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Oren Frank : Taking Talkspace to the next level

With mental illness now becoming a hot topic of importance, only one company has committed to not only become advocates of the cause but also provide a service to aid those being affected by this disease. Talkspace, a recent startup company aimed at providing people with instant therapist sessions via chat has announced that they will not be introducing senior medical director at UnitedHealth Neil Leibowitz into the Talkspace team.

The move by CEO Oren Frank has been seen as a strategic move as the company is rumored to be heading into an IPO. According to CEO Oren Frank, the company has reached its one-millionth user. This milestone comes as no surprise due to the affordability of the service provided by Talkspace compared that to the average face to face therapy sessions that can go up into the hundreds. Oren Frank also stated that because of this achievement, the company is now generating tens of millions of dollars per year. Follow Oren Frank on his Twitter

The introduction of Neil Leibowitz also allows Talkspace therapist to be able to prescribe medicines to their users. There is at the time no word from Oren Frank if he will deny the issuance of certain medicines such as opiates. In addition to assisting Talkspace with the medical side of the business, Neil Leibowitz will also be apart of the corporates side of things as Neil Leibowitz also has worked as an insurance executive. This move by Oren Frank will allow the company to seek the sale of their talkspace service to employers. Recent data shows that there has been a serious increase in issues regarding mental illness and various forms of depression.

Neil Leibowitz stated that he was initially skeptical about Talkspace’s service and the ability to really connect with people simply through chat. However, after a few meetings with CEO Oren Frank and his team, Neil was convinced that the work was really incredibly important to the cause.



The Hype Around and the Story behind Freedom Checks

Life after retirement is a daunting prospect, one which most American citizens worry about, think about and plan for their whole lives. As soon as a young adult begins to earn from an investment option and manage their finances, the first thought that occurs in their head is of making sure that when life gets tough, and resources and cash flow run dry they must be prepared and must have something to fall back on. While that phase can come at any time the one time we’re sure it will happen is after retirement, and so we start preparing for it as soon as we can.

There are many money making schemes of course offered by the authorities that are supposed to help us in this endeavor such as 401(k) accounts and social security benefits, but these are often proven inadequate, and our usual lifestyles are buried beneath the avalanche of these inadequacies. This is a problem recognized and in his own view solved by the senior analyst at Banyan Hill, Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali has brought forward a scheme of investment called freedom checks which claim to bring back extraordinary investment returns to its investors. While the claim may make one skeptical, however, there is more this story.Basically, Matt Badiali has created a list of the small number of companies in the United States which qualify for the Statue 26-F of the United States tax code.

What is Statue 26-F? It is a legislation which was passed in 1986 that exempted companies from taxation if they get at least 90 percent of their revenue from transporting, storing, producing, or processing America’s natural resources. This exemption from federal taxes is what makes the companies that Matt Badiali is offering so lucrative investments opportunity and is the reason behind the success of freedom checks. Investment in freedom checks can start from as small as a 10 dollar investment, and due to the high return coming from these companies your money will have the potential to double and triple in very little time. Freedom Checks has various investment options available and is an attractive option for anyone wishing to retire comfortably and maybe even earlier than planned.

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The history of Igor’s career

Who is Igor Cornelsen? What is his legacy and how did he become successful? Ignor Cornelsen is a successful investor who’s a retired banker. In the year of 1947, Ignor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba Brazil. He started attending college at the federal university of Parana and started engineering classes. At the time this college was one of the very few schools that offered classes and engineering and getting accepted into this school wasn’t easy so it was a huge accomplishment.

He studied engineering for about two years at the federal university of paraana then decided to change his major to economics since he enjoyed statistics and numbers. He graduated in 1970 then got himself a bank investment job in rio Multibanco. This was a common job for recent college graduates in his field due to their skills in calculating abilities, also computers weren’t big in business yet so they had a big advantage.

With his success and skills in the position, Ignor Cornelsen was able to network and connect with others. This helped open even more doors in the banking world for him. Cornelsen worked hard for his fruits and labor, he slaved for days at the office building while perfecting his investment strategies. Then he got lucky. he wws invited to the board of governors in 1997 then two years later he became the CEO.

Later in the year 1978, Bank of America decided to acquired Multibanco, so Ignor left to find better opportunities. The first opportunity he found was for a business called Unibanco, Unibanco was the main investment companies at that time so he instantly jumped on it. However, inflation rates went up rapidly so he left in 1978, then he found a new job as an investment adviser at a company called Libra bank PLC. This was his niche and it eventually lead to him becoming a millionaire.

Betsy DeVos and Valuable Actions

Is Michigan’s Betsy DeVos a nervous lady? Not in the slightest. People who have been around this United States gal know all too well that she has a temperament that’s suitable for most tough jobs. She doesn’t feel fear frequently. People know that she’s a bold figure who likes to tackle all of the toughest things about being alive. Education is a pretty tricky subject within the United States and all around the world. People have so many questions that pertain to education and the youth of tomorrow. DeVos has many questions that relate to the topic as well. She wonders if the young people of America will be able to select their educational institutions soon. It’s a question that often stops her from being able to remain asleep at night. If DeVos does a lot of tossing and turning in her bed, it’s probably because she’s contemplating bettering the educational system in the United States. She understands education and how it operates in the country. She sees things with her own eyes. She talks to people who know firsthand as well. Parents in the United States know about the educational system better than anyone else. DeVos has been a participant in countless conversations with parents. She’s opened up dialogue that aims to fortify matters. There have been parents who have poured their hearts out to her at charter schools in the Midwest. There have been parents who have told her how awful they feel about their realities. Many parents can’t afford steep tuition costs for their kids. This bothers them deeply. It can be difficult for parents to have influence regarding their kids’ educational plans. Students generally have to go to schools that are based on their neighborhoods and communities. DeVos doesn’t think that this makes any sense at all. She wants young Americans to be able to select schools based on their educational aspirations. She likes charter schools and their efforts.


DeVos functions as the Secretary of Education in the massive United States. President Donald Trump is the man who gave her this rare opportunity. DeVos is a team player who likes to shine. She isn’t the kind of person who ever likes to disappoint others. Laziness just isn’t something that’s a choice for her. She approaches her days like they’re thrilling quests. Her quests typically revolve around doing beneficial and valuable things for the people of America and beyond.


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