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Work and Earn From the Comfort of Your Sit with Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a wine company which was started in 2001. The company uses tasting events and parties to market their wine using wine guide in different parts of the world who mostly stay at home and cannot be employed on a 9-5 basis due to various issues. They based their models on the fact that most people do not know what to buy amongst many wine blends due to lack of a taste. That is, you cannot know a wine is good until you taste it, thus the wine tasting and party plan model.

Earning from Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard wine guide uses a business model for direct sales and also where one uses their own website linked to the company to advertise and make sales of various wines blends form Travelling Vineyard. To start, one purchases a starter kit which has order forms, marketing materials, and brochures. The kit has wine bottles, glasses, decanter and a bottle carrier which one uses to introduce their friends to the different kind of blends the company has. This is a form of advertising in a tasting event.

When a person makes an order based on your tasting event, you earn a commission and when it accumulates to 35%, you are granted a website hosted by Traveling Vineyard. On this website, customers can make orders and you still earn commission per sales. The more the sales you make on the website and at your tasting events, the more you earn.

The benefits

The benefits of being a wine guide at a Traveling Vineyard are that you get a mentor to take you through the whole process. In addition, when sales at a tasting event exceed $ 150, the company refunds your tasting kit and makes the next tasting event free. The flexibility of the job means one does not need to work full-time but organize an event and get more orders. Since wine is not a lasting product, more orders will be placed via your website or tasting event ensuring a continued sale.

One of the benefits of Travelling Vineyard is that there are no sale quotas. Also, there are discounts on a monthly basis which boosts one’s sales, and one can win an all paid trip by attaining given sales goals. Furthermore, what is more, beneficial than working while spending time with family and friends?

How to find them?

Regarding their social media use, Travelling Wine is really good. With their current and timely updates on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Twitter, with other information on how their brand, wine blends and how to be a wine guide, their presence on these social media platforms is impressive.

Traveling Vineyard Social Media:

Squaw Valley Water Treatment Shows Positive Results

The historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort in California’s Olympic Valley region was once the site of the Winter Olympics and is now the scene of a race to restore the drinking water of a small part of the resort to safe quality levels following a once in a lifetime rain event. Placer County Environmental Health official Wesley Nicks explained the resort was one of a number of well sites affected by the contamination that has taken place due to a rain event inundating water supplies with contaminants at a level that could not have been foreseen by experts and officials.


Wesley Nicks went on to explain a number of techniques and treatments had been used to restore the water quality to its usual levels by members of his own department in conjunction with independent water experts employed by Squaw Valley; the treatments undertaken have so far proven a success as E.Coli has been removed from three of four affected wells and levels of Coliform have also been reduced. Squaw Valley official, Liesl Kenney went on to explain the resort’s own regular testing procedures had identified the presence of the bacteria and resulted in Squaw Valley itself turning off the contaminated water supply.


The actions of Squaw Valley Ski Resort have been seen as successful as the closure of the well water system was completed before any contaminated water could be provided for guests and no medical issues have so far been linked to any water contaminants. Liesl Kenney explained the work to return the contaminated wells to safe quality levels will continue until Placer County officials declare the water safe for human consumption. In response to the drinking water issue that is now coming to a close Kenney went on to explain the ski slopes of Squaw Valley remain open and complimentary bottled water is being provided for all visitors using the Upper Mountain locations of Gold Coast and High Camp.