GoFundMe for Autism

Autism Rocks is a well-organized charity that was developed by Sanjay Shah accepting donations to increase awareness with autism. Autism Rocks is based off of private invite only concerts that are conducted by musicians in the music industry. Some of the musicians Sanjay Shah has worked with are Snoop Dogg, Drake, Prince and Michael Buble. During these concerts, they accept donations that help raise money for the charity. Shah is scheduled to work with many other famous music artists in the future and continues to work on the thriving success of the charity. He started a gofundme campaign to assist even further with the fundraising and donation process.

Shah began to dig deeply into the neurological condition, autism, after they received the news from the doctor that his youngest son has autism. Shah and his wife were shocked, and needless to say, they wanted to do everything in their power to help him in any way that they could. Autism isn’t a condition that has a cure and it’s not something that just goes away, so Shah had to come to this understanding. At first, he wasn’t exactly sure what he needed or wanted to do. He just knew that he wanted to help. His musician rapper friend Snoop Dogg stopped by his him in Dubai one afternoon, and over a cup of tea they discussed avenues of ways he could help raise awareness. In the past, Shah had been involved in the music industry, so it wasn’t a foreign thing to him. Snoop Dogg felt that he should get involved again, and so he did, and developed Autism Rocks.

The Go Fund Me campaign was started just recently to help with donations. They have been quite successful with the charity, and have been able to donate some of the money to Cambridge University. They conduct research on autism and help families, along with those that are diagnosed, cope with the condition.  Visit his Youtube page for more information about Sanjay and his endeavors.

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Heather Joyle says:

It’s a hard thing for some people to truly understand, because they can’t relate, and Shah hopes to really understand the condition so he can better understand his son. It was in 2011 when his son was diagnosed, and he started Autism Rocks in 2014. This is truly a good way for mypaperwrite to overcome the hurdles they had with them in recent times.

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