Malcolm CasSelle: Revolutionizing the Cryptocurrency World Through WAX

While OPSkins is widely revered for being the undisputed leader when it comes to making the largest sales in the world of in-game virtual assets, their operations are however hampered by limitations such as inadequate technological capabilities.

To address the issue that is increasingly threatening its market share in the bitcoin market, OPSkins seeks to launch another blockchain platform for trading virtual assets. The new blockchain platform known as Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) is a P2P marketplace used for trading virtual assets that are built on decentralized smart contracts and blockchains that allow sellers and buyers trade virtual assets with each other.

According to the President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle, who is also the current CIO of OPSkins, WAX seeks to solve two major problems in virtual assets trading, which are fraud and fragmentation. He opines that WAX will revolutionize the cryptocurrency world, noting that it comes just at a time when the virtual asset market has been greatly fragmented. The cryptocurrency company will further solve the fragmentation problem caused by geographical limitations.

The platform will allow traders to tokenize their gaming assets. As such, users can instantaneously sell and purchase gaming assets from other traders devoid of having to click off their screens. With its blockchain-enabled widget, traders can immediately buy virtual assets from each other without frictions. Most importantly, WAX will aid with enhancing an efficient and safe virtual goods market.

Besides being the President of WAX and current CIO of OPSKins, Malcolm is also a successful entrepreneur. He has led multiple startups that have grown to become outstanding leaders in the digital industry. Some of these startups include MediaPass and Xfire among others. In addition, Malcolm has invested in giant corporations such as Zynga and Facebook. Earlier in his career, he co-founded PCCW, which is one of the largest publicly-traded telecom firms in Hong Kong. Currently, the tech firm is valued at $35 billion.


Due to his digital prowess coupled with a knack for growing digital startups, Malcolm CasSelle and his platform WAX have truly changed the world of cryptocurrency for the better.

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