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Women Such As Susan McGalla Are Helping Others Achieve Their Career Objectives

In the past decades, women faced myriad of challenges in securing various positions in the corporate world. Climbing to the helm of any organization was a herculean task. In addition, pay inequality as well as lack of proper representation in the boardrooms made it difficult for women to be successful on Post Gazette. However, non-governmental and governmental agencies took effective steps to curb such drawbacks. In the midst of all these shortcomings, some women displayed their transformative leadership and proved that they could handle a broad range of challenges. Women have a blend of personality that enables them to take up various roles and succeed on their mandates. Today, women are occupying the highest offices on in the corporate world besides running their own enterprises.

A few years ago, the business sector was patriarchal. However, this scenario has since changed because successful businesswomen such as Susan McGalla have displayed their abilities. With the existence of many role models, many of these women are willing to help others achieve their career objectives. They have innate skills that are significant for the different managerial positions that they hold. Women are also endowed with networking skills, which are fundamental in the ever-evolving corporate world.

Susan McGalla understands what it takes one to climb up the organizational hierarchy and maintain a given position. Confidence, versatility, passion and hard work are traits that have seen McGalla maintain her consistency in terms of having pleasing results in life. She knows that an individual should identify his or her potential traits in order to move from being average to being extraordinary. From a young age, Susan knew that she was destined for greatness. To this end, she worked hard and unlocked the priceless commodity that was in her chest.

Over the years, Susan has gained immense experience in the clothing and retail sectors. She is well versed with matters dealing with product merchandising, talent management, branding and marketing among many others. Between 1986 and 1994, Susan worked at the Joseph Horne Company. This was her first job. Later, she joined American Eagle Outfitters. Because of her work ethics and hard work, she was appointed the president of the firm. She also served as the company’s chief merchandising officer. After serving the company for many years, she left on her own volition to engage in private consultancy for retail industries and financial investment companies. Susan McGalla is the proprietor of P3 Executive Consulting Company, which has its headquarters in Pittsburgh. She is also affiliated with the Pittsburgh Steelers football club, where she serves as the director in charge of strategic planning and growth.

Madison Street Capital Gets an Opportunity to Participate in the 15th M&A Advisor Awards.

The M&A Advisor has disclosed that Madison Street Capital will be among the companies that will be participating in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The organization offers the prize to recognize firms that are performing well in the M&A sector, and therefore, it is significant to individuals and businesses that are in the industry since it proves that they have accomplished a lot. The institution also appreciates the efficiency of companies in successfully handling transactions, backing and financing, as well as the contribution and attainment of the principal stakeholders in the industry.

The firm has also been chosen to contest for the Industrials Deal of the Year Award and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year-International. Madison Street Capital got the nomination to compete for the Industrials Deal of the Year Award due to its unparalleled effort that enabled the transfer of the ownership of the Acuna & Asociados S.A to Dowco. The transaction was recognized by many individuals and firms in the industry. It was overseen by Mr. Karl D’Cunha, who is the present managing director of the Madison Street Capital.

According to the founder of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Charles Botchway, the firm was happy about its involvement in the transfer of the Acuna & Asociados S.A’s ownership to Dowco. The company has been offering its solutions to Dowco for several years. Mr. Botchway also thinks that it is a great honor for the business to be nominated to challenge other firms for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year- International Award. The team that represents the company in carrying out transactions has always been working hard to link the customers in various regions around the world with emerging enterprises that are essential for their growth. They had to put extra effort in the acquisition of the Acuna & Asociados S.A since the transaction was overseas and it was faced with many different factors. Mr. D’Cunha said that the firm acknowledges how it has been credited due to the success of the transaction. The M&A will be having a gala at the New York Athletic Club on 9th November 2016, and it will use it to award the winners.

Madison Street Capital is a company that has specialized in the provision of investment banking services, and its solutions are offered across the globe. Solutions of the firm are centered on high values, which are leadership, integrity, and excellence. It has also majored in providing merger and acquisitions, counseling on finances, investment suggestions, and estimating the worth of an enterprise. Madison Street Capital has been helping its customers to have an easy penetration into the international markets. The clients are also served professionally, and this has assisted in strengthening the relationship between them and the firm.

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Reputation Management Continues to Improve

With the arrival of social media, review sites, blogs, and the endless amount of news coverage thanks to the Internet, businesses are also tasked with a relatively new idea: Online Reputation Reviews. After all, companies need to know what is being said about them online. While favorable and pleasant viewpoints are one thing, negative reviews, information leaks, rumors, and unhappy customers are something altogether different. The speed of response to these negative ideals and having a process in place to handle them are what separates the good companies from the indifferent ones.
The Speed of Doing Business

Because the Internet moves at a rapid pace, businesses and organizations have moved to electronic or digital means of monitoring the various newsfeeds across the web. The volume of information being posted each and every day is staggering, which means that large companies can receive thousands of mentions a day or more. Of course, local or small businesses can receive the same kind of exposure from a core audience. According to Marketing Tech News, media monitoring software can alert a company the moment a new piece of news or any type of post is made about the business allowing for a swift and clean reply.

The Handling Process

While many companies have complaint handling procedures on file, the responsibility and accountability of these procedures can become a little confused. Determining where the information came from, be it an unhappy customer, news source, or even an employee, can have a dramatic impact on how the situation gets handled. The important element is that the post gets a response of some form quickly to diffuse the entire situation before it escalates. Of course, the level of response should always be proportional to the post.

In the end, electronic monitoring via some sort of software package is one of the most useful defense mechanisms businesses have in the digital arsenal. Knowing what is being said, who is saying it, and determining where the information came from are important parts of keeping positive word of mouth intact. Companies work hard for a reputation, and keeping it inline should be just as important.


Mike Baur is an Entrepreneurial Legend

Mike Baur is an ambitious businessman and entrepreneur. He took the interest of his youth, banking and finance, and parlayed it into a career pursuit. With an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from the University of New York Rochester and an MBA from the University of Bern, he began a career in the private banking industry starting out as an apprentice and working his way up to executive board member of a large Swiss bank. Along the way he accrued a variety of banking and financial experience that he was able to apply to his interest as an entrepreneur.


At the age of 39, Mike Baur decided to test his entrepreneurial wings and with two partners founded The Swiss Start-Up Factory. The Factory is an accelerator program that supports start-ups and entrepreneurs in the digital technology industry. The Factory is funded privately and has grown into the number one start-up accelerator in Switzerland.

Baur is also a great supporter of Swiss youth entrepreneur programs and is a mentor to participants as well as offering financial support. New companies are an important part of the business world as well as the economy. Entrepreneurs bring new services and products, as well as creating employment opportunities. Supporting the entrepreneurial effort is an important aspect of their success.


Baur supports the entrepreneurial effort and through the Factory provides opportunities through a strong network based in Switzerland and the world. The Factory provides entrepreneurs and their start-ups a three month program and a unique platform of services. The Factory provides mentoring, coaching and office space to participants in Zurich, Switzerland. Participants find a support system for their ambitious goals and an environment in which they can flourish.


The team at the Factory will identify the start-ups with potential while coaching them and pairing them with investors. The investing pool will include an investing professional, Michael Hartweg, who was attracted to the unique program offered by Baur and the Factory team. Hartweg will evaluate start-ups and invest in those entities that meet his criteria. He will also offer coaching, advice and mentoring in an effort to help start-ups succeed.


The Factory, under Baur’s leadership has proven to be successful. Participants in the three month program have been given a boost with the help they have received. Baur has helped start-ups avoid the potholes and negotiate the speed bumps a new entity often encounters. The entrepreneurs have learned to develop strategies that have been helpful to achieve their goals.