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Kate Hudson Talks Activewear for all and a Revolutionary Re-Do of the Little Black Dress

Marie Claire recently sat down with Kate Hudson to discuss the latest addition to Fabletics, the Tropez Dress and her incredible line of swimsuits. Fabletics is a line of active-wear for women who want fashionable and affordable active-wear. The, Tropez Dress, says Kate Hudson, is a little black dress, or LBD that you can wear for any occasion, both day and night, “We’re taking the active girl, taking her out on the town, and keeping her casual!”

You can wear them without a bra or the dreaded Spanx. According to Hudson, the Tropez dress, and other athleisure dresses in Fabletics have bras built in, as well as material that makes you look snug and tucked in, without feeling constricted. High-end designers like Alais and Herv Leger do this as well, but with much higher price tags. The best part says Kate, “No Spanx required!” Fabletics isn’t limited to dresses and yoga pants. With the same eye turned towards the confluence of fashion, comfort and construction, Fabletics also designs adorable swimsuits. Kate wants you to feel good all the time, including the beach.

If a woman buys a swimsuit, she wants to look good in it, sexy even, but not at the expense of comfort and construction. Hudson understands that and has designed an incredible line of swimsuits that make people, “feel like they’re protected in our clothes without compromising a little bit of sexiness and femininity.” You may expect a line with so much attention to comfort and style would be expensive, but don’t expect Fabletics to take a high-end approach anytime soon. A high-end fashion line would keep Kate’s philosophy of fitness for all out of reach for many customers. Says, Kate, “It’s important for us to be able to reach a broader spectrum of people.”

In a recent article by Kristina Monllos, the world was atwitter following the release of a commercial that poked fun at high-end active-wear that seems more concerned in its exclusivity than in covering your assets. Geraldine Martin-Coppola, general manager at Fabletics responded to the media excitement, “The overwhelming reaction to the commercial has been extremely positive. For us as a brand, we really don’t take ourselves too seriously and we also make fun of the way that active-wear brands market and target customers.”

Interested in trying out Fabletics, but you’d rather touch the fabric first? According to Matt Lindner of Internet Retailer, Fabletics is expanding beyond the ten brick and mortar locations it claims across the nation, providing their customers with the ultimate in omni-channel experience. Customers can try on different styles, and then purchase what they want online. Source:

It Looks Like There Is Nothing But Blue Skies For JustFab

In this day in age, online shopping is a very popular thing. You can get just about anything from groceries to your clothes online. A couple of years ago, shoppers were starting to get introduced to subscription-based companies – these companies will charge you a monthly fee for a membership and will usually have discounted prices and membership perks. With many growing companies, the subscription service, JustFab had an ever growing list of competition. As stated in an article in the Los Angeles Times, JustFab is heading toward a good future, despite the fact that other subscription-based companies are seeing anything but success in their profits. Two years after being valued at $1 billion, JustFab earned the much-coveted “unicorn” status. For the first time, the company made a profit in 2016. The company’s co-founder just announced that JustFab is ready to grow up, and also announced a name change in the works. It looks like things are only going up for JustFab, and it doesn’t look like their planning on slowing down anytime soon. To read the whole article, click here: JustFab heads toward IPO even as other subscription start-ups struggle

For those of you who aren’t familiar with JustFab, it, as stated above is a subscription-based company. The company sells shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories. They offer a VIP membership option, where items are priced 30% lower and get VIP credits you can use towards a free item. The VIP membership of JustFab works like this – you sign up; after the 5th of every month you credit/debit card gets charged $39.95, and you can spend that money on whatever you want. You do get the option to skip a month if you choose the option before or on the 5th of every month. Also, if you just want to try it out for a couple of months and decide it’s just not for you, you can cancel at any time!

The people running JustFab have listened to the complaints people have made in the past, and want to give their customers the best service they can provide to them. Try them today at and see if JustFab is the right fit for you!

Athleisure Fabletics

As a long time athlete I have walked into a gym multiple times thinking, “why can’t I be comfortable yet fashionable in the gym?” Sure, a cotton sports bra will work until you become chaffed under the bust line from it because you actually came to the gym to work out hardcore. Or, if you want to find something fashionable the cost is outrageous for workout clothes. What if you want to grab a latte in style after the workout? Or better yet, why can’t ladies look great working out when you are already intimidated by all the meat-heads in gym? It may sound ridiculous but the very essence of how we feel starts with what we look like day to day no matter what you are doing or who you are! Feeling more confidant in the gym boosts your self-esteem and leads to a better workout!

Luckily, Kate Hudson knows this and helped design a fashionable, price conscious athletic line called Fabletics. It was designed with the workout in mind, meaning no matter if you are lifting, running, or participating in yoga, there is an option for you! Kate Hudson even went a step further with her designs with athleisure dresses! Check out this interview for more details on that little secret Comfy Dresses for the Stylish
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The best part about Fabletics is that now a lady can have the best of everything there is to offer in a workout clothes line including versatility and affordability, along with sweat-wicking material so no more chaffing at that cross-fit workout! Fabletics is an easy to gain access retailer, with an online subscription for browsing and shopping! If you find you love it then they even offer VIP Perks so go ahead and sign-up when you check out because it is worth it once you see the difference the clothes make for you!

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Shopping In The Future

Recently, the highly lauded designer search engine Slyce has entered into an exciting new partnership with Shoe Carnival, a massive footwear retailer. Marketwired first reported on the new collaboration between the three dimensional search platform which will now embolden online shoppers on Shoe Carnival’s website. The groundbreaking technology behind Slyce will allow said clientele to use photography as a means of finding what their looking for. In other words, one could take a snapshot of a pair of shows and use the visual recognition software that will then match them with what their looking via, thus further ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, it appears Slyce CEO and Kent Zimmerman, the vice president of eCommerce for Shoe Carnival are as excited about their work together as their surely enthusiastic clientele. Slyce stands to benefit financially through fees accrued according to their pricing structure, based upon the variety of services it’s platform prescribes. Shoe Carnival is without a doubt one of the biggest chain of shoe stores across the United States. Based out of Evansville, Indiana, they have an upwards of four-hundred stores across the country, covering thirty-four states total. For more in depth coverage of this recent announcement, go to NASDAQ’s website and read further on the exciting news.

The genesis of Slyce began in Canada, with founders Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot, who established headquarters in Toronto. Later, they grew, and offices sprung up both across Canada, and the United States, in Mineapolis, Minnesota. In 2013, Slyce introduced their visual recognition software at the Mobile World Congress located in Barcelona. Previously they had raised six-million to finance their brand. The six-million skyrocketed to nearly eleven, and a year or so later, Slyce made an amalgamation agreement with Occulus Ventures, before scooping up the mobile app, BuyCode to further hone their innovative shopping tech.

Slyce is a creator of innovative, highly functional visual recognition software. Their technology is constructed for use by formidable retailers looking to make themselves and their products available through the internet. Slyce is somewhat of a bridge for brands like JC Penney and Home Depot to transition smoothly to the online world, where the majority of people are shopping nowadays. Their platform speeds up the process through image recognition that links customers directly to whatever product they may be scouring the web for. They empower customers and businesses alike, and will likely be around for a long time.