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Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is not a familiar name to many people, but she is one of the most creative and production oriented people in the entertainment industry. Based at the Colibri Studios in the United Kingdom. She is a creative producer and a writer of very compelling content. She provides content for television, virtual reality shows, interactive exhibition and much more. She has over fifteen years experience in the production of animation, television, and advertising. She is an expert Executive Producer who has been responsible for overseeing the production work of teams of up to two hundred twenty people.


Bridget has helped to perfect and ensure the creative productions of children’s animation, true entertainment programming, dramas, and lifestyle and entertainment programs. She is currently in charge of the daily development of content, partnerships and strategies at the Colibri Studio where she collaborates with broadcaster on an international level to give life to many of the projects that are created. Her inspiration for Colibri came from her desire to have a home where she could create and bring her ideas to life. This would be a place where all aspects of her creativity could be under one umbrella.


Bridget is a dedicated wife and mother who enjoys spending time with her family. She starts each day with meditation. She has a quick breakfast with her husband and son, then travels the short distance to her office. She sets an objective every day and focuses on that from nine o’clock until twelve noon. She then goes to have lunch with her family. This is important for her as it is their main meal of the day. Her afternoons are more flexible. This is when she checks emails, meet s with co-producers, or watch a television project or video recording of a project.


Bridget Scar brings her ideas together through their initial inspiration. She produces projects that relate to every day people. For instance, in a history project that she envisioned, it was a factual story with some scripted input, that was told by people who actually lived the event. She wanted the audience to understand what these people went through at that time in history. Bridget is excited about virtual reality and the ways that technology is being used in real life situations like granting a person a last wish, and how it is used in healing and education. She loves to take time out for the simple things in life.


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Women Such As Susan McGalla Are Helping Others Achieve Their Career Objectives

In the past decades, women faced myriad of challenges in securing various positions in the corporate world. Climbing to the helm of any organization was a herculean task. In addition, pay inequality as well as lack of proper representation in the boardrooms made it difficult for women to be successful on Post Gazette. However, non-governmental and governmental agencies took effective steps to curb such drawbacks. In the midst of all these shortcomings, some women displayed their transformative leadership and proved that they could handle a broad range of challenges. Women have a blend of personality that enables them to take up various roles and succeed on their mandates. Today, women are occupying the highest offices on in the corporate world besides running their own enterprises.

A few years ago, the business sector was patriarchal. However, this scenario has since changed because successful businesswomen such as Susan McGalla have displayed their abilities. With the existence of many role models, many of these women are willing to help others achieve their career objectives. They have innate skills that are significant for the different managerial positions that they hold. Women are also endowed with networking skills, which are fundamental in the ever-evolving corporate world.

Susan McGalla understands what it takes one to climb up the organizational hierarchy and maintain a given position. Confidence, versatility, passion and hard work are traits that have seen McGalla maintain her consistency in terms of having pleasing results in life. She knows that an individual should identify his or her potential traits in order to move from being average to being extraordinary. From a young age, Susan knew that she was destined for greatness. To this end, she worked hard and unlocked the priceless commodity that was in her chest.

Over the years, Susan has gained immense experience in the clothing and retail sectors. She is well versed with matters dealing with product merchandising, talent management, branding and marketing among many others. Between 1986 and 1994, Susan worked at the Joseph Horne Company. This was her first job. Later, she joined American Eagle Outfitters. Because of her work ethics and hard work, she was appointed the president of the firm. She also served as the company’s chief merchandising officer. After serving the company for many years, she left on her own volition to engage in private consultancy for retail industries and financial investment companies. Susan McGalla is the proprietor of P3 Executive Consulting Company, which has its headquarters in Pittsburgh. She is also affiliated with the Pittsburgh Steelers football club, where she serves as the director in charge of strategic planning and growth.

QNET Embraces Women Entreprenuers

In a February article published by Gulf News in their Business and Money section, QNET, a direct-selling company, headquartered in Hong Kong, was profiled. The company was formed in Hong Kong in 1998 and is a member of the Association of Governing Direct-Selling Companies in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. QNET is also a member of the Hong Kong Health Food Association, and the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore. 

QNET has taken its place as a world-wide direct selling organization with 25 offices worldwide.

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In the newly emerging marketplace, the United Arab Republic, the company operates offices in Abu Dhabi, Mussafah and Dubai. More than 100 countries have QNET distributors who offer products through their e-commerce platform.

The executives at QNET have realized the values of sport sponsorships and they support and identify with both football and badminton. 

Recently QNET entered into a partnership with the Manchester City Football Club located in England. QNET, also, has hired Martina Hingis to be their roving ambassador for the brand. Hingis was a former number one ranked female tennis player from Switzerland, who dominated her sport during the 1990s, winning five Grand Slams title before injuries shortened her career.

The selection of Hingis as representative plays well for QNET in its program to appeal to and help women from around the world; women who may wish to enter the world of direct-selling business but on their terms.
The article went on to report that USAID, United States Agency for International Development, headquartered in Washington, D.C., stated that women and girls must have access to education, healthcare and technology. Further, these girls and women must have equal rights and opportunities as breadwinners, peace-builders and leaders (learn more about their employees here: To read the full article, click here.

QNET is dedicated to empowering women, who make up almost 75 percent of their direct-sellers work force, by encouraging them to be a part of the QNET team. QNET offers products designed for women in the areas of health and beauty. In today’s marketplace, which is depending less on brick and mortar retail stores and more on e-commerce, QNET has assured its place in the future. 

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