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Michigan Businessman Sails Ahead of the Competition

Recently in news, the 2016 Gold Cup that is hosted by the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club took place. The event was filled with careful navigation and high speed winds that increased the overall excitement of the crowd. Overall, there were three races that determined the overall winner of the Gold Cup of 2016. One of these contestants was Dick DeVos, an American businessman and entrepreneur was described to be leading the race by a single point within his Volpe. Directly behind Mr. DeVos was Alessandro Rombelli who slowly overtook Mr. DeVos within the next lap. The results for the overall win showed Alessandro Rombelli in first with Dick DeVos in close second.

The young sailors were each able to experience the thrill and the excitement of raising with some of the greatest sailors in the world. At the end of the competition, youth sailors, Denver Rozzo and Michael Moss demonstrated the best overall efforts during the competition. With the challenging breeze and the difficult navigation, the youthful sailors proved to be an invaluable asset.

Of the excellent sailors, Dick DeVos is one of the most versatile of the group members. Dick is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who has found many outside hobbies such as sailing as well as joining the liquor business. DeVos began his path to success at a young age when he received his undergraduate degree in business. After receiving his degree, Mr. DeVos used his degree to help benefit the family company of Amway Corporation. 

At Amway Corporation, Mr. DeVos was able to work his way up to become one of the company’s vice presidents. As a vice president, Mr DeVos was put in charge of international sales. During his time as vice president, Mr. DeVos raised the international sales to makeup over 50 percent of the overall company’s sales (MLive’s article describes Dick’s career at Amway).

In addition to his wealth and acquired success, Mr. DeVos is a philanthropist that is a strong supporter in education for all despite income backgrounds. Mr. DeVos and his wife, Betsy have donated millions of dollars to educational institutions in hopes that those who come from low-income families can also pursue a higher education through their charitable foundation. Mr. DeVos is a firm believer that success does not originate from wealth. 

Dick is also a well-known political donor and his generosity has been noticed by those at Netflix who referenced his donations in the popular show, House of Cards (Read Dick’s thoughts on the reference here:

Learn more about Dick’s career by visiting his New Netherland Institute page.