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Stream Energy: Assistance After Hurricane Harvey’s Wrath

Hurricane Harvey is one of the most destructive natural disasters that hit the United States. The huge storm wreaked havoc across the state of Texas, destroying most of its coastal communities. The storm also caused flooding, sweeping through communities and destroying a huge number of properties. Storm surges also destroyed coastal cities, and the state of Texas was without power after so many days. The government of the United States appealed to private corporations to help with rebuilding the communities destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, and they asked for assistance, especially with the daily needs of those who were affected. Stream Energy is one of those who answered the calls of the United States government for help. They have donated $25,000, and they addressed the donation to the American Red Cross. They donated a huge amount of money to be used for relief operations and other assistance needed for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


Stream Energy has a philanthropic arm that watches over donations and goodwill that is spearheaded by the company. The $25,000 donation is being handed to the Disaster Relief Fund, and they are hoping that the amount they provided would be sufficient enough to provide what the victims needed. Stream Cares the philanthropic arm of Stream Energy, and they have been helping since the formation of the company (AliveNewspaper). They are active in participating in activities which would assist those who are affected by some disasters.


This year, the damage brought upon by Hurricane Harvey is unimaginable, and Stream Energy is hoping that the donation they provided will be enough to help the victims. They added that if the people would need more assistance, the company is ready to provide. With the assistance provided by Stream Energy, people are hoping that the electricity will be restored soon.


Stream Energy is headquartered in Texas, and the company was established in 2004. The management knew that they have to help their people in times of disaster.

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