How ClassDojo Is Giving Teachers A Place To Meet Other Teachers

ClassDojo is an app that has changed the way teachers work in classrooms. The app allows for teachers and students to capture moments either in video, photo, or text to showcase to parents what is happening in the classroom. Moments like accomplishments, art projects, and other things that happen can be shared with the click of a button. Teachers are loving the way this technology is working, but what people aren’t aware of is how great the app has been for teachers themselves.

Stephanie Smith is a teacher in Tennessee who loves the way the app has helped her grow and better improve the way the classroom operates. The activities in the app help improve connection in students, team building, and confidence in their work. The app has given Stephanie a place to learn about herself more and learn from other teachers in other states or even countries. ClassDojo is providing teachers with a place to learn and garner knowledge that is going to pave the way for how teachers in the future will communicate.

Stephanie explained in her blog post on ClassDojo that she loves how she can continuously educate herself through the way other teachers are working. She says she experienced having a child who didn’t speak English and was also visually impaired join the class, but she turned to this community online through Facebook and Instagram and they gave her incredible advice on what to do in this situation. She discovered the right technology to go for to achieve the feat of helping this new student succeed. Teachers everywhere are loving the friends they are making and the connections to be made. There is so much more out there than the teachers you have so far met in your own school.

ClassDojo continues to change the way teachers and parents interact, and now it is doing the same for teachers as well. Anybody wanting to discover the right knowledge to get them to new heights and learn new things, this is the way to do it as a teacher. Join ClassDojo as soon as you can because you never know who you’re going to meet and learn from on this app.

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