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Water Release from Squaw Valley

Since October, Squaw Valley has been dealing with a big water problem that they never would have expected when they installed their new water system over the summer. This is a problem that came from the heavy rains that Placer County received in the fall and it caused a lot of damage. The water leaked out through the new system and immediately became compromised to the point that the resort was unable to use it for anything. They immediately shut off the ability of the public to consume the water at Squaw Valley and Placer County has issued a statement that it does not affect the surrounding areas.

After realizing that they would not be able to use the water to be able to serve people in the restaurants or for drinking, they found that they could, in fact, still use it to make snow with so that their ski season will not be affected. People may not be able to grab a bite to eat at the top of the mountain but they will certainly be able to ski down it just as they would any other year that there wasn’t a problem with the water.

Since this happened, Squaw Valley has been working to make the corrections that they need to so that they can turn the water back on and business can get back to the usual for the guests of the resort. They want to make sure that all of their guests are taken care of throughout the winter and they have focused most of their efforts on helping them. They are still taking some time to work on the water but it has been increasingly harder with temperatures that are dropping to even lower and making the ground harder to work with.

The dedication that Squaw Valley has to their guests is clear to see in the way that they have handled the situation. While they want to make sure that their water is working the right way, they also want to make sure that their guests are taken care of above everything else that they have done. They are sure that the guests will be able to do things better if they treat them better first instead of working to make sure that the water is done first. This shows a true commitment to the people who come to the resort and visit there.

As the season progresses, Squaw Valley hopes to get the water turned back on. They want to make sure that their resort is the best possible and that the people who are there are able to eat when they are there. In the meantime, they are working to make sure that people have the opportunity to eat and drink with the vending machines that they have set up over the resort. They have even begun providing complimentary water bottles to the people. This is something that they hope to resolve soon and they thank their guests for their continued commitment to Squaw Valley.