Leadership, Innovation & Research: Dr. Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, Ph.D., has helped to change the landscape of cancer research. His oncology company, Seattle Genetics, is a worldwide leader in targeted-cancer therapies. These therapies are known as antibody-drug conjugates, and they do an extremely good job of ridding the body of cancer. Unlike the cancer-fighting treatments of the past, (ADCs) will seek-out and destroy cancer cells by hitting the cells with a cocktail of antibodies. By doing so, cancer patients won’t have to worry about the sickening side effects that are generally common with cancer treatments. Dr. Siegall’s passion for eradicating cancer is coming true in more ways than one and that’s a fact.

Seattle Genetics is a monstrous business in the biotech field of work. The amount of research that comes from this specific institution is enormous as well as invaluable. The company is always in the headlines thanks to its unique medications, but you wouldn’t know this just by looking at the its outer fa├žade. Compared to other similar institutions, Seattle Genetics’ beige-colored physical structure leaves much to be desired. On the other hand, this institution is loaded with some of the most high-tech equipment that money can buy. A few years ago, former-Vice President Joe Bidden stopped by for a visit. The company has close to 1,000 staff members, and it’s looking to expand in the near future. Cutting-edge science is running throughout this company thanks to Dr. Siegall. He is a firm believer of scientific innovation as well as being a firm believer of extensive research.

Dr. Siegall has accomplished many things since he started working in this industry. He is an author of more than 60 health-related publications, is a holder of at least 15 patents and is the driving-force that takes place behind the scenes. All in all, Dr. Clay Siegall’s brilliance has saved lives, and he will continue with this valiant mission until cancer is 100 percent erased from the face of the earth.

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