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Academy of Art University and Fashion Week

Fashion Week is an incredibly important part of New York City culture. It occurs each year. Designers, students, press, media, celebrities and even fans come to see the latest fashion designs. The runway styles that are presented at these shows sometimes take all year to create in anticipation for Fashion Week in New York City. There are top designers present at Fashion Week, and there are some new and upcoming designers that show up as well. The Academy of Art University participates each year. They host a Fashion Week show and this year, students and alumnae showcased their designs to everyone that was in attendance. There are many different shows at a number of different venues.

Every year there are plenty of celebrities on hand for Fashion Week shows. It is always the hope that someone of importance will get a glimpse of your design and take interest in what you’re doing. This past September the Academy of Art University had Ms. Jay Alexander in the audience, from America’s Next Top Model. Even though Fashion Week takes place on the complete other side of the country, the Academy of Art University makes the trek. There are students from all of the world that go the this university. This year’s show featured graduates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in fashion.

In total, there were nine different designs that were showcased as part of the Academy of Art’s show. Five different women’s designs were features, two men’s designs and two other collaborative pieces. Ten graduates total participated in the process of creating these designs throughout the year leading up to the show. Being such an iconic part of New York City, Fashion Week is coming up again in the next few months. It is likely crunch time for the students at the Academy of Art University. We’ll all be watching to see what new and innovative designs are featured. Designers everywhere are perfecting what they will be bringing to the shows, to set the tone for the upcoming year in fashion.


Trailblazer Bumble’s Founder Whitney Heard and Her Path to Success

Trailblazer. Is one word to describe Whitney Wolfe Heard, the founder of Bumble. She has always blazed her own path and her success is a testament of her skills and knowledge. Bumble, Whitney Wolfe’s latest success story was created without any startup capital. The company was initially built simply by utilizing the services of outsourced engineers. In addition to navigating the technology field, she has also remained true to herself and her political beliefs.

Bumble is not Herds first step into the technology field. Prior to her newest endeavor, Whitney Wolfe was the Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing for Tinder. During her time at the company, Herd was able to grow the dating app into one of the most well recognized dating applications in the world. Upon leaving Tinder, Herd was driven to build an application that was focused on positive affirmations and feedback.

With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd teamed up with Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo a female friendly dating webite. Bumble has become a sought after dating app with a database of over 10 million users. Most importantly, the application has continued to add more users daily.

The popular app focuses on providing women a voice in this digital dating world. Users will find that the application, has several unique twists when compared to other dating applications. Limiting user contact is one of the most interesting aspects of the app. Women no longer have to worry about receiving unwanted messages. Unlike other apps, only women are able to initiate a conversation. In addition, the app has expanded beyond dating. Bumble can be used to connect friends and also make professional connections.

The company is also not afraid to step into the political field. Specifically, in regard to gun control. Bumble takes a strong stance against gun control and the NRA. Even limiting how users are able to utilize their profiles. Users are not able to display any images with guns, knives or weapons. Bumble has cut all ties with the NRA. How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App.

Heard, has attracted the notice of several well known organizations. She has been selected one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people in 2018. Herd has also been selected as one of the panelists for the Disrupt SF 2018. Whitney Wolfe Heard, has had quite a successful career today and she is only 28 years old. Mrs. Herd recently married Michael Herd in 2017 and she received an international Studies Degree from the Southern Methodist University.

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Stores Closing: Eras Changing, And Fabletics Pioneering

With the activity of online shopping becoming more popular, there is one thing that is inevitable. A lot of stores are closing down as businesses are shifting their focus online. Even the fashion industry is seeing tons of designers and brands closing their stores. Fortunately for Kate Hudson, her Fabletics team has seen this development coming. After all, people have a limited amount of money to spend. One of the factors customers look for is convenience. Therefore, one of the focuses of Fabletics is convenience. Also, customers have grown to the point that they are looking for something that is customized to their liking.


Fabletics has shown that it is up to the challenge of providing this for the customers. Kate Hudson and her team have taken a close look at what is missing. One thing that she has seen is that there are plenty of territories that have yet to be explored. Therefore, she has decided that it is worth exploring these territories. While there are many trends that come and go in the fashion industry, there are still a greater number of tastes than there are trends. Even the most ridiculous trends have someone that can use it to its best advantages.


One of the greatest advantages with Fabletics is that it gathers information about the customer from the beginning. Among the ways it does this is through quizzes and surveys. When members sign up, they have to take a quiz where they list their preferences before they are sent to the products pages. They are given an assortment of products based on the preferences they have specified.


Kate Hudson knows that giving the customers what they truly want is the key to making them happy and gaining their loyalty. The old way of telling customers what to buy and marketing based on product has shown signs of its end. Fabletics has shown an example of the new market that is emerging. For stores to keep going and being able to serve customers in the physical capacity, it is going to have to find ways to adapt to the market and attract customers to the idea of shopping in a physical location.

Have Passion Have Changed the Life of Anthony Petrello

Whitney Wolfe is one famous technology and has been able to change things in a field dominated by men. She has been on the frontline pursuing better goals and has always been trusted with her skills. She happens to have been one of the youngest women to have been to have received awards for their efforts in the industry. She has been on the frontline pursuing her dreams for success despite many challenges she has undergone through. Her journey has been tough towards getting where she is today and her passion to achieve have always been awesome.

Whitney Wolfe happens to be the co-founder of the famous dating app known as Tinder. She has always worked for success and has always dedicated her time and skills to the success of the company. She was in charge of the marketing field and her passion has always been to succeed in future. She was able to approach so many university students in all the United States institutions and they became of big help to the company. She worked with a lot of passion for the success of the company before she left. In 2014, she partnered with the Badoo CEO for another great dating platform known as Bumble.It was established and people started joining the platform. Currently, it has over 20 million users and they have been working closely for its success. They have since then added more verticals known as BumbleBFF where one can be able to look for friends.

Besides becoming a great person, she was brought from a family that was never in a technology-related business. They have since then been able to achieve big time and have successfully pursued their dreams of success. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City in Utah by her mother who was a housewife and had dedicated her time towards taking care of her daughter. The dad was a developer who worked very hard to ensure that the girl succeeds in life. They spend every moment of their life towards making sure that she lived a better life and was able to attend the school she desired to attend. She went to the famous University of Southern Methodist and decided to pursue international studies. She performed exemplary well which was according to her plans. At age 19, she had already started her first business which helped her grow at a very high rate.

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Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s Offer of Style To People Who Are On a Limited Budget

One of the common themes with celebrities is that they have a lot of great styles that they can enjoy. One thing that people experience is envy at all of the styles that they see their celebrities in. While some may tell them to buy these clothes for themselves, the issue with that is that these clothes often cost a ton of money. These clothes are also tailored. It is tough enough to find some high quality clothing. Getting tailored clothes is even more costly. Fortunately, there are ways that people can buy clothes that they like while they save money.


Kate Hudson herself has decided that people deserve to buy highly fashionable clothes. Therefore, she has done everything she can to put together something that is going to get people in style while saving them money. This is something that she has held in her heart because she gets to feel really good about the clothes that she has tried on. One of the areas that she enjoys is the fitness area of fashion. However, she has noticed that there is very little to offer in variety from a lot of brands. Therefore, people find themselves resigned to some boring clothes that they wear while exercising.


Kate Hudson, being a woman, understands the need to feel very unique and fashionable. Some women feel the need all the time. Fortunately, Kate has managed to put something together that not only offers something unique, but is very successful in what its business. This company is called Fabletics. They have taken the time to come up with marketing tactics that compel customers to shop with the brand. For one thing, their marketing is customer oriented. This is one of the reasons they are able to sell so many stuff. They also use the data on the sales they make to help determine the type of products to continue offering.


One thing that is very frustrating is when people are convinced when they have to make a ton of money at a time in order to be able to afford something that is even slightly stylish. Another problem is that people that wind up saving a lot of money for these items do get to enjoy them for a little bit only to find that they tear up on them quick because of the poor construction of these products. Kate Hudson herself has dealt with this type of frustration.

Don’t Believe What You Hear

According to Wengie, a common myth that you have probably heard is that a tooth left in coke overnight will dissolve. While the soft drink is strong, it isn’t strong enough to dissolve a tooth, at least not in one night. Your parents have likely told you numerous times that if you sit too close to the television that you’ll strain your eyes. Although it does cause temporary strain on the eyes if you get too close to any kind of screen for long periods of time, it’s not the real reason why you might need glasses or be near-sighted or far-sighted.


When a cat jumps off of a high ledge, you probably think that it will land on its feet. For the most part, this is true as they will usually straighten the body to land on the feet as a natural maneuver. Sometimes, if cats are clumsy, then they can fall on their side or other areas of the body and not land on the feet. This is a myth that does have some truth behind it as well as a bit of deception.


If you’ve seen a bull, then you’ve likely seen the matador waving a red flag. It’s believed that bulls get angry at this color, which is what makes them run around the arena. Bulls can’t see red and are actually colorblind. They will actually charge at anything that’s moving around. The bulls are likely running toward the man’s waving motions instead of the color of the object that he is holding.

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