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How Oncotarget Is Steadily Building Its Reputation As The Premier Provider Of Scientific Publications

The 21st century has seen the increase in demand for quality research publications and scientific data. Oncotarget being aware of this fact, embarked on a mission to be one the premier providers of scientific information to a global audience that comprises of personnel working with various scientific and medical research firms. Learn more about Oncotarget at

Since the establishment of the Oncotarget, the firm has been making multiple publications that are unrivalled in quality and curation. The company ensures that all materials published are made available through its online platform. To gain full access to Oncotarget’s publications, there is the need to subscribe to the firm’s services. The public actions made by Oncotarget are availed on the company’s website, and unlike other scientific data providers, Oncotarget’s publications can be accessed at no cost. It should be noted that the full access membership provides an individual with the ability to view all publications made on the website. The membership to Oncotarget is free, and no charges are paid by members subscribing to their services.


A few years back, Oncotarget used to publish one article every week; this is not the case currently. Oncortaget has had an increase in the number of professionals who rely on their publication’s; this meant that the company had to double the publications made. Currently, the firm published two articles on its website every week.

Oncotarget has significantly grown over the years and is now one of the trusted providers of scientific journals for professionals in the medical and other science-related fields. The focus of the publications made based Oncotarget is the trending scientific issues that need to be addressed. Oncotarget’s success has been primarily driven by Technology. The company has created a robust online presence that allows it to interact with their clients in a way that facilitates the reception of feedback from clients, the purpose of doing this is to further improve on its content delivery. The company has recently invested in the incorporation of a highly advanced algorithm to its database, the reason for doing this is to allow the rapid dissemination of data to subscribers around the world. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.