for the Future

For many people but not all, the science of the internet is vastly becoming a bigger and more influential part of their everyday lives. And, as this influence grows, the realm of the wireless internet seems to be more popular and useful, in the events of everyday lives. According to Gartner Inc., the future holds billions of possibilities when it comes to the connections made between the mechanics of traditional machines and new high-tech devices. Some captains of industry are betting on the power of Bluetooth Beacon technology to push service solutions through in the airline industry, with innovation.

One of these captains of industry happens to be Jason Hope info. And, he has a few ideas where these innovations can improve safety and efficiency for passengers that often travel by airlines. Safety first, so the saying goes. And, when it comes to the safe operation of an airplane, Beacon technology is able to inform ground crews of maintenance procedures that need to be performed. This technology can also alert to a particular condition of an airplane that is being over looked before it ever takes off. These beacons can also allow customers check in faster and let them know about the conditions of emergency equipment. Beacon technology is scheduled to work well with baggage handling, by letting customers know where their luggage is at all times.

But not every innovation is about beacon technology. GE Aviation, is in the works on a system that is designed for fuel efficiency. This system’s function is to collect information on routes, trajectory, terrain and other conditions to come up with better ways to travel when similar condition arise.Things like this are just some of the progresses in business that Jason Hope (@Twitter jasonhope) likes to invest in and see come together. It is all about envisioning better and more useful technologies that help people, for him. That is why does things like pledge 500,000 USD (United States Dollars) to the SENS foundation to help develop biotechnologies.

Dick DeVos: The Kind Hearted Business Tycoon

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dick DeVos is a well-known entrepreneur and businessman. His father, Richard DeVos, is the 67th richest person in the United States, whose net worth is currently at approximately $5.1 billion. He is also the husband of Betsy DeVos, the current United States Secretary of Education. Dick DeVos is a brilliant businessman in his own right, working with different companies through the years. His first stint was with Amway, where he initially held positions with research, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and finance until he became one of the company’s vice president. He managed to triple the company’s sales, and when he left his position six years later, the annual sales have grown from 5% to an astounding 50%.


His family then acquired the Orlando Magic basketball franchise in 1991, and he joined the team’s organization, but soon left to be reunited once again with Amway and succeed his father as the company’s president. He outperformed the previous record that he had with the company and made it stronger, with its presence seen in 50 countries. Dick DeVos would soon join two other organizations – Alticor, which is Amway that was restructured, and The Windquest Group, an investment management firm.


Aside from working in the business sector, Dick DeVos is also active in the field of politics. He also spends a fraction of his time doing philanthropic works, and because of this, he always gets a lot of attention all over the United States of America, mainly because of their staggering amount of political donations. However, Dick DeVos is not even startled by these happenings at all, and just keeps on helping out, landing them the 24th spot as one of America’s Top Givers.


His philanthropic works prioritize education. Dick DeVos, along with his wife, are allotting their time and money to improve the state of education in their country. They use the influence of their foundation in order for them to be able to give scholarships and cash vouchers to students to wanted to study. The normal setting for this option would be the foundation would give in cash vouchers to students who cannot afford to pay the tuition fee at a private school buy still, they wanted to learn. Then, their studies would be funded publicly.


Dick Devos likes to donate his fortune to school, in order to strengthen the belief that education is really important. Some of his beneficiaries were the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Leaning, Northwood University in Midland, Potter’s House in Wyoming, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and Rehoboth Christian School, each of them receiving an amount between $25,000 to $315,000.


Along with his wife, their philanthropic works is also focusing itself into different fields of society such as arts and culture, civic, community, leadership, public policy, health, and churches, with the church receiving the least chunk of their wealth.


Dick DeVos continues to become a philanthropist, focusing on education, trying to help mankind one at a time.


How Whitney Wolfe Is Championing App-based Dating And Its Benefits

Dating apps are becoming more popular as days go by and they have many advantages besides being efficient and easy to use. Here are the merits of dating app is;

They’re Faster and reliable

It is easy to use their interfaces as their profiles tend to be precise and sweet. Since the app is on your device, it means it’s portable, and you can use it while you are on the move. Also, Bumble are time-saving and help build relationships.

Dating apps always improve concerning features

Dating ups are ever becoming interesting. Each day new features are introduced to help individuals seeking partners have an easy time finding their soul mates. You can send songs, poems, and short videos to that person you are attracted to and only the two of you know about it.

They are suitable for the ever busy individuals

For persons who are ever working and have no time to go out for dates, the dating apps are superb for you. Log in one and get the same experience you would get out there without having to leave your office or premise.

Whitney Wolfe is an American business lady, the founder, and CEO of Bumble a dating app where women message men first. She also co-founded Tinder another dating app. Both Tinder and Bumble were among the popular dating apps in 2016 at first and fourth positions respectively. In 2014, Whitney Wolfe was listed among business insiders 30 important women under the age of 30 in technology. That was besides being named by Forbes in the 30 under 30.

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in the city of Salt Lake, Utah. Her father was a property developer, and the mother was a stay at home mom. Wolfe studied International Studies at Southern Methodist University where she attended college. Whitney Wolfe has been involved many philanthropical events helping people as far as Southeast Asia.

Whitney Wolfe partnered with Andrey Andreev the founder of Badoo and created a dating app, although Badoo remains the majority shareholder. Whitney relocated to Austin, Texas where she founded Bumble dating app. As of December 2015, the app had 15 million conversations and had matched over 80 million people.

Hawaiian Waiakea Volcanic Water, Gives Free Wanderlust Yoga Festival Tickets to Lucky Fans

Through the Follow-your-Flow contest, Waiakea Water Company provided an opportunity for its social media supporter’s to have free tickets to the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Hawaii. Opportune winners of the tickets get Oahu free round-trip flights and Skyscanner compliments of up to one thousand dollars of free air transport.

The tickets will be sponsored by Waiakea’s dedication to supporting a healthy and most balanced lifestyle of the Hawaiian community.The ever first edition of Wanderlust Yoga Festival was held on 23rd February 2017 and featured performances from global yoga instructors, local, and sustainable food, guided outdoor adventures, meditation and lived music.

During the Festival, Hawaiian Waiakea Volcanic Skyscanner and Water chief executive officer expressed honor, and they have created the most powerful and reputable social media yogi chance for fans. He said that ‘flow’ meant a straightforward and timeless state of being, with optimum absorption performance. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

He said that the cooperation between his company Waiakea and the Yoga community also signified the ‘flow.’ Fans can engage the Skyscanner and Waiakea water  contest by filling in simple email, birthdate, and name on the competition page and increase chances of winning the Oahu trip. Fans can sign up for the contest by visiting the Waiakea page at

About Hawaiian Waiakea Volcanic Water

Coming from the Big Island’s Mauna Loa volcano rain and Snowmelt Mountains, Hawaiian Waiakea Water gets filtered by many porous volcanic rocks. As such, their water is electrolyte-rich, naturally alkaline and is very beneficial for its body minerals.Revenue from the water business is channeled to the local nonprofit community programs like the Kupu, INPEACE, and Kama’aha.

These programs have the initiative of fostering environmental and educational stewardship. Even more, for every liter of water purchased, the funds are used to sponsor other affiliates nonprofit like the Pump Aid of Malawi that gives free water to many residents. Also in Hawaii, there is the practice to care and protect land (Malama I ka ‘a¯ina).

According to Global Newswire,  Waiakea water bottling company is the first ever premium water bottled company of the U.S.A. Crunchbase reveals that due to its various sustainability initiatives and most sustainable fresh water resources, Waiakea water has been Carbon Neutral certified. In fact, Waiakea is the only global company with little CO2 marks and is one hundred percent RPET bottled company that has light shipping emission.

The company also participates in active regional reforestation and is the most fast growing company with almost 4200% growth rate. Their water products are mainly used in Central Markets, Haggen, Lazy Acres, Gold’s Gyms, Bristol Farms, Wawa, Whole Foods and Albertsons.

Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s Offer of Style To People Who Are On a Limited Budget

One of the common themes with celebrities is that they have a lot of great styles that they can enjoy. One thing that people experience is envy at all of the styles that they see their celebrities in. While some may tell them to buy these clothes for themselves, the issue with that is that these clothes often cost a ton of money. These clothes are also tailored. It is tough enough to find some high quality clothing. Getting tailored clothes is even more costly. Fortunately, there are ways that people can buy clothes that they like while they save money.


Kate Hudson herself has decided that people deserve to buy highly fashionable clothes. Therefore, she has done everything she can to put together something that is going to get people in style while saving them money. This is something that she has held in her heart because she gets to feel really good about the clothes that she has tried on. One of the areas that she enjoys is the fitness area of fashion. However, she has noticed that there is very little to offer in variety from a lot of brands. Therefore, people find themselves resigned to some boring clothes that they wear while exercising.


Kate Hudson, being a woman, understands the need to feel very unique and fashionable. Some women feel the need all the time. Fortunately, Kate has managed to put something together that not only offers something unique, but is very successful in what its business. This company is called Fabletics. They have taken the time to come up with marketing tactics that compel customers to shop with the brand. For one thing, their marketing is customer oriented. This is one of the reasons they are able to sell so many stuff. They also use the data on the sales they make to help determine the type of products to continue offering.


One thing that is very frustrating is when people are convinced when they have to make a ton of money at a time in order to be able to afford something that is even slightly stylish. Another problem is that people that wind up saving a lot of money for these items do get to enjoy them for a little bit only to find that they tear up on them quick because of the poor construction of these products. Kate Hudson herself has dealt with this type of frustration.

JeanMarie Guenot Has Had a Long and Successful Career in Biotechnology


JeanMarie Guenot has an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton school and a P.H.D from the University of California San Francisco. She has over 20 years’ experience in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Her most recent position was the key operating officer of SKS Ocular before becoming the chief executive officer of Amphivena Therapeutics. Geunot is an expert in licensing of mergers and acquisitions, business development, product development and project management in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, and neurology. She has worked in different departments and achieved major milestones.


From her LinkedIn profile, Jean Marie’s business career began with the management of investments belonging to two companies; Atlas Venture and Built Life Sciences while her scientific career began when she served as a principal scientist at Hoffmann –La Roche. Her most appealing achievements are the 50:50 negotiated deal for manufacturing of cancer drugs between Biogen and Idel and licensing the ophthalmic indication to opththotech.


As shown on amphivena’s news/media page, the company is making important strides towards immunotherapy and management of cancer under the management of Geuonot. Amongst the notable developments is the prevention of growth of a malignant tumor in an undisclosed patient using a self-manufactured drug. A first -in-class bi-functional antibody therapy is also on waiting.


JeanMarie Guenot is a trendsetter in the fields of pharmacy and biotechnology. Her charisma and experience are reasons why the companies she leads have exponential growth. Crunch base ranks her as one of the most accomplished technocrats and business -lady in the whole world and a role model to future and existing entrepreneurs.


Her business model is inclusive and diplomatic at the same time. She can handle vital transactions in a short time span with due regard for a procedure in the sensitive field of pharmacy.


Jeanmarie is enough proof that women can also be successful in the corporate ladder and can also achieve exemplary performance in any field they choose to venture in. Her story is one of encouragement and inspiration to both women and men.  Find her on Facebook here: