From Bathroom Janitor to Business Tycoon, Glen Wakeman Hasn’t Lost His Perspective

We don’t hear enough about the business executive, entrepreneur, investor and superhero Glen Wakeman. We need a large dose of him these days to remind ourselves it is still good in the world, and those who have great wealth can be caring, giving and compassionate people. While he is exercising his genius as the Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen encourages his employees, clients and the people he mentors to donate their time and money to causes they believe in. This keeps them in touch and involved with the often-troubling realities in the world and issues in their own communities. For Glen, generosity is a foundational concept for managing a successful company.


From living in 6 countries and being in charge of companies in another 30, Glen Wakeman is keenly aware that there is a lot more going on in the world that what you see looking out of your penthouse window (ForexWizard.Biz). In fact, his resume includes a summer stint as a bathroom janitor in an auto parts factory during his time in college. After hurricane Irma devastate the island of Puerto Rico on September 7, 2017, Glen didn’t waste any time and donated $1,000 to the American Red Cross. Because he has seen life from a different perspective, such actions are second nature and come naturally to him.


Throughout his life, Glen Wakeman has immersed himself in the cultures he has lived and worked in, getting to know and love the people, their customs and their way of life ( He finds value in this, not just from a business perspective but because it expands his mind and helps him understand how other people in the world think about things. Those who spend time with him say he is every bit the engaging, thoughtful and a brilliant businessman and entrepreneur. Yet he retains his humility and remembers the lessons he has learned about the human condition throughout his life.


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