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Securus Technologies: Presenting their Newest Acquired Firm

Securus Technologies announced earlier that they are now acquiring GovPayNet, an independent payment processing company servicing government agencies. The decision came from the executives working at Securus Technologies, hoping that the addition of GovPayNet in their company portfolio would increase the value of the telecommunications company and would draw in more investors. Securus Technologies is also planning to integrate the payment system into their system since they are also serving a government agency focusing on correctional institutions. The acquisition of GovPayNet was not a surprise for many because Securus Technologies has been giving out hints long before they revealed the purchase.



Long before being under the ownership of Securus Technologies, GovPayNet is one of the largest payment processing companies in the United States. They are operating mainly in the rural part of the United States, making the payment for fees, fines, bail and other financial punishment convenient for the people who are living far away from town centers. GovPayNet was established in 1997, by a sheriff who is having a hard time dealing with all the paper works that he had to process each day. In 1997, he decided that a better system should be developed for those who are just paying their fees and fines. This is where the idea to create a system that allows the payment of fees and fines came from. The sheriff worked with people who are adept at programming, and they built GovPayNet.



Securus Technologies is planning to process more than 40 million transactions now that GovPayNet is right in their company portfolio. They are stating that more needs to be done, and they will be looking after how GovPayNet is being readied for the official transfer of ownership. Securus Technologies added that their recent investment in the payment processing industry would help the company soar higher, because of the rising demand for the payment processing services.

Securus Technologies Set To Solve Crime Through Advanced Communication Gadgets

Securus Technologies boasts of being a leader, in offering solutions ,for criminal justice through advanced technology. The company serves public safety, corrections, monitoring agencies and investigative companies. For years, Securus has been working with some of the best software developers to ensure that corrections agencies receive advanced technology for solving crime. Until now, Securus has succeeded in solving crime and providing powerful communication gadgets.


Client Feedback


Performance wise, Securus Technologies is proud to be linked to the list of some of the leading companies in promoting crime prevention. Perhaps that is why the company recently released a segment of client’s feedback on its input in the field. Most clients were of the opinion that Securus Technologies has been supportive of crime prevention. The comments reflected that Securus Technologies has indeed provided leading crime prevention gadgets to those clients. Included below are some of the comments:


  • A client cited that Securus has been helpful in finding a search warrant for a corrupt staff member. As a result, the individual was arrested on fair grounds.


  • A different client wrote to Securus Technologies with appreciation in regards to the company’s cellular device that assisted the client in determining the behaviour of prisoners in cells. What began as a fun-filled moment ended as a case that involved money transfer. The offenders were arrested.


  • The third client stated that for a decade now, Securus Technologies has been the sole supplier of technology solutions. In this case, the client was referring to a vending machine offered by Securus. The machine has assisted the client to promote public safety.




Securus Technologies is committed to offering revolutionary gadgets that promote safety in the world. Having served over 3,450 clients in public safety and correction agencies, the company has won client’s trust in many respects. It is projected that Securus Technologies is always working with the leaders of innovative solutions to offer unmatched services in prisons.


Securus Technologies Keeping Officers Protected

One of my jobs as a corrections officer is making sure all my fellow officers are safe when we are working inside the prison. It does not take much for one inmate to turn a bad situation into a deadly one, so we have to be watching everything on top of all the other responsibilities we have inside the jail. Weapons and drugs are two of the things we are fighting every day to keep out of the hands of these inmates, and we do so in a number of different ways.


Every day that I am inside the prison, I start my hunt for contraband in the visitor center. I search each guest that comes to the jail, then I search each inmate when they are ready to go back to their cell. We do cell inspections all day long, never letting the inmates if and when their cells could be next. Perhaps the biggest and more rewarding of all resources is the inmate call monitoring system that was installed by Securus Technologies.


The system is in thousands of prisons, and the CEO of the company says all his 1,000 employees are working each day to make the world a better place to live. The LBS software can do the work of half my team, allowing us to be in other areas of the prison combating this problem. Once chatter on a number of subjects is detected, we get the alert and can act fast.


Since utilizing this resource, we have heard inmates talking on the phones about where they can hide drugs in the yard. We heard one inmate ask his grandmother to bring her drugs to the jail so he could have them. We even heard about a hit on a fellow inmate that was order by a gang leader.


Twists and Turn in the Business World

The business world is a vast and confusing place, especially for individuals not directly involved in it. Securus Technologies is an information technology firm based out of Dallas, Texas, who primarily assists certain individuals with their communication needs. In order to provide the highest level of support to their customers Securus requires a list of patents on its products, which it has spent vast amounts of time testing and developing. It was recently revealed that another company in the industry, GTL, has accused Securus of operating under expired patent codes, which would unfortunately mean that Securus would need to release these products to the outside world for general use. These claims have recently been disproved, however, meaning that Securus no longer needs to worry about how these accusations might have damaged their positive reputation.


Securus offers direct communication support to incarcerated individuals currently living within the United States prison system. These individuals are often ignored by other companies and still require access to the basic needs that all American citizens deserve by law. This includes the ability to freely communicate, especially with their family members and loved ones. One product that makes this possible is a free downloadable application that can be used on both Android and Apple devices and is used for video chat purposes over WiFi networks. This product makes it simple for inmates to communicate with family members, successfully bypassing the need to transport themselves over long distances for visitation time periods and also allowing them to remove themselves from mandatory security checks when they arrive.


Securus Technologies offers incredible support to individuals that other people would rather forget exist. Their services are both technical and humanitarian, giving customers a second chance at life to make necessary connections with other Human being in the outside world.