Get Specialized Care At Sussex Healthcare Amenities

Sussex Healthcare has multiple facilities in the United Kingdom. It is considered one of the reputable caregiving homes in the world. It has been in existence since 1985 when Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina started it.

When it was beginning, it only had one home, but today, three decades later, it has a total of 20 homes. The company has always focused on quality services that have enabled it to gain many clients and an outstanding reputation. Sussex provides care to the elderly as well as other people who suffer from neurological disorders among other condition which need specialized care.

Residents of this facility can attest to getting the best services ever. The homes offer quality meals as well as recreational services which enable the people to live a comfortable life while in the facility. All the homes have qualified chefs who prepare foods for them. The residents are provided with quality and healthy foods. The food is also tasty such that it can fit into any palate. The kitchen staff is trained to prepare the meals in such a way that they accommodate the needs of people in need of special diets. Every facility also has a dietitian who reviews the quality of menus which are prepared.

Once one become a resident of Sussex Healthcare, the first thing that is done s personal assessment. Every resident is treated depending on the status of the condition he or she has. There is no uniform way of treating all residents. Everyone is treated as a special case, and everything about them is customized. The reason why such an initiative is taken is to keep all the residents happy and comfortable while in the facility.

Sussex Healthcare has amenities such as gym facilities which can be used by the elderly to get back in shape. There are underwater treadmills and hydrotherapy spas among others. There are also personal trainers in the gym facility who will ensure that residents attain the desired results through exercising. For residents who might not be staying in the homes, Sussex Healthcare has a transportation system to get residents in and out of the facility.

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