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Clay Siegall dramatically increases therapeutic window of chemotherapy agents

One of the determining factors that decides whether or not a drug will be available for over-the-counter use or will only be available by prescription is what’s known as the therapeutic window. This is the amount of the drug between which clinical effects first start to be able to be noted and the point at which the drug becomes likely to cause serious adverse effects or overdose in person taking it. Generally speaking, the wider the therapeutic window is, the safer the drug.

However, many drugs used to treat the most serious illnesses have a relatively narrow therapeutic window. For this reason, they’re not only available by prescription only but often times actually need to be administered under the active care of an attending physician. This is the case with such drugs as anesthesia, morphine and chemotherapy. In the case of the latter drug, the reason that chemotherapeutic regimens fail is not due to the ineffectiveness of the agent. Instead, the ineffectiveness of any given chemotherapeutic regimen is usually due to the inability of the oncologist to administer sufficient quantities of the agent in order to fight the tumor.

In fact, this small therapeutic window has been the bane of chemotherapy for as long as it’s existed. Oncologists have long known that if the amount of chemotherapeutic agent that can safely be administered could be significantly increased, the effectiveness of chemotherapy in general could be dramatically increased.

One man, Clay Siegall, has undertaken the task of finding a way to do exactly that. Through his company, Seattle Genetics, he has been researching and developing a new class of drugs called antibody drug conjugates for the last 20 years. Antibody drug conjugates use a synthetic antibody in order to deliver the chemotherapeutic agent directly to the site of the cancer cell, eliminating any systemic release and all of the horrible side effects associated with massive doses of drugs like cisplatin being released into the patient’s body.

In theory, this exciting new class of drugs is capable of completely eliminating all side effects previously associated with chemotherapy, allowing for massive doses of the drugs to be directly delivered to the site of the tumor. This often leads to the complete destruction of all malignant tissues, frequently allowing the patient to become cancer-free.

Seattle Genetics currently has more than 20 drugs in the development pipeline and is working on developing dozens more. Through efforts like these, it is saving thousands of lives every year.

Marriage Equality Backed By The Honey Birdette Brand

The issue of marriage equality has become front page news in Australia as the government has recently announced a postal vote will take place on a subject that has never proven particularly controversial in the nation. In fact, around 70 percent of the public are reported in polls to back marriage equality, a figure that has made many questions why the vote is taking place; Honey Birdette founder, Eloise Monaghan, has been seeking to show her backing for the right to marriage equality and recently organised a flash mob of Honey Birdette employees and models marching through Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Honey Birdette’s march was met with support on social media platforms from customers and interested parties who backed the idea of a successful business showing its support for a topic the majority in Australia state they agree with. Marketing specialists believe the flash mob of lingerie wearing models and Honey Birdette employees was a political and advertising masterstroke from the company over a cause the founder has always been vocal about. By showing public support for the marriage equality and “#freethenipple” campaigns the brand was positioning itself alongside the majority of its customer base in 2017.

The decision to create a flash mob is not the first controversial campaign the Honey Birdette brand and its founder have supported in recent months; Eloise Monaghan’s luxury lingerie brand also took the bold step to feature advertising images featuring an exposed nipple at the flagship Rundle Mall location in support of the “#freethenipple” campaign. The majority of public commentators agreed with Honey Birdette’s view of the marketing image being on the right side of public decency as another important public issue was supported by a luxury brand with a high level of social concern.

How High Can You Count?

Counting From Zero To A Billion

Don’t get lost in the pressure.The time factor, the concentration and the willingness to count from zero to a billion is daunting for anyone to embrace. But we’re not asking you to take this up as an act of initiation. We’re only suggesting a topic of consideration, and that topic is in the idea or act which can understand the amount of money that a billion dollars is.Getting to know men like George Soros is a big step in understanding the magnitude of the infamous billion-dollar number. It truly is a large prospecet to put to mind.The success and wealth that George Soros has been able to see is as if it began from zero and then shot straight up to the billionaire status. The reality is that numbers so far from each other, like zero to a billion, take time to come to fruition.

Time has been a leading factor as to why George Soros was able to connect the dots in the broad spectrum that we’re currently presenting.Yet regardless, George Soros gives to us a great example of what’s possible in the world we live in. Even when the odds seem unreal or untrue, it’s possible to defy the odds.This is true even if the number is from zero to a billion.The Pressures Of Market Trading.The challenge we see in the past life of George Soros makes us wonder about the real obstacles he faced.

You see, Mr. Soros was able to establish himself in the financial world and as a trader. Trading as a profession is often discussed as one of the most trying careers to hold.The pressures of market trading are heavily based on volatile behavior.This means that most professionals in finance go from major extremes and then around to the opposing extreme of a prior experience. This makes the nature of investing as a profession one of the most emotional experiences that men have today. Which brings us to question how George Soros made it possible even to the smallest degree.

A New Idea In The Field Of Dentistry Has People Talking About Dr. Chris Villanueva

Many innovative ideas come from a dissatisfaction with what exists. When Dr. Chris Villanueva graduated from dentistry school he found himself with two options. He could join a group of dentists and enjoy the benefits of collaboration, or he could work for himself and avoid the bureaucracy f working with a group. Neither choice suited Dr. Villanueva, who wanted autonomy as well as the benefits of a group. This gave him the idea to start MB2 Dental, an organization which is the first of its kind and is changing the options for many dentist

Dr. Chris Villanueva saw that dentists who work for themselves spend a great deal of time operating their businesses in ways that are not related to their specialty. This affects the hours that they work, their career satisfaction, and their quality of life. For example, a dentist who runs a sole practice must handle accounting, billing, hiring staff, and marketing for the office. This is the same for a group, found Dr. Villanueva. There were many aspects of a group dentistry business that were not directly related to the skills that dentists specialize in. Dr. Villanuva saw that if a company could come in and take care of those minutia or routine business operation tasks, a dentist might be much happier and more productive.

Dr. Villanuva combined this with the idea that people work better together than alone. He wanted even sole practice dentists to have a group of peers to collaborate with derive support from. The MB2 Dental model is a new way for dentists to work together on a level that was not available before. Dr. Villanueva inspires the members of his MB2 Dental organization to get to know each other and become comrades and coworkers. This bond helps dentists to feel that they are on a team, rather than facing challenges alone. Increased comradery also fosters a transfer of knowledge, which is important in the medical field. As people learn about new techniques and technologies, they must transfer the progressive knowledge to others. A group atmosphere helps dentists accomplish this transfer.

How to the members of MB2 Dental Solutions get to know each other so that they can support one another and help one another grow? Dr. Villanueva decided to host bi-annual retreats for the dentists within his programs to attend. This allows people to relax together and form bonds. One of the recent retreats was held in Cancun, Mexico. On the retreat dentists played golf, swam, played volleyball, and got to know each other. The retreats are a major way that Dr. Veillanueva enhances the comradery between peers in his company.

MB2 Dental And Their Services For Dentists

There are a number of people who need MB2 Dental to help them manage their businesses, and there are many things that these offices will use from the MB2 staff that helps them get their work done. They may ask the people at MB2 Dental to do a number of things for them, and they will find that it is much easier to manage their lives and careers when they are using this program. This article explains how MB2 Dental works, and it shows how this company helps dentists get back to their patients.

#1: They Manage Everything

MB2 Dental is willing to manage everything for a dental office, and they will do all the things that a dentist does not have time to do. The smallest dental offices often need more help because they have too many patients to see, and they may pass on their work to MB2 Dental. The company will take over insurance, payroll and appointments if needed. They will handle hiring, and they work hard in every recruiting season with new dentists.

#2: They Hire

MB2 Dental is happy to help their clients hire, and they often go into recruiting season looking for someone to work in the offices of their clients. They will find new dentists and hygienists who will function well in these work environments, and they will hire the people who meet the needs of the clients. Clients may make special requests when they are hiring for their company, and they will find that it is far simpler for them to get the results they want when hiring for the dentist.

#3: Growing The Business

MB2 Dental allows dentists to grow their businesses by remaining efficient at all times. The company will handle all payroll and insurance for their clients, and they will reconcile the books every week in the fastest way possible. They believe that they have many chances to help their clients save time, and their clients may take on more patients because of the time saved.

#4: Friendly Customer Service

MB2 Dental will send statements to their clients properly, and they will ensure that all their customers are given the best care. Emails and phone calls are quite professional, and everyone who has questions about their bill may reach out to the company. The company will be caring and confident in their service of the dentist, and every patient that speak sto MB2 Dental will feel as though they have been given the finest care possible.


The MB2 Dental staff works hard during recruiting season to help the dentists who do not have time for their patients, and they will organize their offices in a manner that is better for everyone. The dentists will get more time with the patients when they are working, and the patients will be sent professional statements. The company handles insurance, and they will manage payroll. MB2 Dental ensures that all new dentists and hygienists have the services and care they need as they start their practice.

Sheldon Lavin – Famous Business Tycoon in Meat Processing Industry

One of the most popular figures in the world of meat processing is Sheldon Lavin. Under his leadership, OSI Industries has become a global leader in meat processing industry. With over four decades of experience in the meat industry, Sheldon Lavin knows exactly what can be done and what should be avoided to ensure high-quality end product, efficient supply chain, vast distribution network, seamless manufacturing, and good reputation in the meat processing industry. Even though the OSI Industries have a global network of manufacturing units, Sheldon Lavin ensures that he has a close eye on the workings of every unit. It is to ensure that the quality parameters are strictly met, and the costs are kept low.

Sheldon Lavin has played a very significant role over the years in making OSI Industries a market leader. The business strategies that implemented ensured that the company could dominate the market and provide the clients with just the kind of products they are looking for. In the meat processing business, it is important for the companies to maintain high quality, hygiene, and consistency. It is what the OSI Industries is known for today. Even though Sheldon Lavin always aspired to be a part of the finance and investment industry, it is his fate that helped him join the meat processing industry. During his initial years as finance professionals, he was connected with the Otto & Sons to whom he facilitated a loan for. Over the next few years, Sheldon Lavin facilitated a loan for the Otto & Sons a few more times, which also helped him know the owners of the company quite well.

However, when one of the times Otto & Sons applied for a loan again, the financing company asked Sheldon Lavin to join the borrowing company as a means of safety or collateral. It is how Sheldon Lavin got involved with the inner workings of the enterprise. However, due to his innovative ideas leadership skills, Sheldon Lavin managed to surpass the existing leadership and became the CEO and Chairman of the OSI Industries, previously known as Otto & Sons.

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MB2 Dental Solutions Promises To Make You Smile

Dr. Chris Villanueva is not only a well-respected dental practitioner, but also a creative business man. He is the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions, a dental network that blows the lid off the usual business model that’s focused primarily of making money. MB2 Dental Solutions takes a different approach, providing support to dentists so that they can provide the very best dental care  to their parents. Dr. Villanueva believes that good dental practices need to have dynamic care providers who are motivated and enjoy their work. In turn, their businesses grow because they have customers who get only the best care.

It’s no surprise that Dr. Villanueva’s idea is working. With  533 employees in 70 different locations, MB2 Dental Solutions is continuing to grow. After finishing dental school, he found that he didn’t have much choice when it came to where he would work. He would either need to join a large practice or start his own. Not liking his limited options, Dr. Chris Villanueva opted out and started MB2 Dental Solutions instead. He attributes the success of the business to hiring smart and motivated employees who bring great ideas to the table. By allowing his co-workers to self-manage, he can focus on the bigger picture of running the business.

Dr. Villanueva’s great ideas come from any number of sources, whether it’s when he’s up in the middle of the night or spending time with his kids. As a tech geek, he is enthusiastic about new technology that supports the practice of dentistry. Not satisfied with the dental reporting software available, he and his IT specialists created an MB2 Dental Solutions software tool for more efficient business tracking. This is the kind of progressive change that Dr. Chris Villanueva believes will drive MB2 Dental Solutions forward. The company also provides a team of specialists in the areas of human resources, legal, marketing, compliance and payroll so that the dentists can focus on what they do best. MB2 Dental Solutions has a youthful, outgoing and lively culture and employees who support one another. Dr. Villanueva is always seeking new ideas, technologies and methods to keep both the doctors happy and to keep the patients coming back.

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How is Waiakea Growing so Fast?

Waiakea water is the volcanic spring water that was born in Hawaii. This is a company that is invested in the history and culture of Hawaii, and it is one that is selling water around the world. There are many people who are hoping to receive the care they need when they contact a firm such as Waiakea, and they will notice that this company is shipping around the world while honoring its home.

What is Waiakea?
There is a beautiful spring in Hawaii where the water has been filtered by volcanic rocks many times over, and it tastes more pure and clean than any other spring in the world. Someone who is drinking this water will notice the difference in the flavor because of the rocks, and they will learn how easy it is to enjoy the water because it tastes so nice.
Their Heritage
The company is invested in their Hawaiian heritage, and they want to ensure that all the people who drink their water see something of Hawaii on the bottle. They want to teach the customer how their company was founded, and they want to protect their homeland. Hawaii is its own culture that must be protected, and the company holds back money that may be used to protect their natural resources.
Their Growth
The company has grown quickly because it is a socially-conscious company. People identify with the manner in which the company honors its home, and they want to know more about the state because they have seen the packaging on their bottles. They will continue to grow because of this.
Someone who is drinking Waiakea springs water will find that they are enjoying some of the finest water in the world. They are learning about this water in many ways, and they are enjoying the water more because of how it has been bottled. They are very careful to create the best bottles of water, and they are doing so using the eco-friendly packaging and bottling processes.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Using Dentistry to Treat Sleep Disorders

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has spent a great number of years working on dental-related treatments of sleep apnea and other sleep conditions. After graduating from Rutgers University with a BA, he then attended NYU College of Dentistry and earned a DDS. While in college, he became aware of the potential to treat sleep disorders, and since becoming aware of the link has spent over two decades creating and refining dental treatment methods that can help people suffering with sleep disorders. He has also worked closely with a number of dentists across the country to teach them how to use the treatments to help their patients with dental related sleep problems.

In 1999, Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded Old Bridge Dental Care, and for 15 years he earned numerous accolades from his patients. He was also voted Best Dentist a number of times. Through this dental practice, he was able to dig deeper into the relationship between sleep disorders and dental health and help patients overcome their sleep problems using dental appliances and oral surgery. Dr. Weisfogel also discovered many different ways dentists and physicians can work together to produce better outcomes for their patients. This collaboration has led to improved sleep for countless patients worldwide.

To further this work, Dr. Weisfogel founded Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. Through this organization, he worked closely with physicians worldwide offering them advice, support and effective techniques. He also shared information on creating and managing sleep labs. Dr. Weisfogel then established Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012. Through this organization he lectures and provides guidance for dentist enabling them to attract and serve more dental patients with breathing-related sleep problems. This led directly to establishment of Dental Sleep Masters in 2014.

Dental Sleep Masters gives dentist the tools and in-depth training necessary to better treat sleep problems. It helps dentists play a role in treating sleep issues using oral appliances by working with people from many different industries. Using their combined ingenuity and ability to analyze and visualize has brought many new solutions to sleep problems to life.

The Basis of Rocketship Education Institutions

Each language in the globe has its own way of stating the magical words ‘thank you.’ One of the qualities that run deep within every individual is gratitude. It is initiated by different activities that take place within people of different ages, races, and also gender. As gratitude is brought about by the heart, it acknowledges the positive feelings of the soul. The leaders, teachers, and staff of Rocketship Academy are devoted to sharing and demonstrating gratitude. Each school under Rocketship operates on five core values. Four of the values are definite, which are empathy, respect, persistence, and responsibility. The students recite these values in the schools creed each day, as they live by them in school as well as in the community.

The teachers and parents select the last core value of a Rocketship school. It defines the best illustration of the institution’s exclusive vision and character. These core values aim at preparing the students to excel at school as well as beyond. This is done by enlightening them with skills that build up their critical character as many of the students in these schools are from communities suffering from high-level poverty. It has been discovered that children raised in such communities have a higher likelihood of experiencing toxic stress issues. A child facing such a situation cannot be fully entrusted to resolve conflicts, control their emotions, or properly respond to provocations.

Therefore a predictable, consistent, and positive experience in school is created to help the students to cultivate on their social-emotional skills. This assists them in achieving successful lives in their classrooms and also beyond. Some of the instructional programs, such as the social-emotional curricula, are taught on an average of three times per week. This is during the meetings of the morning community. The selected curricula are well differentiated and utilized for both the upper and lower-grade students.

The Kimochis program is used in the younger grades where five characters are centered, each with distinctive personalities and temperaments. They are characterized to offer each student with opportunities to explore various skills to develop positive relationships with one another, carefully manage challenging situations, identify their emotions, show care to others, and also make responsible choices.