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Talos Energy: One Of The Best Places To Work

When looking for a great company to work for, you need to explore whether the employees are on the same page when it comes to how they rate their jobs. If they say that their place of business is the best to work for, then you should apply there. If not, then look elsewhere. Just know that not all employers are created equal in how they treat their employees. Talos Energy stands out as the best company to work for because they do a good job in caring for their workers.

Talos Energy offers some of the most competitive benefits packages that will rival any business in the oil and gas industry. They also offer a work schedule that allows you to be with your family. It is good to have a balance in the work/ family equation. With the flexibility in the employees’ schedule, they will get just that. If you do a fantastic job, look to get a promotion. There are plenty of those being passed out for employees who go up and above to make the workplace run smoother. You are looking at a great company with plenty of perks. Talos Energy has merged with Stone Energy and there are plenty of exploration jobs for the new areas that the company wants to drill for oil. So you can be part of that action as soon as you fill out the application to get hired. They will welcome you as part of the family, and you will be treated to all Talos Energy has to offer for every employee. You too will be giving them a very satisfied rating after being with the company for a while.

Why not go and see what jobs are available for you to start working at a dynamic company. After all, you could have a very good career at Talos Energy and be very grateful for the experience you get working with a dynamic group of people. They have openings and are waiting for you to join the family. You are in for an exciting adventure when you choose Talos Energy.

How Stream Energy is Giving Back to the Society

Stream Energy is one of a kind company specializing in direct selling and connected life services to its clients. The company has cut a niche for itself in offering protective, wireless, energy and home services. Stream services are available in Maryland, Washington D.C, Georgia, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York. Stream has also widened its services to consist of wireless international and home services like Virtual MD and Stream Digital Voice. Virtual MD affords access to quality healthcare by certified doctors from the comfort of its customers’ homes.

Many people associate Stream Energy with its philanthropic contributions to communities in times of need. The sole aim is to give back to the society. Earlier this year in Houston, the company stood out as a textbook example of what companies ought to do when needed most. The company used money earned from its energy sales to finance the recovery of hurricane-stricken Houston neighborhoods.

The stream believes that it takes more than money to give a helping hand. Recently, the company launched a philanthropy foundation dubbed “Stream Cares.” The foundation has joined hands with Hope Supply Co. to assist the homeless in Dallas. The focus is on the provision of basic needs and school supplies to children.

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Stream Energy has contributed to building new homes and repairing existing ones. This has involved financial contribution to affordable mortgages for the families and volunteer labor.

Stream is also a valuable longtime philanthropic partner of The American Red Cross. Together, they have contributed to community resilience by offering relief in times of disasters. They have also provided financial and moral assistance towards education across the United States.

Stream Energy collaborated with the Salvation Army in 2016, to raise finances to help victims of a tornado in North Texas. The same year in December, the company helped Dallas Veterans through Operation Once in a Lifetime. It provided a common lunch event at a Texas teak House. The company, according to its top management, derives a lot of fun and satisfaction in changing lives for as many people as possible.

Aloha Construction Is TheEptiome of Home Renovation Services

Your home is one of your most prized physical possessions. This is the place where people spend the majority of their time. The home provides safety, security and entertainment. If you don’t maintain your home’s structure, it will certainly lose value overtime. In other words, your home can be restored if it has been damaged from the elements or restored from a lack of maintenance. Have you ever heard of Aloha Construction? This general-contractor offers top-notch renovation services at the best rates. The company will also give you a free inspection before any work commences. Lets see why Aloha Construction outperforms other general-contractors in its field.

Founded by Dave Farbaky in 2008, this company has grown significantly since its inception of 10 years ago. People who reside in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois are in the company’s coverage area. There are up to 250 full-time employees here and with so much growth, the company has opened a second office in Bloomington, Illinois. Aloha Construction offers some of the most high-quality services, and it covers the area’s of Washington, Peoria, Graystone, Lake Villa, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Lake Zurich, Libertyville, Vernon Hills and the entire Chicagoland region. One of the company’s best attributes is that it offers a nine-step inspection process, which gets to the root of the problem. The entire team of staff members has been thoroughly trained in any and everything renovation-related. This company goes above and beyond its counterparts, and it has a long list of satisfied clients who will backup all claims.

The company also gives homeowners a 10-year craftsmanship-warranty. As you can see, everything is being covered and Aloha Construction is licensed and bonded for your protection. Is there anything that this company can’t do? Well, when it comes to this specific field of work, Aloha Construction is in a class of its own and that’s a fact.

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Securus Technology on Integrity


Securus Technology is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil technology solutions for monitoring, corrections, safety and investigations. According to PR Newswire, Securus has recently announced that Tel Link has breached inmate communications and there is enough reports with facts and finding that supports the issue. Securus also has series of articles that are connected with the press release to support and highlight integrity breaches and wrongdoings by GTL.

Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus claimed that he loves their industry that serves corrections, law enforcement and the society in general. It, therefore, offends the entire industry of Securus when integrity is offended of which GTL company is a victim. Securus, therefore unveils on PR Newswire the plans to perform review areas where things are being done wrongly using press releases that will be carried for six months.

Sample Report

The first report involves evidence that was collected by Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) when GTL served Louisiana Department of Corrections by providing outbound telecom services to inmates. After investigations, the following was found:

  • The phones provided by Global Tel Link included programmed clocks to add about 15 or 36 seconds of which is the global practice of advancing the clocks is unlawful and unauthorized.
  • The phones provided to correction institutions also were rated higher than permitted tariffs which are illegal.
  • Add-on programs used by GTL led to artificially charged money which is problematic and insidious of all activities.
  • There was a problem with GTL to bill a single call more than once which is unauthorized.
  • The practices were carried out intentionally to overcharge customers.
  • The amount overcharged because of the practices above amounts to $1,242,000.

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Securus technology is, therefore, working to promote integrity by ensuring Global Tel Link stop using programmed clocks to overcharge customers. Playing tricks on customers, and scamming them is the biggest problem that Securus Technology wants to tame.

See their crunchbase page for more info.

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