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Davos Real Estate Group Announces New App

David Osio has made another big move in the financial sector further cementing his companies’ role as one of the most important financial companies in South America. He has built a long career in finance working on both sides of the coin. His vast knowledge and great work ethic led him to become a great leader in investing.

He started out in the early 1980s working in Venezuela. He was raised in the country and went to school there. After he received his law degree he started working in financial law in Venezuela. He had a knack for it is right away. His hard work led him to gaining vast knowledge in financial and regulatory law as he represented some of the biggest corporations in South America during his time as a lawyer.

Osio performed in this role for about a decade until he decided to strike out and begin investing on his own. This is when he moved to Miami, FL and started Davos Financial Group. His financial group offers services in just about every different sector of the financial industry. His real estate faction, Davos Real Estate Group, is the one that is making news most recently.

This is because they have released a new app that will help investors decide whether or not to invest in a certain property. This application is called the Davos CAP Calculator. The calculator is available for both iPhone and Andriod phones.

The app was designed and developed by Davos Real Estate Group with the company Tecknolution, who specializes in app development. The development period for the app was about 6 months. The company thinks they have a great product to make available to customers that will set them even farther apart from the rest of the real estate investment groups in South America.

The goal of the app is to increase the return on investment for any property and any investor. Each property and each investment have many different options that can greatly affect the outcome of the investment. Many people only think that the length of the mortgage is what changes the gains on an investment. This is simply not true.

There are many different other things that can change the outcome of an investment. This CAP Calculator takes every single variable into account when calculating returns on a property investment. It should be a great tool for potential investors in the South American markets.

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Davos: The App of the Future

When you have as much success as David Osio has had in business, it doesn’t happen by accident. It involves a certain skill level and a certain knack for knowing what is going on at all times. You have to be prepared and ready for whatever is around the corner. Market trends are changing and so are the times. David Osio has recognized this and that is why his team has come up with a great app called Davos CAP Calculator. The point of the app is to estimate the return of real estate investments that the client might be interested in, as far as the future is concerned.

The future is coming, whether we like it or not, and it is important to be prepared for it and have all of the necessary tools at our disposal. Once we have these, we can accomplish and achieve anything we set our minds to. This app is going to make things so much easier for clients of Davos Real Estate Group. You can use it on your iPhone or Android device, which is a major plus, as a lot of people have those types of phones. Today, tech is taking over, as there are shows about it and chances are you seeing people on their phones all the time.

There is even mobile banking out there. With these great apps, it makes things easy on the go, so you know what is going on and when it is going on, so there are no surprises and no secrets. That’s just the type of person that David Osio is, though. He has given back to many charities and always looked out for people. He likes to lend a helping hand when he can and be there for people. What he has is something that a lot of people lack and that is a personal touch. Learn more:

A personal touch goes a long way in today’s world, as people want to know they can rely on you, count on you, and you are an upstanding citizen. Let’s face it, as much as I hate to admit it, there are a lot of shady businessmen and businesswomen out there. Davis Osio has made it a personal point of emphasis to do things the right way and this app is a strong step in that direction. He listens to customers, takes their point of view into consideration, and will do what he can to make things simplified. Read on:

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