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Vinny Parascandola of AXA Advisors Offers Valid Financial Advice in Management

The benefits of having a financial advisor range from enjoying the peace that comes with knowing that someone is in charge of critical decision making to knowing that the chosen individual is a professional. For most investors, making the right decision is a challenging task. Therefore, a financial advisor like Vinny Parascandola of AXA Advisors is useful in multiple ways. Vinny is the head cheerleader of AXA Advisors. As the senior most advisor, he is inclined towards pleasing clients. He also commits to making some decisions for the same clients. Vinny is determined to ensuring that the clients put their money in the right docket of investment.


One of Vinny’s roles at AXA Advisors is recruiting employees. He is also in charge of retaining the employees. Vinny ensures that workers enjoy a comfortable environment at work. He does this by developing new as well as modern ways of dealing with employees. With more than twenty years experience in the field of financial services, Vinny understands the importance of incorporating consultation services when handling finances. He, therefore, offers financial consulting services for clients. Vinny is highly skilled as well as equipped when it comes to controlling the affairs of AXA Advisors. He combines understanding and talent to offer high-quality services in financial management.

AXA Advisors

Before joining AXA Advisory, Vinny was an employee at MONY Life Insurance. This is a company that specializes in life insurance. He was an agent who committed his entire career to developing affordable insurance packages for his workers. As his first job, Vinny held multiple executive positions as a manager. His experience and commitment saw him landing a position at the AXA Advisors. He was elected president and has since committed to working on developing successful management strategies for clients.

Early Career and Education

Vinny is an alumnus of Pace University. Following his successful career and achievement, he was invited to offer a commencement speech for the 2014 graduands. Many clients from AXA Advisors have testified to Vinny’s exceptional expertise in providing perfect managerial services in finance. He is a renowned manager when it comes to making critical investment decisions for clients.

“The Innumerable Successes of Roberto Santiago”

Roberto Santiago is a renown Brazilian entrepenur, venture capitalist, screenwriter, author and film director. He is no doubt one of the most successful and well-established people in the world. He has contributed significant financial assets to Brazil’s commercial real estate and entertainment sectors. He is also the owner of the legendary “Manaia shopping mall” which is located in the city of Paraiba. Manaia is a shopping paradise and fun destination for all ages. The mall is the largest one in Brazil and has something to do for everyone making it a one stop shopping destination and entertainment spot worldwide. Roberto is a mastermind for the malls construction, design and inception.


Manaira shopping mall is the perfect example of what Roberto had in mind in regard to the wide variety of stores, recreational activities and services he wanted to offer people. On November 29th, 1989 Santiago opened the Manaia shopping mall to the public and it has had four expansions since its establishment. The mall offers innumerable cuisine options and places to eat. It has bowling allies, 3D theatre complexes, banks, amusement parks, ballrooms, gardens, retail stores, modernized arcades and game rooms. It even boasts Domus Hall, a tremendous area on the mall’s terrace that has the capacity to hold over 8,000 people. It’s a beautiful place to host seminars, conferances, parties, concerts, dances, reunions, theatrical performances and other occasions. Manaira also has a vast parking lot which can hold over 3,000 automobiles. A person could walk the mall for days and still not have done everything that the mall offers.


Roberto has authored a countless array of successful books including children’s stories,including the popular Futbolísimos and Strangers of Time series. He has many noteable film accomplishments as well and was nominated “Best Adapted Screenplay in 2006” for The Longest Penalty In The World. Some of his feature films are listed as follows in chronological order.


  • Happy Men: year 2001
  • The longest penalty in the world:year 2005
  • The Club of the Suicides:year 2007
  • At the End of the Road: year 2009
  • The harvest: year 2014
  • Just for two: year 2014
  • The dream of Ivan: year 2011
  • Are you there?:year 2011


Mr. Santiago was raised in the city of Joao Pessoa and earned a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. His entrepreneurial career began when he established a carton manufacturing company that supplied cardboard and other packing materials to businesses. From there he moved into the commercial architectural sector and built the infamous luxury Manaira Mall. Among his constituents and fans he is regarded as having the Midas touch because he has been so fortuitous in all of his work and investments. Roberto has also generously given to many philanthropic causes and organizations and has a passion for teaching young venture capitalists how to prosper in the business investment and trade industry. He has made Brazil one of the leading shopping destinations in the world with his extensive acumen and knowledge.


Success Academy Bringing Opportunity

Success Academy Charter Schools was founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz and is the largest public charter school conglomerate in New York City. They are authorized by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute. The Success Academy’s network is open to all New York State Children.


What Grades Do They Offer?

They Offer Tailored Approaches for:

* Elementary School

* Middle School

* High School


How Do I Get Admitted Into Success Academy?

All Students are selected at random in a lottery held in April of each year. Success Academy maneuvers with a wider independence than those schools operating as zoned, but they are held accountable to the state for the performance of all students.


What If I Don’t Speak English But Want To Attend?

Admission is open to English learners as well and they even have a tab on their website labeled “Español” with the information you need to get started in Spanish.


The Difference With Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz feels incredible pressure to be part of the solution and with that kind of heart, you should feel privileged to have your children in an environment of love and concern. Her Democratic New York City councilwoman background isn’t that far gone for she will always be an outspoken fighter.


Students are taught more than education at Success Academy because beyond knowledge lie values and when coupled they create the best student to benefit not only themselves but the world.


Success Academy instills A.C.T.I.O.N. values aimed to teach them how to evaluate and take the right action.


What Does The Acronym A.C.T.I.O.N. Stand For?

A.) Agency

T.) Try & Try

I.) Integrity

O.) Others

N.) No Shortcuts


Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t:

For the last eight years, Success Academy Charter Schools has performed at the elite level.


Flying by their peers outperforming them statewide.

2016 Results:


Ranked in the top 1% among all schools in the state.



Ranked in the top 2% among all schools in the state.



Ranked in the top 5% among all schools in the state.


But it isn’t just test scores.

Finding An Opportunity With Multiple Methods For Earning Money With Logan Stout’s IDLife

There are many types of people that do well with many different types of opportunities. Some people are good with only one type of activity while others need a little variety in order to get things going.

Logan Stout has set up an opportunity as an entrepreneur which has plenty of methods for earning. Logan has taken on the health industry with IDLife. However, he believes so much in his opportunity that he wants others to spread the word as much as possible. He also wants others to get involved in the opportunity and make as much money as possible.

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Logan Stout has set up 14 ways to earn money with his program for IDLife. Therefore, people have the chance to find something that they can do for the company which will earn them some extra money. Also, people who have a multitude of talents can enjoy the benefits of earning even more so than those that are involved with one method. One thing that is very important for people who want to work for themselves is to not put all of their eggs in one basket. It is good to have a back up plan or something to fall back on in the case that one thing does not work.

One very important thing about IDLife that could help people achieve the goals that the company has is to remember the vision and purpose of the company which is to help people achieve their fitness goals at a faster rate. The best thing about IDLife is that it puts into mind the individual body chemistry. It helps people find what they are lacking that could speed up the weight loss process when it is corrected. Being a part of the improving health of society and earning income along the way is one of the best things to do.

Find more about Logan Stout:,17.htm

Jose AuriemoNeto carries on storied traditions at JHSF

Of all the real estate development companies in Brazil, one stands above the rest and its contributions and visionary projects. JHSF Participacaoes, originally founded in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo, has made a name for itself as Brazil’s premier real estate development firm. With hundreds of completed projects, including some of the most spectacular luxury high-rise developments in the country, the firm has been instrumental in bringing Brazil from the status of a lowly, third-world backwater to a highly sought-after residential real estate market.

Throughout the 80s, the company remained active in building some of the largest and most prominent luxury properties in the country. In the mid-80s, it was responsible for the construction of the Hotel Transmerica, one of the first five-star hotels constructed in Brazil. It was also responsible for the gigantic General Motors Proving Ground, a facility that brought thousands of jobs to the surrounding area and gave Brazil inroads into the global manufacturing sector, a source of major economic activity for the country.

But the company is perhaps best known for developing luxury shopping centers and malls. One of its flagship developments is the ParqueCidadeJardim complex. This was the pet project of the company’s CEO, JoseAuriemoNeto. The son of the founder, AuriemoNeto took over the business in the early 2000’s, marking a significant change of strategic vision. The ParqueCidadeJardim development came about as a result of AuriemoNeto spotting a vacant tract of land, adjacent to a major traffic artery in the center of Sao Paulo. He immediately recognized the property as being prime land for the development of a sprawling luxury condominium, office and shopping complex. Click here to know more.

The development was built over a period of three years. Today, ParqueCidadeJardim is the largest development of its kind in Brazil. With nine residential condominium towers, four Class A office towers and a 180-store luxury shopping mall, it is one of Sao Paulo’s go-to destinations for luxury shopping, dining and living.

In the coming years, AuriemoNeto plans on pursuing more of these state-of-the-art, mixed-use facilities. He sees Brazil as being able to compete with major luxury markets across the globe.