Stores Closing: Eras Changing, And Fabletics Pioneering

With the activity of online shopping becoming more popular, there is one thing that is inevitable. A lot of stores are closing down as businesses are shifting their focus online. Even the fashion industry is seeing tons of designers and brands closing their stores. Fortunately for Kate Hudson, her Fabletics team has seen this development coming. After all, people have a limited amount of money to spend. One of the factors customers look for is convenience. Therefore, one of the focuses of Fabletics is convenience. Also, customers have grown to the point that they are looking for something that is customized to their liking.


Fabletics has shown that it is up to the challenge of providing this for the customers. Kate Hudson and her team have taken a close look at what is missing. One thing that she has seen is that there are plenty of territories that have yet to be explored. Therefore, she has decided that it is worth exploring these territories. While there are many trends that come and go in the fashion industry, there are still a greater number of tastes than there are trends. Even the most ridiculous trends have someone that can use it to its best advantages.


One of the greatest advantages with Fabletics is that it gathers information about the customer from the beginning. Among the ways it does this is through quizzes and surveys. When members sign up, they have to take a quiz where they list their preferences before they are sent to the products pages. They are given an assortment of products based on the preferences they have specified.


Kate Hudson knows that giving the customers what they truly want is the key to making them happy and gaining their loyalty. The old way of telling customers what to buy and marketing based on product has shown signs of its end. Fabletics has shown an example of the new market that is emerging. For stores to keep going and being able to serve customers in the physical capacity, it is going to have to find ways to adapt to the market and attract customers to the idea of shopping in a physical location.

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