Increase in the Production Capacity in OSI Industries

OSI Industries is the leading food processing private company in the whole world. The firm packages and distributes value-added proteins like chicken and sausages to restaurants and supermarkets. The company had a humble beginning. That is, the firm began just like a butchery in the neighborhood serving Illinois. Today, the company operates more than 63 facilities in over 16 nations globally. OSI developed when an atmosphere of competition created, and some companies wanted to outdo others. OSI firm developed strategies to capture the attention of the customer and invest in consumer networking. OSI Industries came up with affordable, consumer-driven, and consistent products to satisfy the market.

In 1990, OSI Industries opened up to the public with a great urge to serve the entire world shifting from a local company. The firm gathered leadership opinions from visionary leaders like Sheldon Lavin as the chief executive officer. For more than 15 years, Lavin worked in a consultancy agency in the downtown Chicago called the Sheldon Lavin and Associate. Lavin managed to transform the OSI firm by taking it through the economic development phase as the financial consultant.

Early this year, OSI Industries finished the improvement of the production capacity of chicken products to 24,000 tons annually. The development came across due to the fast-increasing demand for the value-added proteins in Spain and Portugal. The overall production capacity shifted to 45,000 tons periodically. OSI President, David McDonald said that the firm anticipated a continuous increase in demand for quality chicken products. Therefore, the firm had to prepare to handle even a broader market in the future. That way, the firm would remain the leading food processing company in the world.

The development brought about the social economic growth by providing 20 more job posts in addition to the previous 140 employees. The most critical position is the product development manager. The office controls the current firm’s products and introduces new ones to the company’s portfolio. OSI Industries acquired the Tyson Food Plant to serve North America. In 2017, the company extended to the UK by purchasing Flagship Europe. Recently, the company bought the controlling stake in Baho Food.

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