Lime Crime Says You Can’t Go Wrong With Mattes And Purples

As women, we are curious beings.

We see a makeup look on one woman, love it, and wonder how it would look on our own faces.

This is totally common, and we should all try new makeup looks when we are ready to do so.

There is a makeup company that helps us to step out of our shells when we are ready to try new things: Lime Crime.

This vegan cosmetics line was founded by Doe Deere and aims to help all women feel confident and bold in their makeup looks.

If you are seeking to try new looks and to join Team Unicorn, keep reading to learn what Lime Crime and Doe Deere can offer you.

Matte Lips

Matte lipstick is all the rage.

This type of lipstick is neither shiny nor glossy.

It is simply a lipstick that helps the natural shape of your lips to show.

Lime Crime has a wide array of matte lipsticks.

One of their most popular colors is Apricot Nude, a nude lipstick that has a very smooth finish.

Don’t worry about this lipstick smearing or rubbing off; it is guaranteed to last you all day.


One word: purple.

Purple is the official color for spring 2018.

Although no one really knows who deemed this to be so, everyone – including Doe Deere – agrees that this is true.

Deere and her corporate team believe in the color purple so much for spring 2018 that they invested a great deal of time creating an eye shadow palette that has one goal and one goal only: to showcase the color purple.

There are some nudes available in this palette as well, which Deere named the Venus 3 palette.

Whether you decide to mix nudes with violets or wear purple on its own, you can’t go wrong with the Venus 3.

If you would like to take your purple look a bit further, try out some of the hair dyes or lip toppers that LC offers; increasing the amount of purple that you wear will only serve to compliment your purple makeup look.

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