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How Whitney Wolfe Is Championing App-based Dating And Its Benefits

Dating apps are becoming more popular as days go by and they have many advantages besides being efficient and easy to use. Here are the merits of dating app is;

They’re Faster and reliable

It is easy to use their interfaces as their profiles tend to be precise and sweet. Since the app is on your device, it means it’s portable, and you can use it while you are on the move. Also, Bumble are time-saving and help build relationships.

Dating apps always improve concerning features

Dating ups are ever becoming interesting. Each day new features are introduced to help individuals seeking partners have an easy time finding their soul mates. You can send songs, poems, and short videos to that person you are attracted to and only the two of you know about it.

They are suitable for the ever busy individuals

For persons who are ever working and have no time to go out for dates, the dating apps are superb for you. Log in one and get the same experience you would get out there without having to leave your office or premise.

Whitney Wolfe is an American business lady, the founder, and CEO of Bumble a dating app where women message men first. She also co-founded Tinder another dating app. Both Tinder and Bumble were among the popular dating apps in 2016 at first and fourth positions respectively. In 2014, Whitney Wolfe was listed among business insiders 30 important women under the age of 30 in technology. That was besides being named by Forbes in the 30 under 30.

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in the city of Salt Lake, Utah. Her father was a property developer, and the mother was a stay at home mom. Wolfe studied International Studies at Southern Methodist University where she attended college. Whitney Wolfe has been involved many philanthropical events helping people as far as Southeast Asia.

Whitney Wolfe partnered with Andrey Andreev the founder of Badoo and created a dating app, although Badoo remains the majority shareholder. Whitney relocated to Austin, Texas where she founded Bumble dating app. As of December 2015, the app had 15 million conversations and had matched over 80 million people.

Skout Uses Their Platform To Raise Funds For Charity

The Skout community is giving back to the world again through charitable donations and wonderful contributions from their users and employees. The company has a good reputation for giving back to others. The frequently give back to the world through volunteering and giving back to the food banks. Actually, they have worked with San Fransisco’s Marin Food Bank on a few occasions. They recently worked with the organization to help with their food drive in honor of International Random Acts Of Kindness Day. Since then, they have stepped up their contributions quite significantly, working with the San Fransisco Marin Food Bank once again, but this time they are there in a larger capacity.

The recent donations to San Fransisco Marin Food Bank were accomplished by gathering funds from users through the application. This measure is extraordinary because it shows what types of people use Skout.

What Is Skout All About?

The company that gave back to their community is full of community oriented living and those similar events. They are constantly sharing these types of holidays with their users. The event for this charity was actually called National Potato Chip Day. It is celebrated on March 14th every year. The community on Skout’s platform is filled with caring and kind individuals, so this turn out was a good one.

The platform is available on most devices. It can be found for free download in the AppStore and on GooglePlay. Most people like using Skout to meet new and interesting people in their local city, but it is also a nice application to have when you are traveling to a new city that you have never visited before because you get the opportunity to meet people online in order to spend your time with, and this is based on your shared interests.

People meet other people using Skout based on a variety of search criteria, including sex, relationship status, interests and location. Users can meet individuals in their demographic, or if they feel like meeting people outside of their demographic, that is easy to accomplish as well. This information was originally published on PR Newswire, and it can be found by going to this link.