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Mike Heiligenstein Continues to Focus on Building Smarter Roads in Austin as the Population Rises

Central Texas Regional Mobility Agency’s (CTRMA) Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein is devoted to implementing solutions to help reduce traffic congestion in Austin, Texas. He leads the agency for almost 14 years building roads and partnering with companies to development technology and build new roads. Mr. Heiligenstein expressed his opinion in December 2015 on My Statesman that the agency is prepared to provide mobility solutions that meet the demands of the growing population in the city and suburban areas. At the 2016 19th Annual Williamson County Growth Summit, he participated in a panel discussion to talk about how technology is transforming transportation. Although, new technologies are rapidly changing the infrastructure of transportation, he is confident building smarter roads is a necessity.



While Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director, CTRMA has completed the 183 Toll and 290 Toll roads. In 2015, the agency start building the MoPac Express Lanes to help manage the flow of traffic. The lanes will ultimately reduce traffic congestions on expressways and highways for people to commute to their desired destination in a timely manner. The agency is implementing technology solutions into future projects to make the roads safer for motorists and passengers. Plans are to embed fiber lines beside the 183 South project that’s under construction between US 290 and the airport.



CTRMA partnered with Metropia to develop a mobile traffic app to integrate with their traffic monitoring system and offer alternate routes for motorists in real-time when traffic is unbearable. A carpooling app is being created by the agency with the help of Carma to encourage share rides among commuters. It’s another solution Mike Heiligenstein helped to form to resolve traffic issues in Austin and surrounding areas. To reduce congestion on the roads caused by inoperative automobiles, the Highway Emergency Response Operator supports the agency by providing free roadside assistance to help with minor issues, such as a flat tire, for an example.



Mike Heiligenstein was elected by CTRMA’s Board of Directors to serve as Executive Director in 2003. The University of Texas graduate earned his Master’s degree in two majors, Business Administration and Government. An agency that started with no revenue and roadway projects under construction, has become a huge asset to Austin and motorists. Mr. Heiligenstein has primary control of their programs that are expected to grow revenue by 2020 that reaches $4 billion.