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Jeff Yastine, The Veteran Investor Writes

Financial management is not a new term for all like-minded persons who have entrepreneurial orientation. Ideally, economists stratify people into two major categories; the haves and the have not. But who is there to bridge the ever-widening gap between the haves and the have not? It is the government but not necessarily so.

This concept can be demystified from a financial management point of view. One side of the spectrum has filthy rich people who have more money than they require.

Normally, they take such monies to banks and open saving accounts, and they walk away from banking hall with grins and signs of relief that their money is pretty safe in a savings account and furthermore, the money will attract some interests either quarterly, semi-annually or annually according to On the other side of the spectrum, there exists an entrepreneurial class which is somewhat aggressive. Such a class takes a calculated risk to mobilize resources from an area where they are in plenty to an area where they are scarce.

The ultimate reward of such people is a handsome return on investment according to To bridge the gap between these two classes, financial institutions comes in and advance loans; short-term or long-term to this entrepreneurial class who pays back the Principal and interest (thanks to the concept of time value of money). Out of this, financial institutions gain some profits, and the surplus is passed on to the bank clients with the savings account.

This is a financial nugget that rarely will your financial consultant share with you.

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Feeling challenged by such little-known facts to the public about prudence in financial management, Jeff Yastine halted his productive investment in capital and money markets to join Banyan Hill Publishing as an editorial director. For sure, if you are an investor who has fallen in favor of investing in stock markets, you will best understand that it takes something more than a passion for taking such a bold move for relinquishing handsome returns equity that stock markets bring.

Since 2015, Jeff has made enormous contributions to emancipate investors who have little or no grip on financial management and market intelligence which are considered as a pre-requisite in stock markets. Through this platform, JL has successfully made many investors across the globe to comprehend various business processes, operations of both money and capital markets and fiscal policies.

The former Financial Correspondent and Anchor at PBS Nightly has published an array of articles such as “You are a Biased Investor,” “Cyber Security Profits Are Hiding in the Shadows,” “The Entire Oil Sector Is Screaming ‘Buy Me! ’” You can’t afford to miss out on his articles. He has valuable insights to investors.


Madison Street Capital is the Name for Expert Financial Advice for Businesses

Madison Street Capital, an leader in the international investment industry, has recently served as the exclusive financial counselor to DCG Software Value in their recent merger with the Spitfire Group. The merger was made public by Charles Botchway, CEO of MSC and was headed up by Jay Rogers. The entire process was organized and led Rogers on behalf of MSC from inception to completion.


DCG Software Value is a global provider of packages catering to function point analysis, as well as software estimation services, and software value management. The company was founded in 1994 and has been an industry leader in software analytics, software quality management, and the merger is a logical one for both parties since The Spitfire Group is a consulting firm catering to the business-oriented technology market. The exact details of the merger were not immediately made public at the announcement.


The Spitfire group is a global provider of services which help client bridge the gap between their business objective and their technology initiatives. They do this by providing comprehensive technology resources in the form of a “force multiplier” concept. This is accomplished thanks to the high level of experience that the team has as well as industry leading state of the art technologies to help businesses address their complex needs.


The combining of these two powerhouse players means that a new level of service can be achieved for their clients. By bringing together the myriad of services offered by DCG and the expertise and resources of Spitfire clients can make better use of the technology resources and plan out the best time to adjust those resources for maximum effect.


Madison Street Capital was an obvious choice, advising DCG in this merger, considering they have many years of success working with firms of all sizes both domestically and internationally. Specializing in mergers, acquisitions, investment strategies, financial opinions and more, they are the first choice for those who want to bring the most competent advice possible to a negotiation or undertaking. The firm considers emerging markets to be the core component driving the global growth of their clients and strives to find creative and innovative ways to enter those markets with the highest level of return on investment possible while minimizing risk to an acceptable level. Thanks to the high Madison Street Capital reputation level, clients know that they are in good hands when they work with MSC.


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