Nathaniel Ru the CEO of Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is a fast casual restaurant in American. The company has a chain of restaurants that serve simple, healthy, seasonal food. The company was established in August 2007 by Nathaniel Ru, months after his graduation from Georgetown University’s Undergraduate Business School.


The Washington-based startup company initially started with a single shop in Georgetown in 2007, but the company now owns general stores and is set for further expansions. The regular menu at Sweetgreen is a rotation of regional, seasonal specialties in every market. Sweetgreen is a leading transparent supply chain food industry in America. The seasonal menu at Sweetgreen turns multiple times in a year and utilizes the products from many farms. The food products that Sweetgreen uses are organic farms that use conventional farming methods. The poultry products are humanely bred, cage-free, antibiotic-free, and fed a vegetarian nutrition with no animal by-products. The company favors simple recipes with natural flavorings and uses different open honey and agave sweeteners to add some mildness.


As a child of an entrepreneur, Nathaniel Ru felt that the standard institutional options were not ideal for him. His desire was to build a sustainable business of his own, to create better food options in Georgetown. Ru is highly restrained and still appreciates his first corporate strategy for direction even now. This idea has helped him sell a dream and seeking to raise money for his company. Ru acknowledges the need for a quality service in the food the company serves the hiring procedure and how the company treats people in the stores, community and on the farms.


He is devoted to creating sustainable menus that leave customers contended. He considers hard work as the company’s driven success.  Ru is excited about the company’s new tech space and mobile venture. He projects the idea of customers ordering dishes on the phone, and later picking them up at the restaurant. He considers the dynamism between technology and food to be a whole frontier which he had visions for during the company starting periods. He is proud of the manner in which his store is picking up and quickly changing.


He has the vision to make food that is delicious, sustainable, and healthy, given in a distinct manner. By working together, with his employees, he aims to achieve greater business success. He is also competing with marketing the set of values that make Sweetgreen a lifestyle food brand. He is happy with his new team of app developers to create the online food retail stores. He projects greater company success for Sweetgreen.

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