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Jon Urbana: The Master Behind the Lens

If it’s Jon, it’s about nature. It’s about the beauty of the Mother Earth and all that lives in her. Jon Urbana’s videos show his love for the simple things in everyday life, like the rays of sun peeping out from behind fluffed up clouds that hang above a sea ( With some editing, Urbana has managed to add a vintage effect and create a masterpiece on Facebook. The simplicity of the scenery selected here contrasts heavily with the time lapse video of Alaska Mountains ( This video features the absolutely splendid view of clouds rushing across the highest peaks of Alaska and is a true inspiration for camera freaks and tourists alike.

Although photography is not a job requirement for him, Jon Urbana has created a ripple by uploading some of the cutest videos and photos from all around the world. If they aren’t on Vimeo, they’re likely on his blog ( famous compilation, some of which can be viewed at, talks about the popular tourist spots, the innovative and artistic statues, the beauty of the sunsets and his desire to inspire people to travel and view the planet they live on.

Understandably, nature occupies a special place in the life of Jon Urbana. There’s a cute animated video on his Vimeo channel ( that shows his fundraising campaign for Earth Force, an organization dedicated to the education about a clean environment and involving his lacrosse campers in the mission (WRCB).

Jon’s Twitter contributions towards promotion of the importance of nature and innovative photography are immense. Educated at Villanova University, Urbana has spent all his life in Denver and has harbored a deep love for photography, reading, squash, flying and skiing. He also founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in a tribute to Jon’s dedication to the sport, of which he was a devoted player at the Villanova University.