Academy of Art University and Fashion Week

Fashion Week is an incredibly important part of New York City culture. It occurs each year. Designers, students, press, media, celebrities and even fans come to see the latest fashion designs. The runway styles that are presented at these shows sometimes take all year to create in anticipation for Fashion Week in New York City. There are top designers present at Fashion Week, and there are some new and upcoming designers that show up as well. The Academy of Art University participates each year. They host a Fashion Week show and this year, students and alumnae showcased their designs to everyone that was in attendance. There are many different shows at a number of different venues.

Every year there are plenty of celebrities on hand for Fashion Week shows. It is always the hope that someone of importance will get a glimpse of your design and take interest in what you’re doing. This past September the Academy of Art University had Ms. Jay Alexander in the audience, from America’s Next Top Model. Even though Fashion Week takes place on the complete other side of the country, the Academy of Art University makes the trek. There are students from all of the world that go the this university. This year’s show featured graduates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in fashion.

In total, there were nine different designs that were showcased as part of the Academy of Art’s show. Five different women’s designs were features, two men’s designs and two other collaborative pieces. Ten graduates total participated in the process of creating these designs throughout the year leading up to the show. Being such an iconic part of New York City, Fashion Week is coming up again in the next few months. It is likely crunch time for the students at the Academy of Art University. We’ll all be watching to see what new and innovative designs are featured. Designers everywhere are perfecting what they will be bringing to the shows, to set the tone for the upcoming year in fashion.


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