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Work and Earn From the Comfort of Your Sit with Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a wine company which was started in 2001. The company uses tasting events and parties to market their wine using wine guide in different parts of the world who mostly stay at home and cannot be employed on a 9-5 basis due to various issues. They based their models on the fact that most people do not know what to buy amongst many wine blends due to lack of a taste. That is, you cannot know a wine is good until you taste it, thus the wine tasting and party plan model.

Earning from Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard wine guide uses a business model for direct sales and also where one uses their own website linked to the company to advertise and make sales of various wines blends form Travelling Vineyard. To start, one purchases a starter kit which has order forms, marketing materials, and brochures. The kit has wine bottles, glasses, decanter and a bottle carrier which one uses to introduce their friends to the different kind of blends the company has. This is a form of advertising in a tasting event.

When a person makes an order based on your tasting event, you earn a commission and when it accumulates to 35%, you are granted a website hosted by Traveling Vineyard. On this website, customers can make orders and you still earn commission per sales. The more the sales you make on the website and at your tasting events, the more you earn.

The benefits

The benefits of being a wine guide at a Traveling Vineyard are that you get a mentor to take you through the whole process. In addition, when sales at a tasting event exceed $ 150, the company refunds your tasting kit and makes the next tasting event free. The flexibility of the job means one does not need to work full-time but organize an event and get more orders. Since wine is not a lasting product, more orders will be placed via your website or tasting event ensuring a continued sale.

One of the benefits of Travelling Vineyard is that there are no sale quotas. Also, there are discounts on a monthly basis which boosts one’s sales, and one can win an all paid trip by attaining given sales goals. Furthermore, what is more, beneficial than working while spending time with family and friends?

How to find them?

Regarding their social media use, Travelling Wine is really good. With their current and timely updates on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Twitter, with other information on how their brand, wine blends and how to be a wine guide, their presence on these social media platforms is impressive.

Traveling Vineyard Social Media:

Why You Should Buy Into A Traveling Vineyard

Many people talk about how much they love their jobs but during a recession when salaries are slashed, they kick back sporadically at the management. We all work for the money so don’t talk about loving your job if you ain’t doing it for free.

Wine tasters and those with culinary skills have often displayed so much passion for their jobs over the years by offering to help us decide on the best food that goes with the right drink. In fact, these professionals have become so motivated and passionate about their jobs that they sometimes find themselves suggesting drinks at parties that are unsolicited. At last, a rewarding career in Traveling Vineyard offers opportunities to work from home, earn great money while still doing what they love best.

Needs And Benefits of Traveling Vineyard?

Traveling Vineyard is a modernized franchise business model that offers people who are passionate about working from their homes to offer wine tasting and food suggestions to customers in the comfort of their homes. Aside from the perks they get, this opportunity can sometimes offer a commission as high as 25% of the sales they generate from the comfort of their homes.

Why Social Media For A Traveling Vineyard Worker/Company?

Often, the service of a representative of Traveling Vineyard is needed in a social function so the need for a social media presence is so paramount. 80% of would-be customers looking to have a wine taster at their events will likely engage more with a Traveling Vineyard rep on the social media than having them come over to their office for a presentation.

One of the greatest problems in the world is knowing what to eat and drink. If you can find an expert who can solve this all the time and gives you satisfaction indeed, never let them go.

UK Vintners Offer Award Winning Wines

UK Vintners will disagree with the belief that the United Kingdom is not known as a wine producing area. Working vineyards have been in the UK for many years, while others were established as recently as 2011. Most occupy the southern half of England, but you can find vineyards as far north as the Shetland Islands.

Browsing the English Wine Producers web site, you may be surprised at the number of vineyards you’ll find; more surprising is that you’ll discover vintners producing award winning wines on a regular basis. Soil and climate in the UK lend themselves to grape varieties used in sparkling wines, but UK Vintners also produce still wines, allowing wine lovers or even the casual shopper to enjoy a wide selection of wonderful vintages.

In Sussex you’ll find Bolney Estate where you can choose from red, dry white, and rose still wines along with white, rose, and red sparkling wines. Among several awards dating back to 2005, their 2007 vintage of “Blanc de Blancs” won a Gold Outstanding Medal in 2012, and the Estate itself earned the IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Conference) “Wine Maker of the Year” award that same year. Wine can be purchased on the web site or at the vineyard.

Camel Valley Vineyards in Cornwall has been winning awards since 1993, including the UK Wine Maker of the Year Award in 2007. In existence since 1989, Camel Valley offers about a dozen choices, mostly in the sparkling wine category. There is also a selection of still wines, and all varieties are whites or roses. Their Pinot Noir vintages win awards on a regular basis, most recently in 2016. Shop while you are on a tour, or visit their web site.

The Langham Wine Estate in Dorset has been around since 1980, but serious wine production began in 2009. They feature sparkling wines, and their 2011 vintage “Blanc de Blancs” won gold medals in 2016, both from the IWSC and the IWC (International Wine Challenge). Shop in person or from their web site.

With this small sampling to get you started, take some time to explore the offerings of UK Vintners. For those of you who are wine enthusiasts, you will discover award winning vintages to fill your cellars for years to come. Those looking for a special occasion gift or just an accompaniment with dinner will be just as pleased.