Clay Hutson – article recap

Clay Hutson is an assistant producer and live sound engineer in Hollywood. His home is in Glendale. His passion has always been in the way live productions are caste. He loves the way animations are produced and rates Disney and Pixar as the best quality of animated production. He loves to wear hats therefore making it one of his all-time fashion. Moreover, his family saw the passion in him and they therefore buy him hats from all over the world such as cowboy hats. His success begins with the use of instruments.

To begin with, Clay Hutson’s main performance is with the use of DiGiCo’S SD11, a digital mixing console for live audio mixing, which he preferred because of the size. He wanted something he could easily carry while traveling, so that it could be at his vicinity at all times. Something he could either put below the bus, or be allowed to hold in a plane. The several tours he made in different states motivated him to look for something of the size. Others he had used included SD8 and SD7 but had not served his reasoning.

According to Clay Hutson, the size of the venue of performance does not determine the fame that one will receive, it is the best effort you put in your performance, that earns one a place in the artistic world. His performances on clubs are majored at improving his skills, and creating the trust of work with his employer. He spends his time perfecting his stage confidence. Additionally, he auditions in television, film or web series, that is, anything that is related to production and builds up his stage confidence.

Clay Hutson provides the services at an affordable. All the planning is catered for in the price. In addition, they provide many services including production design, stage management, production management, monitor engineering and logistics management, among others. Furthermore, they make tours all over different countries, United states or Europe, wherever they are needed by their fans. Most of his life has been in the production world, hence he focuses on making the best out of it.

In conclusion, Clay Hutson’s passion in music, event management and production management has made him a dedicated person. He is a role model to young people requiring skills in the industry. His dedication is a motivation to young people. Learn more:’s-honda-civic-tour-production.html


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