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Plan Your Destination Wedding Photography with George Street Photos and Videos

If you are thinking about having a destination wedding, then do not overlook the possibilities of having unique wedding photography done at that location. Consider letting George Street Photo and Video Locations help you create unique wedding photography.

Miami, Florida

While Miami’s beaches certainly offer a stunning backdrop for your wedding pictures, there are many other places to consider. Art lovers often choose to have their photos taken in the Wynwood Art District. The wall murals located there make a beautiful backdrop. If you would love a nautical or historical theme, do not overlook the Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Charleston, South Carolina

The beautiful city of Charleston offers many amazing places to take wedding photos. Magnolia Plantations and Gardens provides couples with beautiful outdoor wedding locations with its gorgeous old trees. Downtown Charleston has been lovingly restored to its original grandeur. The amazing architecture found there makes it a pretty location.

While you will have a ton of things to consider when planning your wedding, one decision is extremely easy. Capture your wedding pictures in a photo journalistic style by hiring George Street Photos and Videos.

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