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Capital Group Investment Firm Is Highly Commended For Its Leadership

Janet Yang, a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) recently conducted a review of Capital Group, a portfolio management company based in Los Angeles that specializes in fixed income and equity funds and services both large corporations and individual investor clients. Yang’s overall analysis graded the firm with an A, taking into account their overall culture and fund management structure as well as the men in charge of operations. She especially commended the leadership of Rob Lovelace, Darcy Kopcho and Tim Armour, portfolio management specialists who are masters at executing investment strategies.

She commends the firm for its use of a multimanager fund system, a method that’s allowed for greater diversity in investments as more than one manager can manage parts of a fund and offset any losses with gains. Also, Armour has led Capital Group to becoming more open to interviews with the media and putting forth reports on how portfolios are managed and other tidbits of information that investors should know about. In addition, most investors are pleased to know that portfolio managers and analysts are usually tenured at Capital Group for quite a long period, and changes in management don’t happen that often. Tim Armour himself is an example of that.

Armour has been a very successful portfolio manager all throughout his tenure with Capital Group. He attended a small private college in Vermont, Middlebury College where he got his bachelor’s in economics. But it was enough for Capital Group to notice and Timothy Armour began his career at the company about 33 years ago as a company associate.

He did very well in the program and got promoted to equity investment analyst, a position managing the portfolios of clients in both telecom and special service industries. Timothy Armour would later become a senior portfolio manager where much of his work has been focused on, and then became head of the firm’s Research and Management Company and Management Committee, and is now CEO of the entire company.

Armour was elected to be Chairman of Capital Group in July of 2015 after the passing of former Chairman Rothenberg. Armour regarded Rothenberg as a friend and a great leader but vowed to stay the course that he and the leaders before him had run in the company. Armour also helped Capital Group form a strategic partnership with Samsung Asset Management, a move he describes as being beneficial to the needs of Korean investors.

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