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Meet Organo Gold Powerhouse CEO Bernardo Chua: A Healthy Coffee Brand

Coffee drinking has become a global culture, especially with Organo Gold finest brews. The leading gourmet coffee innovator doesn’t produce generic blends. In fact, Organo Gold entire coffee line is of bespoke quality and authenticity. The company’s respected chief executive and founder Bernardo Chua continues to educate society about the benefits of consuming quality coffee daily. He was profoundly empathetic as he shared a powerful speech at the Annual Organo Gold Convention. The company commands some the top-earning employees of the food and beverage industry.

With a profuse variety of tasteful blends that are richly fortified with Ganoderma Lucidum, a 40-decade-long Chinese recipe; Organo Gold coffee beats all else. So, what’s the potential of this secret coffee ingredient? Ganoderma itself contains potent proprietary agents known to accelerate the body’s healing capabilities. In fact, it has a powerful adaptogen compound and antioxidants strengthens immunity. Additionally, it repairs any internal inflammation triggered by health conditions: asthma, low energy, migraines, high cholesterol, kidney/liver dysfunction, and diabetes.

As a proprietary ingredient of Organo Gold coffee, Ganoderma reacts similarly as it reaches the bloodstream. Bernardo Chua continues to use the Organo Gold Annual Convention as a platform to share rich content focused on improving health. It’s an idea that he’s passionate about as nations consume invaluable tips to make life profoundly filling. In fact, he’s managed to convert a mass non-coffee drinking audience through this same information channel.

Bernardo Chua has just launched his gourmet coffee franchise in Turkey. As demands for organic coffee grew, he sought expansion that extended to the volatile North American market. Affectionately called “Bernie,” Bernardo Chua isn’t the typical executive. Those under his command are respectful and committed to the Organo Gold vision. Among achievements as an elite business mogul of industry and marketing, Bernie received the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award in 2014. He’s also an NHF (Napoleon Hill Foundation) Gold Medal and five-time Direct Sales Company-of-the-Year awardee. Additionally, Organo Gold holds two elaborate People’s Choice Awards as the world’s best gourmet coffee concierge.

Organo Gold, which he founded in 2008 became the most successful of all his startups. In 2015, Bernie authorized a major rebranding for the company’s entire coffee consumables. Today, it’s simply “Organo,” although the integrity of Bernie’s production hasn’t changed. With Organo Gold distribution networks worldwide, an expansion in Turkey was imminent. The nation’s locals consumers coffee in rich portions as it’s not a culture encouraged, but rather embraced. Visit YouTube to see Organo Gold colorful CEO Bernardo Chua indulge his audience here!