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Slyce Gives Retailers an Edge

Image recognition systems are an exciting new development for security and intelligene applications. European researchers desiring to hyperlink reality. These systems can recognise buildings or even people that are captured with a camera-phone. After the person or building is identified, the image is then hyperlinked to allow others to access information about the building or person who has been captured. The system only has to look at the image. This system will then be able to identify where the individual who took the picture was located.
While these may pose challenging issues to those concerned over privacy, proper regulation of this technology will allow people to use this technology for security and direction. The system works well with test panels and demonstrators who have helped these application to grow. Only one step above the technology that Google maps already uses, demonstrators point out that the free exploration in a dedicated city area will much easier now that individuals can access their location through visual search applications.

In addition to image recognition and direction applications, product recognition can also help many indutries with issues that are fairly obvious, but turning them into a commercial product will be a long process. Companies such as TeleAtlas are developing technology that applies accurate and qualitative data to mapping and navigation services. Gathering data through mapping technology is not only central to location specificity, but it is also important to verify what locations have changed over time.

What does Slyce add to the image recognition market? A simple method by which to identify products that one might want to buy. A way to identify coupons that one may want to look up and use. Last but not least, direction within cities. Slyce is one of the first companies able to simplify image recognition into a products that any person can easily use. The company has gone on record regarding their plans for applications which will benefit retailers. From e-commerce to brick and mortar stores, image recognition is going to promote a health and competitive marketplace.

Slyce makes use of a universal scanner technology. This scanner is able to take almost any image in the world, and hyperlink it, as mentioned above. What makes Slyce different? The comprehensive database that the company has harnessed for use of customers. Retailers get the benefit of providing customers an immediate way to asses what product can be purchased where. This is estimated to be a flawless experience can also use information to identify barcodes or coupons.