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Malcolm CasSelle: Revolutionizing the Cryptocurrency World Through WAX

While OPSkins is widely revered for being the undisputed leader when it comes to making the largest sales in the world of in-game virtual assets, their operations are however hampered by limitations such as inadequate technological capabilities.

To address the issue that is increasingly threatening its market share in the bitcoin market, OPSkins seeks to launch another blockchain platform for trading virtual assets. The new blockchain platform known as Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) is a P2P marketplace used for trading virtual assets that are built on decentralized smart contracts and blockchains that allow sellers and buyers trade virtual assets with each other.

According to the President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle, who is also the current CIO of OPSkins, WAX seeks to solve two major problems in virtual assets trading, which are fraud and fragmentation. He opines that WAX will revolutionize the cryptocurrency world, noting that it comes just at a time when the virtual asset market has been greatly fragmented. The cryptocurrency company will further solve the fragmentation problem caused by geographical limitations.

The platform will allow traders to tokenize their gaming assets. As such, users can instantaneously sell and purchase gaming assets from other traders devoid of having to click off their screens. With its blockchain-enabled widget, traders can immediately buy virtual assets from each other without frictions. Most importantly, WAX will aid with enhancing an efficient and safe virtual goods market.

Besides being the President of WAX and current CIO of OPSKins, Malcolm is also a successful entrepreneur. He has led multiple startups that have grown to become outstanding leaders in the digital industry. Some of these startups include MediaPass and Xfire among others. In addition, Malcolm has invested in giant corporations such as Zynga and Facebook. Earlier in his career, he co-founded PCCW, which is one of the largest publicly-traded telecom firms in Hong Kong. Currently, the tech firm is valued at $35 billion.


Due to his digital prowess coupled with a knack for growing digital startups, Malcolm CasSelle and his platform WAX have truly changed the world of cryptocurrency for the better.

Dr. Saad Saad is a researcher and a successful surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad who is now a retired surgeon has continued to play an essential role in the medical field. His last four decades has been a success where he has worked with various institutions and saved patients with multiple conditions. Dr. Saad Saad has not lived in the United States only, but he has been in several countries where he is a respected figure because of the significant achievements. He has cared for children and adults throughout his career. Many appreciate his dedications towards saving the lives of many. His story is inspiring, and there are a lot of things to learn from the successful doctor.

Dr. Saad Saad lives on various principles, and one of them is to never settle for little things. Dr. Saad Saad grew up in a family of great achievers with his father being an engineer. It enabled him to learn a lot of things that would later help him in his life. That is why he has achieved brilliant things in his medical career. He knew the only way you could achieve success and become respected in future is working hard in education and being the best. He loves to see others live good lives and that is why he works hard to save the lives of others. He has performed many successful surgeries, and many have appreciated his hard work and dedication.

The early life of Dr. Saad Saad was not easy. He lived in Palestine with his family, and it is at this time the country was going through several changes. It is during this time when Israel got recognized as a nation, and this made many who lived in Palestine to relocate to other areas. One day Dr. Saad Saad and his family were forced to vacate and move to a different place. Dr. Saad Saad went to live in Kuwait where he wanted to venture into the engineering sector. He is a recognized professional engineer. Dr. Saad Saad spent his early life in Kuwait and also went to high school in the same country.

After he completed high school, Dr. Saad Saad went to the University of Cairo in Egypt. The University of Cairo is a recognized institution, and that is why he went there to pursue a degree in medicine which was successful. He also moved to London after he was through with his education in Cairo and later went to the United States where he decided to settle and work.

Dr. Saad Saad has made two great inventions which will make a huge difference in the way surgical operations are implemented. The first invention is an instrument that will be used together with an endoscope to make medical examinations easier and the other is an instrument that will locate the position of the catheter without scanning.

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Equities First Holdings – French Tribune

The French Tribune is waiting to build name recognition for themselves with a new story. They have covered the rise of a new lending company based in London. Equities First Holdings was just founded in 2002 and already posts some surprising earnings. The French Tribune has built name recognition for themselves with their latest report. That bodes well for the future of the lending business in good time as well. See what details emerge and how people can follow with great interest too.

Equities First Holdings is waiting to provide some recommendations for borrowers. They have the expertise and understanding to get work projects done whenever possible. The French Tribune is waiting to see how that process works from start to finish. There are new details emerging that will captivate the attention of a lot of people. The French Tribune is offering some incredible insight about the practice in time.

Brian Torchin Knows Plenty About Matching Qualified Healthcare Workers With The Right Jobs

Brian Torchin is the President of HCRC Staffing and has years of experience dealing with the many aspects of his business including staffing, the management of medical offices, and opening offices up. He focuses most of his energy nowadays on ensuring that patients all over the world receive the best treatment possible through helping to staff healthcare facilities with quality individuals. He knows that the baby boomer population is aging and that healthcare and staffing are becoming a much more complex issue than they were in the past.

He has talked about the fact that nurses are in high demand right now and that demand will only continue to rise. To meet this growing need, he works hard to supply the healthcare industry with nurses and other staff members that are in demand. He is sometimes able to fill positions within 48 hours, which is excellent in a sector that needs workers quick once there are holes in their workforce. He believes that the best kinds of staffers are not the ones that just try to fill a vacancy with just anyone. Instead, a quality staffing recruiter will engage with possible applicants and look deeper into their experience, education, and skill set to determine if they are the right fit for a particular company or healthcare enterprise. Read more on about Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin attended the University of Delaware and New York Chiropractic College where he was Board-Certified as a chiropractic practitioner. Just before he got into the staffing sector, he ran his own successful clinic in Philadelphia. Now, he runs HCRC Staffing, and the company helps over 200 different clients and companies to fill vacancies in its workforce. Doctors, nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, and physical therapists are all different kinds of professionals that he works with, and he also fills positions in other areas of healthcare as well.

Brian Torchin has written more than one publication outlining how he finds the right fit for the job, and he came up with the idea for his business after realizing that finding quick replacements in the healthcare industry was one of the largest issues facing the sector. Today, he continues to grow the database of health professionals that are available to work and loves doing it.

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Deirdre Baggot Is More Than Qualified For Anything

Deirdre Baggot is really up there in the healthcare field. She has a PHD, a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and an MBA. In a hospital setting, she has worked as a clinician and an executive. Baggot is so well versed in her field that she advises a number of health system boards and senior leadership boards. Read More articles at to learn more.

Deirdre Baggot is particularly known for her work on payment reform and bundles. She has developed programs in over 200 hospitals, as well as 60 bundles. As a result, healthcare institutions and patients have benefited from lower costs. Healthcare workers and patients can attest to the high amount of quality that they have been recently seeing in the healthcare system—all thanks to Deirdre Baggot.

Also, about 20 articles have been published by Deidre Baggot. These articles are about healthcare reform, bundled payments and payment transformation.

Currently, she holds the title of Healthcare Business Strategist. She has held this title since February 2018. From January 2016 to January 2018, she was partner at ECG Management Consultants. From 2010 to January 2016, she was a Senior Vice President at Payment Innovation Practice Leader at GE Healthcare Partners. From 2006 to 2010, she was a Senior Administrator at SCL Heath. From 2003 to 2006, she was an Administrative Manager and Business Analyst at University of Michigan Healthcare System. From 1997 to 2003, she was a Staff Nurse, Resource Coordinator and Manager for Hospital Administrative Group.

So, this is a woman who has a long work history and is more than qualified for many jobs. She knows more than enough when it comes to her field. She has a laundry list of credentials that include things other than work experience—certificates and degrees from accredited educational institutions. Also, she actively participates in a large number of organizations that pertain to her areas of expertise and job titles.

The organizations that she is a part of include the Institute for Heath Improvement, American College of Cardiovascular Administrators, American College of Healthcare Executives, American Organization of Nurse Executives, Colorado Organization of Nurse Leaders, Healthcare Financial Management Association and Medical Group Management Association.

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Jeunesse Global Skincare Distribution

Jeunesse Global LLC is skincare and supplements manufacturing company. Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray founded the company after their retirement in 2009, September 9. Both Randy and Wendy had been in entrepreneurship but decided to make use of their retirement more wisely. Hence, they focused on direct selling markets and ventured in skincare and supplements. Upon its inauguration, Jeunesse’s products were available in the United States and Canada. However, by the use of distributors, the firm has been able to stretch out globally. So far, it has been recognized as the fastest growing company in the skincare niche. The estimated annual returns for Jeunesse is $1 billion. This represents a remarkable growth and development.

The company comprises of eight leadership figures with distinct roles to ensure growth. Jeunesse runs under Randy Ray as the CEO, Scott Lewis as the CFO, and Wendy Lewis as the COO. However, there are other departments in place as well. Jeunesse uses Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S) for its nine skincare and supplement products. For distribution effectiveness, the company offers sales incentive trips. These tours give merchants a chance to meet set qualifications, in return for premier trips to leading global destinations.

They refer to these as lifestyle rewards categorized into travel points, cycle qualifications, and director qualifications. The distributor’s travel destinations for North America and Latin America went to Dubai, Europe, Cancun, and Mexico. The Asia Pacific, Africa & India distributors went to Prague & Budapest while the Greater China distributors went to Germany.

In 2016, Jeunesse Global won a prize for the consumer product of the year with their product Nevo. This is a caffeinated drink that the company perfected and refer to it as the smart choice. It is a 20% juice with only fifty calories and vitamins. As part of promoting of its products, Jeunesse provides gears in the form of T-shirts for men and hoods for women. Also, there are water bottles, sales tools, phone cases, and stainless steel bottles.

Other recognized products include Reserve, Instantly Ageless, Luminesce, FINITI, ZEN, AM/PM essentials, M1ND, and the latest NV. NV has become the envy for people overcoming wrinkles and other marks. These products come with specifications on the use and in convenient packaging.

Who Is Brian Torchin To The Medical Field?

Brian Torchin is a Managing Partner for a healthcare recruitment firm. He is well educated and has attended the University of Delaware and earned a Chiropractic Degree from New York Chiropractic College. He has been interview by CNN for his outstanding work in opening, recruiting and hiring medical professionals. His dedication to his job is evident in his ability to fill positions that are available in his area of education. He manages and continues to impress with his background of staffing for chiropractic offices in Pennsylvania, Florida and Delaware. Combining education and years of experience give him the edge needed to be successful in this business. Clients come to his staffing agency seeking employees that he will screen and find to fill for them. Read more on Behance about Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin has built many businesses and opens chiropractic offices and helps staff them with competent and reliable staff using techniques he as learned over the years. Using his own experiences as a chiropractor to establish employment opportunities and fill those opportunities is what has given him a great reputation. He manages and is president of the company Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. These employment opportunities also include temporary placement jobs where if needed in an emergency, the staff will go and fill in for a day or whatever is needed. They are available day and night to take calls for job openings that might require a hospital staff in the middle of the night or an early morning sick call that needs to be filled.

In conclusion Brian Torchin is manager of a well sought after medical staffing placement agency that will work with clients and potential employees on any level of staff. Doctor’s, nurses, front office staff and janitors among others are available for hire permanently, part-time, or temporarily. Finding the right fit is essential to HCRC placement counselors. Gathering information from the client and from the potential employee are essential to the perfect permanent employment and Dr. Torchin has it all under control when it comes to the hiring process. Communication and matching the best skill level, educational background and work ethics are what he does best and strives to serve his clients with. Visit:


Trailblazer Bumble’s Founder Whitney Heard and Her Path to Success

Trailblazer. Is one word to describe Whitney Wolfe Heard, the founder of Bumble. She has always blazed her own path and her success is a testament of her skills and knowledge. Bumble, Whitney Wolfe’s latest success story was created without any startup capital. The company was initially built simply by utilizing the services of outsourced engineers. In addition to navigating the technology field, she has also remained true to herself and her political beliefs.

Bumble is not Herds first step into the technology field. Prior to her newest endeavor, Whitney Wolfe was the Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing for Tinder. During her time at the company, Herd was able to grow the dating app into one of the most well recognized dating applications in the world. Upon leaving Tinder, Herd was driven to build an application that was focused on positive affirmations and feedback.

With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd teamed up with Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo a female friendly dating webite. Bumble has become a sought after dating app with a database of over 10 million users. Most importantly, the application has continued to add more users daily.

The popular app focuses on providing women a voice in this digital dating world. Users will find that the application, has several unique twists when compared to other dating applications. Limiting user contact is one of the most interesting aspects of the app. Women no longer have to worry about receiving unwanted messages. Unlike other apps, only women are able to initiate a conversation. In addition, the app has expanded beyond dating. Bumble can be used to connect friends and also make professional connections.

The company is also not afraid to step into the political field. Specifically, in regard to gun control. Bumble takes a strong stance against gun control and the NRA. Even limiting how users are able to utilize their profiles. Users are not able to display any images with guns, knives or weapons. Bumble has cut all ties with the NRA. How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App.

Heard, has attracted the notice of several well known organizations. She has been selected one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people in 2018. Herd has also been selected as one of the panelists for the Disrupt SF 2018. Whitney Wolfe Heard, has had quite a successful career today and she is only 28 years old. Mrs. Herd recently married Michael Herd in 2017 and she received an international Studies Degree from the Southern Methodist University.

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OSI Industries Began With The Dream Of A German Immigrant To The United States

OSI Industries has an amazing origin story that is also the story of an immigrant who came to the United States with hopes of making it big. That man’s name was Otto Kolschowsky, and he was a part of a large wave of German immigrants who made their way to Chicago during the earliest parts of the 20th century. In 1909, just two years after his arrival, he opened up a humble butcher shop and meat market in Chicago. After building up a stable reputation as a man who does good business, he began to expand into the wholesale aspect of business.

In 1928, when his sons became a larger part of his business, he re-named it Otto & Sons. The company continued to impress its customer base with great service and offerings and later on became one of the original suppliers of beef to McDonald’s. During this time, the company used technological adaptations and innovations that were allowing food to be stored longer and expanded its operations. In the early 1970’s, Otto & Sons, which would soon become OSI Industries, built plant that was completely dedicated to providing McDonald’s with the products it needed. This facility was located in West Chicago and used a modern flash-freezing process for the hamburger patties it provided.

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin joined the company, and to expand its horizons its name was changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Industries. Before this time, the company’s leadership had consisted of the Kolschowsky family, but now, they needed to bring in outside help as the two sons got closer to retiring. After this, OSI Industries began to expand at a rapid pace and opened its first plant outside of the Chicago area. More facilities in the United States were built soon after, and then OSI expanded overseas and became a global force to be reckoned with.

Today, OSI Industries continues to expand upon its offerings by opening new facilities in the United States and the world, at-large. The company now has a pair of Culinary Innovation Centers where chefs come up with innovative new food creations for their customer base. Along with this, OSI has been ramping up its security and food protection technology as well as focusing on being more sustainable. By partnering up with other companies and acquiring others, OSI has been able to reach new markets and understand its customer base on an entirely new level. It all started with an immigrant with a dream, and that man was Otto Kolschowsky.

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Lime Crime Says You Can’t Go Wrong With Mattes And Purples

As women, we are curious beings.

We see a makeup look on one woman, love it, and wonder how it would look on our own faces.

This is totally common, and we should all try new makeup looks when we are ready to do so.

There is a makeup company that helps us to step out of our shells when we are ready to try new things: Lime Crime.

This vegan cosmetics line was founded by Doe Deere and aims to help all women feel confident and bold in their makeup looks.

If you are seeking to try new looks and to join Team Unicorn, keep reading to learn what Lime Crime and Doe Deere can offer you.

Matte Lips

Matte lipstick is all the rage.

This type of lipstick is neither shiny nor glossy.

It is simply a lipstick that helps the natural shape of your lips to show.

Lime Crime has a wide array of matte lipsticks.

One of their most popular colors is Apricot Nude, a nude lipstick that has a very smooth finish.

Don’t worry about this lipstick smearing or rubbing off; it is guaranteed to last you all day.


One word: purple.

Purple is the official color for spring 2018.

Although no one really knows who deemed this to be so, everyone – including Doe Deere – agrees that this is true.

Deere and her corporate team believe in the color purple so much for spring 2018 that they invested a great deal of time creating an eye shadow palette that has one goal and one goal only: to showcase the color purple.

There are some nudes available in this palette as well, which Deere named the Venus 3 palette.

Whether you decide to mix nudes with violets or wear purple on its own, you can’t go wrong with the Venus 3.

If you would like to take your purple look a bit further, try out some of the hair dyes or lip toppers that LC offers; increasing the amount of purple that you wear will only serve to compliment your purple makeup look.