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Elysium Health Supplements for a Healthier Living

One of the biggest challenges and limitations we face as human beings has to do with our body and aging. Some scientists have been trying to find a solution to some of these challenges, but Elysium, a start-up company, has made it their mission and purpose.

Elysium Health in its mission statement categorically stated its vision to help people live longer and healthier. With renowned scientists and clinicians working with this company, they are successfully adapting the advances in science and also technology into health products that are scientifically sound and highly effective. They create a platform for developing from nature compelling compounds that provide proactive health support to consumers. Leonard Guarente, who’s an MIT biologist, founded this startup. He’s convinced that the aging process can be significantly slowed by changing the metabolism of the body.

One of Elysium Health major work and product is the purported release of over-the-counter vitamin pills that can combat aging in people. The company’s first product is a blue pill called Basis. It was made with a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) compound, called nicotinamide riboside. The NAD compound is known to be used by cells in carrying out metabolic reactions. According to Guarante, they plan on marketing their dietary supplements and to follow up these clients with surveys and further research.

Elysium’s pill, Basis, contain nicotinamide riboside (a form of vitamin B3 that can be found in some proportion in foods containing yeast and products derived from milk like yogurt and cheese) and pterostilbene (this is a type of micronutrient referred to as polyphenol that could be found in some amounts in grape leaves, almonds, and blueberries). Guarente says they expect a “synergistic effect combining them.” The company is to follow due procedures that would align with the strictest pharmaceutical product quality. The supplements are available only on the company’s website at 60 dollars ($60) for 30 days’ supply and 50 dollars ($50) on a monthly subscription basis.

The company is led by a successful venture capitalist and technology exec., Eric Marcotulli. Guarente founded the company alongside Marcotulli and a former vice president of JPMorgan, Dan Alminana. Marcotulli serves as the CEO and Alminana as the COO. Even though its investors are not known, the board of directors at the company feature a wide range of renowned and brilliant scientists.

Daniel Fabricant, the CEO of National Products Association (NPA) and former director of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is on the board; 5 Nobel Prize winners are on its advising team. They include: Eric Kandel (neuroscientist), Thomas Südhof (biologist), Jack Szostak (theorist on the origin-of-life) and the chemist Martin Karplus (a 2013 laureate). Elysium looks to test five more products and gradually add them to its product line to improve overall health and wellness, through supplements, in consumers.


EOS: The Balm That Makes You Smile

Keeping our lips properly moisturized and nourished is important to people a over the world, both big and small. Until recently, shopping for a new lip balm was cut and dry. Pick a tube of your favorite flavor or Chapstick, Carmex or Beeswax and head to the check out. While these options did provide moisture, they lacked in variety and excitement. Just shy of a decade ago a new sheriff made its debut in the world of cosmetics. The new and thriving company-Evolution of Smooth, EOS for short, quickly began to appear in the hands of celebrities and lip balm lovers all over. Since their launch, EOS has reinvented the idea of lip balm, and established themselves as the second best-selling balm in the United States.

The makers behind EOS are committed to delivering all natural and organic options to the market. A trend that is ever increasing, experts anticipate a consistent and significant increase in revenue by 2020. In a report by Fast Company, through research and experience Sanjiv Mehra, cofounder of EOS, set out on a mission o deliver more personalized options for everyday lip care.

In order to deliver a one of a kind product, Mehra and his team stepped back to take a look at the bigger picture. Wanting to create a product that withstand the test of time, as well as survive the launch of future products they began to formulate both a balm and bottle that would revolutionize the world of lip care. Using all organic ingredients, they produces mid-sized spheres packed with moisture and flavor, wrapped in a colors to fit all personalities. Placing their focus on specifically designing products for women, they landed their first successful account with a female customer at Walgreens. Afterwards, the colorful spheres of luxury balm began to appear on the shelves of ULTA , Walmart ( and Target. EOS lip balms are now available online on eBay.

EOS has without a doubt renewed and improved the love for lip balm. Aside from the irresistible appearance and smooth feel of the spheres, these ULTA sold balms are packed with vital nutrients that are essential to healthy lips and skin. Have you smiled today?


Wengie Youtube Recap

In this 10 minute video installment of “Try it, Wengie,” Sydney’s very own Wengie tries out a Korean beauty secret known as a “rubber mask.” Wengie even explains that there a few different varieties of this mask, and includes the links in the description of the video.

Wengie explains that a rubber mask works by creating a barrier between the product and the air, therefore pushing the product further into the skin. Our bubbly host then goes on to adorably describe how to mix the mask ingredients together. Wengie then offers a step-by-step process of how to apply the mask, and makes sure to inform the audience how the mask smells and feels. She even suggests that lying down may be the best way to let the mask dry so that it does not drip down one’s face.

She leaves the mask on for about 25 minutes, all the while detailing how to mask feels as it dries. When removing the mask, Wengie notes that it is not painful to peel it off. She mentions that afterward, her skin feels cool to the touch. We can visibly see the change in her skin, which appears to glow even more after she has removed the mask. The parenthesis marks around the mouth are diminished as well. Wengie cheerfully declares that it is the best her skin has felt in a long time, and she adds that she believes that the mask has firmed her skin, too.

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Why Is Dr. Jennifer Walden Considered One Of The Best Texas Doctors?

Dr. Jennifer Walden is actually a native, and she moved back to Texas from New York with her thriving practice. She wants to help women look and feel their best, and she wants to show them that there are simple ways of doing a lot of things that she does. She is a very active surgeon in the state, and she believes that she can help any woman look amazing. She has a solution for every problem, and she offers consultations to any women who need them.

Women who come to the office to see Dr. Jennifer get a chance to talk to a doctor about any changes that they want to make. Every woman gets a full intake appointment that explains what can be done to help her situation, and all women will find that they can get a lot of things done that might have seemed impossible in the past. The idea that a woman can change her body for the better is now normal in society, and all women can start by making sure that they have talked to Dr. Jennifer about their options. The options in the office are much larger than in other offices, and the staff is very kind. They know how to make all the patients feel like they have made the right choices.

All women need more beauty options to make the decisions that are necessary, and it is much easier for women to feel good when they have been given a list of options that makes sense. The woman who wants to make a permanent change can see what that change will look like, and she will come back to the same office to get the surgery done. This is a relief for women who want to have the work done in a safe place, and it is very helpful for women who want to get these done as quickly as they possibly can. Dr. Jennifer moves to help each woman look great, and she offers unique surgeries that other people cannot do. Her beauty regimen makes every woman look amazing.