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Securus Technology is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil technology solutions for monitoring, corrections, safety and investigations. According to PR Newswire, Securus has recently announced that Tel Link has breached inmate communications and there is enough reports with facts and finding that supports the issue. Securus also has series of articles that are connected with the press release to support and highlight integrity breaches and wrongdoings by GTL.

Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus claimed that he loves their industry that serves corrections, law enforcement and the society in general. It, therefore, offends the entire industry of Securus when integrity is offended of which GTL company is a victim. Securus, therefore unveils on PR Newswire the plans to perform review areas where things are being done wrongly using press releases that will be carried for six months.

Sample Report

The first report involves evidence that was collected by Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) when GTL served Louisiana Department of Corrections by providing outbound telecom services to inmates. After investigations, the following was found:

  • The phones provided by Global Tel Link included programmed clocks to add about 15 or 36 seconds of which is the global practice of advancing the clocks is unlawful and unauthorized.
  • The phones provided to correction institutions also were rated higher than permitted tariffs which are illegal.
  • Add-on programs used by GTL led to artificially charged money which is problematic and insidious of all activities.
  • There was a problem with GTL to bill a single call more than once which is unauthorized.
  • The practices were carried out intentionally to overcharge customers.
  • The amount overcharged because of the practices above amounts to $1,242,000.

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Securus technology is, therefore, working to promote integrity by ensuring Global Tel Link stop using programmed clocks to overcharge customers. Playing tricks on customers, and scamming them is the biggest problem that Securus Technology wants to tame.

See their crunchbase page for more info.

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