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Matt Badiali: Think Contrarian With Copper

Most of us believe that supply and demand fundamentals dictate the prices of everyday commodities. This is typically not the case in the short-term. One such commodity that is not trading based on these basic economic principles is copper. One financial advisor Matt Badiali, feels that copper is completely out of tune with reality. According to his research, the demand for copper is significantly higher than the supply. If supply and demand fundamentals were in line, copper should be higher than it is trading today. In the long-term these economic principles do hold, however, there are several factors that have played into the poor price action performance for the metal.

Matt Badiali spent many years traveling around the world as a geologist. He has personally inspected the natural resource assets of numerous corporations. As a financial advisor with a strong background in natural resources, he makes it his priority to stay on top of the developments of the worlds most important commodities.

He feels that irrational fear in the markets is the main reason for the poor performance for copper. The fear comes from the trade war between the United States and China. Many financial analysts feel that the trade war is going to push the world into a recession. China consumes an exorbitant amount of copper and may end up consuming substantially less in poor economic conditions. Matt Badiali recently read from a Bloomberg article about a Grasberg copper mine that was not going to be finished being constructed on time. As a geologist, Matt Badiali is familiar with the delays in the mining industry. He also has pointed out that some major producers are anticipating deficits in their copper production. He feels these factors are going to launch copper in a bull market.

Matt Badiali feels that copper is presenting the value investor with a substantial opportunity. Copper has very strong long-term fundamentals. Governments around the world are trying to push an agenda to go green. Many solar and windmill energy projects are going to require copper. The area that Mr. Badiali feels is going to be the most promising is the electric car. He is urging investors to focus on the long-term fundamentals for copper and not get scared of the short-term irrationality.

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Neurocore and how Applied Neurofeedback really Works

Neurocore, a company with eight clinical locations throughout Michigan and Florida, provides applied neurofeedback services to regular people with big problems, athletes, and even other types of celebrities. One important question comes to mind for some as they read such news. What, exactly, is applied neurofeedback? The concept isn’t too hard to understand if one can understand the concept of an EEG or electrophysiological graph. See more information about Neurocore at

So our brains use a combination of chemistry and electricity to communicate with our bodies and call the shots. While managing chemical processes is much more difficult, dangerous and requires medication, managing electrical impulses and the thought processes tied to them is quick, easier and much more effective as a long-term solution for patients. The EEG type of readings allows the clinic employee to see the brain’s feedback so that a reward system can be implemented to serve a variety of purposes.

Neurocore creates a reward system involving positive reinforcement through repetition. This changes the way some thoughts occur, and can also eliminate thought processes that are undesirable (i.e. “I sure would like a cigarette.) The clinic employees get brain feedback and then use it to positively alter the brain. This is the core of Neurofeedback and the reason that Neurocore runs eight successful clinics with no shortage of celebrity clientele. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Perhaps the most exciting thing regarding Neurocore is their ability to treat depression and ADHD through applied neurofeedback instead of with medication. As discussed previously, these patients really require a long-term answer for a serious mental illness. Decreasing the type of alpha based activity that feeds depression can train the brain to fight the chronic blues without the need to be chemically altered. Aside from medications having lists of potentially dangerous side effects, nobody likes being chemically altered perpetually (unless of course, this is the brain disease that you wish to cure.)

Neurocore utilizes applied neurofeedback to give treatment options to people that might not be on board with some of the medication that is on the market. This sort of feedback has been studied since the late 1960’s, and with good results too.


Hedge Fund Manager Jacob Gottlieb Reveals The First Three Investments At His Latest Company

The healthcare investment industry is putting money into some really exciting startups and early-stage ventures over the past few years. One hedge fund manager in this industry, Jacob Gottlieb, MD, CFA, PRMIA, is one of these investors with hid company Altium Capital. At this firm, based in New York City, he invests exclusively in healthcare companies that are coming up with meaningful medical treatments.

A few of the companies that Jacob Gottlieb has decided to invest in are Oragenics, Oramed Pharmaceuticals, and Amarin Corporation. He took a 5.61 percent stake in Oramed Pharmaceuticals which created a treatment for diabetes that is taken orally rather than the traditional method of using a needle. They have three treatments which are an analog capsule, a Glucagon-like peptide-1, and an insulin capsule.

Amarin, which Jacob Gottlieb invested in as his second investment at newly formed Altium Capital, is a company based in Dublin, Ireland. They are creating drugs that will help to improve cardiovascular health. They are combining the benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids with their expertise in lipid science. They have one drug now approved by the FDA called Vascepa which provides prescription strength omega-3 fatty acids. This drug went on the market in 2012.

Jacob Gottlieb says he invested in Oragenics because he believes they will become a trendsetter when it comes to creating novel antibiotics to fight infectious diseases. They engage in what is known as Replacement Therapy which involves replacing the harmful bacteria in a body with good bacteria. This results in a healthier body and they are using it to develop a treatment for oral mucositis.

Jacob Gottlieb is pretty happy with his initial three investments at his latest hedge fund and is looking forward to investing in more exciting healthcare firms. He has been in the hedge fund industry since 2001.

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