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EOS: The Balm That Makes You Smile

Keeping our lips properly moisturized and nourished is important to people a over the world, both big and small. Until recently, shopping for a new lip balm was cut and dry. Pick a tube of your favorite flavor or Chapstick, Carmex or Beeswax and head to the check out. While these options did provide moisture, they lacked in variety and excitement. Just shy of a decade ago a new sheriff made its debut in the world of cosmetics. The new and thriving company-Evolution of Smooth, EOS for short, quickly began to appear in the hands of celebrities and lip balm lovers all over. Since their launch, EOS has reinvented the idea of lip balm, and established themselves as the second best-selling balm in the United States.

The makers behind EOS are committed to delivering all natural and organic options to the market. A trend that is ever increasing, experts anticipate a consistent and significant increase in revenue by 2020. In a report by Fast Company, through research and experience Sanjiv Mehra, cofounder of EOS, set out on a mission o deliver more personalized options for everyday lip care.

In order to deliver a one of a kind product, Mehra and his team stepped back to take a look at the bigger picture. Wanting to create a product that withstand the test of time, as well as survive the launch of future products they began to formulate both a balm and bottle that would revolutionize the world of lip care. Using all organic ingredients, they produces mid-sized spheres packed with moisture and flavor, wrapped in a colors to fit all personalities. Placing their focus on specifically designing products for women, they landed their first successful account with a female customer at Walgreens. Afterwards, the colorful spheres of luxury balm began to appear on the shelves of ULTA , Walmart ( and Target. EOS lip balms are now available online on eBay.

EOS has without a doubt renewed and improved the love for lip balm. Aside from the irresistible appearance and smooth feel of the spheres, these ULTA sold balms are packed with vital nutrients that are essential to healthy lips and skin. Have you smiled today?


InnovaCare Adds Experienced Leaders

InnovaCare Health added three executives to the already stellar leadership team. Jonathan Myers will be the Chief Actuary Officer. Before InnovaCare, he worked with Horizon BCBS as their Director of Actuarial Services, which is the largest carrier of Medicare and Medicaid services in New Jersey. Rick Shinto has also consulted with large employers and unions on employee benefits.

The next top executive to add to the leadership team is Penelope Kokkinides as the Chief Administrative Officer. She has 20 years in managed healthcare systems and experience in government programs. Her focus is on improving an organization’s efficiencies and infrastructure. She has held several top executive positions. She has been a Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for a number of top health care companies. At United Health Group, where she was the Corporate Vice President, she was a key figure in their company’s health model.

Mike Sortino is the last addition to the executive team. He will serve as the Chief Accounting Officer. He has more than 20 years experience in the insurance industry on He has been the Chief financial officer for HCC Specialty. He also has 5 years in public accounting.

These three individuals demonstrate InnovaCare’s commitment to excellent and expertise. They come from extensive backgrounds and bring a wealth of knowledge to this leader in the managed healthcare field. InnovaCare brings quality services to patients with Medicare and Medicaid, as well as, other insurance plans. Their goal is to bring cost-effective and quality healthcare to their patients. They are served by a network of 7500 providers in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare uses two types of Medicare Advantage Plans. These type of plans are like the original Medicaid, but they have more restrictions like private health insurance.

InnovaCare goal is to bring the most cost effective treatment to their patients but with the most cutting edge technologies. They offer the only NCQA-accredited health plans in Puerto Rico and strive to ensure the best care for their patients. The three individuals joining their leadership team will help to add to their already dynamic and effective company. InnovaCare gives their patients the highest quality care at the lowest cost.

Twists and Turn in the Business World

The business world is a vast and confusing place, especially for individuals not directly involved in it. Securus Technologies is an information technology firm based out of Dallas, Texas, who primarily assists certain individuals with their communication needs. In order to provide the highest level of support to their customers Securus requires a list of patents on its products, which it has spent vast amounts of time testing and developing. It was recently revealed that another company in the industry, GTL, has accused Securus of operating under expired patent codes, which would unfortunately mean that Securus would need to release these products to the outside world for general use. These claims have recently been disproved, however, meaning that Securus no longer needs to worry about how these accusations might have damaged their positive reputation.


Securus offers direct communication support to incarcerated individuals currently living within the United States prison system. These individuals are often ignored by other companies and still require access to the basic needs that all American citizens deserve by law. This includes the ability to freely communicate, especially with their family members and loved ones. One product that makes this possible is a free downloadable application that can be used on both Android and Apple devices and is used for video chat purposes over WiFi networks. This product makes it simple for inmates to communicate with family members, successfully bypassing the need to transport themselves over long distances for visitation time periods and also allowing them to remove themselves from mandatory security checks when they arrive.


Securus Technologies offers incredible support to individuals that other people would rather forget exist. Their services are both technical and humanitarian, giving customers a second chance at life to make necessary connections with other Human being in the outside world.


Betting on Your Favorite NFL Teams

Betting on some of your favorite NFL teams can allow you to get money that you didn’t even know you were able to receive. NFL betting is one of the most popular things out there when it comes to sports and the different teams that are winning each and every year. A lot of people are actually realizing that they can get a lot of money simply by betting on some of their favorite NFL teams. This might be a bit for a specific game or it could even be for the Super Bowl if this is something that is interesting to you.

What you will find with NFL betting is that it is actually extremely easy to do without having to necessarily get your friends and family involved. In fact, there is a site known as that allows you to bet on just about anything or game that you would like in order to get the most from this option. This website is wonderful because it makes the entire process of betting on your NFL teams a lot easier than you might have thought in the past. It might be worth taking a look into if you have been trying to bet on different games to no avail.

Another wonderful benefit to betting on just about any NFL game that you have is that you can actually get a lot of money in the long run. If you play your cards right, you will find that you make a lot of money on this type of option and it allows you to feel confident in your decision to do any and all betting with a professional company like You can feel confident using this company to do any and all of your betting at any given time.

In order for you to bet on just about any type of NFL game that you would like, it is essential that you use a company that does this for a living. You will then want to consider what type of game an event you would like to bet your money on because this will allow you to make more money if you play your cards right in the long run. A lot of individuals are realizing that doing this type of betting on their options can allow them to get the most money possible in this type of event.

Jordan A Thomas Of Labaton Sucharow LLP Scores $17 Million Reward In Federal Case

One of the hottest political debates is how to regulate Wall Street. Public financial institutions in this country seem to be coming up with more diverse ways to make money. Just look at the subprime mortgage debacle of 2008. These industries were bundling investment products together, including toxic subprime mortgages, and making a killing off of it. They even bet that those toxic investments would collapse, making themselves even more money. And when it also apart, the federal government slipped in to bail them out with our tax money.

So how do you regulate in industry that is constantly evolving new and different ways to make money? The best way to keep a leash on Wall Street is through the SEC whistleblower protection program. In 2010, Congress passed the Dodd Frank act which gave the federal government a little bit of regulatory force over Wall Street in response to the economic collapse of 2008. But hidden inside the massive bill was the key to regulating public financial institutions — the SEC whistleblower protections.

Jordan A Thomas was an architect of the SEC whistleblower protections and Dodd Frank. The man worked in the enforcement wing of the Securities and Exchange Commission. And now he works for Labaton Sucharow LLP, the country’s first law firm to specialize in SEC whistleblower protections under the Dodd Frank act.

Mr. Thomas has been a legend in the field. He secured the first federal government pay out for an SEC whistleblower in history. He also successfully defended the first whistleblower that received retaliation. Mr. Thomas used the protections found in the Dodd Frank act to make the cases successful.

But recently, Mr. Thomas secured the second largest payout for SEC whistleblower and history. The $17 million payout went to an anonymous whistleblower after the government recuperated fines from the public financial institution that was wreaking havoc. Under the Dodd Frank act, SEC whistleblowers are entitled to up to 30% of the fines recuperated by the federal government for any exposed wrongdoing.

SEC whistleblowers can even come forward anonymously, giving evidence against their public financial institution through an SEC whistleblower attorney. This anonymity protects whistleblower from any retaliation. And if the whistleblower does experience retaliation, a good SEC whistleblower lawyer can use the Dodd Frank act to protect the whistleblower even further. In the end, the Dodd Frank act’s most successful part is the advocation of Wall Street whistleblowers.

Don’t Believe What You Hear

According to Wengie, a common myth that you have probably heard is that a tooth left in coke overnight will dissolve. While the soft drink is strong, it isn’t strong enough to dissolve a tooth, at least not in one night. Your parents have likely told you numerous times that if you sit too close to the television that you’ll strain your eyes. Although it does cause temporary strain on the eyes if you get too close to any kind of screen for long periods of time, it’s not the real reason why you might need glasses or be near-sighted or far-sighted.


When a cat jumps off of a high ledge, you probably think that it will land on its feet. For the most part, this is true as they will usually straighten the body to land on the feet as a natural maneuver. Sometimes, if cats are clumsy, then they can fall on their side or other areas of the body and not land on the feet. This is a myth that does have some truth behind it as well as a bit of deception.


If you’ve seen a bull, then you’ve likely seen the matador waving a red flag. It’s believed that bulls get angry at this color, which is what makes them run around the arena. Bulls can’t see red and are actually colorblind. They will actually charge at anything that’s moving around. The bulls are likely running toward the man’s waving motions instead of the color of the object that he is holding.

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