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$50 Million in Funding Opens the Door to FreedomPop’s New Global Hotspot

FreedomPop is on the move globally. Ironically, thanks to a massive new round of investment raising, those who subscribe to FreedomPop services can also move around globally without losing their access to the service. FreedomPop is hard at work at developing a fantastic new global hotspot service.

The amount of the funding raises is a tremendous $50 million. The end result will be cheap global roaming. Anything inexpensive is sure to be met with enthusiasm by budget-conscious mobile users.

FreedomPop’s new global hotspot concept is going to deliver a lot of stiff competition to major cellular phone services. The big names in the cell phone service world are notorious for their massive roaming charges. FreedomPop’s affordable new global hotspot is going to eliminate all those costs.

The CEO of the Los Angeles-based company has said deals are being made with the 25 countries in Europe to make sure the low prices stay low. (Also, in time, FreedomPop wants to add another 40 countries to the list of participating regions) Travelers through the participating countries never have to feel they are locked out of the communications loop. They also won’t have to pay outrageous fees into order to use basic phone, text, and data service.

Access to the hotspot is afforded after paying a nominal fee of $49. This is a one-time fee. The SIM card required to access the hotspot is only $10, and the SIM card comes with free upgrades.

FreedomPop’s service is carried by Sprint in the United States and the Three network in the United Kingdom. T

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