The Impressive work of Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is currently the CEO of USHealth Group. It is through his hard work and commitment to the institution that has made him to be prosperous. Mr. Troy joined the institution in 2010 and from his entrance, he started making amendments in USHealth Group. He also rebuilt the distribution agency where there was a huge problem in the institution. Read more on to know more.

Troy was made the President of USHealth Group when his strategies and innovative ideas in rebuilding the institution worked. USHealth Group main objective is to solve health care problems which should be affordable to the customers hence able to provide. Another prime factor of USHealth Group is to join the skills and knowledge of the employees together with the agents so as to get profits from the insurance products.

The institution is currently located in Texas in which it provides health coverage for the self-employed as well as the business owners of the small firms. Tony pursued a degree of arts in legal studies from the University of Florida. He started his career in an insurance company called, Allstate Insurance back in 1983.

After working for several years, he moved to another institution, Health Market in 1995. Troy continued working to acquire skills and apply his ideas in the institution he worked. During 2010, he moved to the USHealth Group in which his ideas and transformation to the company made him known.

Troy has over 30 years in experience in the sales departments as well as other business related sectors. Through the company, he has made several achievements making him been given several awards. Some of the achievements include the growth of the USHealth Group and making it the top insurance company and having total sales raise by 1$ Billion among many others.

Tony has a variety of awards such as the most innovative CEO of the year, CEO of the year in different years and making the company also get honored by receiving the Company of the Year as well. Tony has also been involved in several community projects and volunteers such as HopeKids Dallas, Crisis Nirsery Phoenix and Trinity Habitat for Humanity. Visit:


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