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Hawaiian Waiakea Volcanic Water, Gives Free Wanderlust Yoga Festival Tickets to Lucky Fans

Through the Follow-your-Flow contest, Waiakea Water Company provided an opportunity for its social media supporter’s to have free tickets to the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Hawaii. Opportune winners of the tickets get Oahu free round-trip flights and Skyscanner compliments of up to one thousand dollars of free air transport.

The tickets will be sponsored by Waiakea’s dedication to supporting a healthy and most balanced lifestyle of the Hawaiian community.The ever first edition of Wanderlust Yoga Festival was held on 23rd February 2017 and featured performances from global yoga instructors, local, and sustainable food, guided outdoor adventures, meditation and lived music.

During the Festival, Hawaiian Waiakea Volcanic Skyscanner and Water chief executive officer expressed honor, and they have created the most powerful and reputable social media yogi chance for fans. He said that ‘flow’ meant a straightforward and timeless state of being, with optimum absorption performance. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

He said that the cooperation between his company Waiakea and the Yoga community also signified the ‘flow.’ Fans can engage the Skyscanner and Waiakea water  contest by filling in simple email, birthdate, and name on the competition page and increase chances of winning the Oahu trip. Fans can sign up for the contest by visiting the Waiakea page at

About Hawaiian Waiakea Volcanic Water

Coming from the Big Island’s Mauna Loa volcano rain and Snowmelt Mountains, Hawaiian Waiakea Water gets filtered by many porous volcanic rocks. As such, their water is electrolyte-rich, naturally alkaline and is very beneficial for its body minerals.Revenue from the water business is channeled to the local nonprofit community programs like the Kupu, INPEACE, and Kama’aha.

These programs have the initiative of fostering environmental and educational stewardship. Even more, for every liter of water purchased, the funds are used to sponsor other affiliates nonprofit like the Pump Aid of Malawi that gives free water to many residents. Also in Hawaii, there is the practice to care and protect land (Malama I ka ‘a¯ina).

According to Global Newswire,  Waiakea water bottling company is the first ever premium water bottled company of the U.S.A. Crunchbase reveals that due to its various sustainability initiatives and most sustainable fresh water resources, Waiakea water has been Carbon Neutral certified. In fact, Waiakea is the only global company with little CO2 marks and is one hundred percent RPET bottled company that has light shipping emission.

The company also participates in active regional reforestation and is the most fast growing company with almost 4200% growth rate. Their water products are mainly used in Central Markets, Haggen, Lazy Acres, Gold’s Gyms, Bristol Farms, Wawa, Whole Foods and Albertsons.