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Slyce Gives Retailers an Edge

Image recognition systems are an exciting new development for security and intelligene applications. European researchers desiring to hyperlink reality. These systems can recognise buildings or even people that are captured with a camera-phone. After the person or building is identified, the image is then hyperlinked to allow others to access information about the building or person who has been captured. The system only has to look at the image. This system will then be able to identify where the individual who took the picture was located.
While these may pose challenging issues to those concerned over privacy, proper regulation of this technology will allow people to use this technology for security and direction. The system works well with test panels and demonstrators who have helped these application to grow. Only one step above the technology that Google maps already uses, demonstrators point out that the free exploration in a dedicated city area will much easier now that individuals can access their location through visual search applications.

In addition to image recognition and direction applications, product recognition can also help many indutries with issues that are fairly obvious, but turning them into a commercial product will be a long process. Companies such as TeleAtlas are developing technology that applies accurate and qualitative data to mapping and navigation services. Gathering data through mapping technology is not only central to location specificity, but it is also important to verify what locations have changed over time.

What does Slyce add to the image recognition market? A simple method by which to identify products that one might want to buy. A way to identify coupons that one may want to look up and use. Last but not least, direction within cities. Slyce is one of the first companies able to simplify image recognition into a products that any person can easily use. The company has gone on record regarding their plans for applications which will benefit retailers. From e-commerce to brick and mortar stores, image recognition is going to promote a health and competitive marketplace.

Slyce makes use of a universal scanner technology. This scanner is able to take almost any image in the world, and hyperlink it, as mentioned above. What makes Slyce different? The comprehensive database that the company has harnessed for use of customers. Retailers get the benefit of providing customers an immediate way to asses what product can be purchased where. This is estimated to be a flawless experience can also use information to identify barcodes or coupons.

Sanjay Shah Features on Show and Speaks on Entrepreneurial Success

If there is anything that is admired, it is being an entrepreneur. The greatest success often comes from being an entrepreneur. Sanjay Shah is a successful entrepreneur. He has spoken on a show hosted by Entrepreneur Podcast Network. With his success as an entrepreneur, he has been free to put his money towards charity. Since his earning potential is unlimited, he had more room to spend money on what he wants as opposed to being on a budget. Sanjay Shah has used Enterprise Radio as a platform in order to speak on various topics that are very important to him.

Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, Sanjay Shah is a philanthropist. He donates to charitable causes and sponsors children. As of right now, he is running his charity called Autism Rocks in which he funds research for Autism from the money he gains. With Autism Rocks he runs concerts with the purpose of running a charity. Among the artists that performed at the concert are Flo-Rida, Prince, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz and plenty of other artists. He has also got to sit and talk to various artists and he many of them are very fun to deal with. They are especially happy to help with the cause.

Sanjay Shah has started off studying medicine. He went from studying to become a doctor to working in the financial industry. He even started his own investment bank called Solo Capital. One thing that has influenced him towards entrepreneurial activities was his attitude towards working in an office and commuting. The daily grind of the 9 to 5 office job didn’t appeal to him. Fortunately, he was able to use his skills in order to bring forth great success as an entrepreneur. Sanjay is one shining example of someone who is very generous, responsible, and diligent in his career.

Why Is Dr. Jennifer Walden Considered One Of The Best Texas Doctors?

Dr. Jennifer Walden is actually a native, and she moved back to Texas from New York with her thriving practice. She wants to help women look and feel their best, and she wants to show them that there are simple ways of doing a lot of things that she does. She is a very active surgeon in the state, and she believes that she can help any woman look amazing. She has a solution for every problem, and she offers consultations to any women who need them.

Women who come to the office to see Dr. Jennifer get a chance to talk to a doctor about any changes that they want to make. Every woman gets a full intake appointment that explains what can be done to help her situation, and all women will find that they can get a lot of things done that might have seemed impossible in the past. The idea that a woman can change her body for the better is now normal in society, and all women can start by making sure that they have talked to Dr. Jennifer about their options. The options in the office are much larger than in other offices, and the staff is very kind. They know how to make all the patients feel like they have made the right choices.

All women need more beauty options to make the decisions that are necessary, and it is much easier for women to feel good when they have been given a list of options that makes sense. The woman who wants to make a permanent change can see what that change will look like, and she will come back to the same office to get the surgery done. This is a relief for women who want to have the work done in a safe place, and it is very helpful for women who want to get these done as quickly as they possibly can. Dr. Jennifer moves to help each woman look great, and she offers unique surgeries that other people cannot do. Her beauty regimen makes every woman look amazing.

BENEFUL® Wet And Dry Dog Food Products Provide 100% Nutrition


Your dog will thank you for the omega III nutrition with BENEFUL®DRY DOG FOOD ORIGINALS ( real salmon. It’s a delicious mix of carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, green beans, and real salmon. Their skin will be healthy and coat will maintain its natural luster. BENEFUL®DRY DOG FOOD ORIGINALS are available in bags from 44 pounds to 3.5 pounds.

A wonderfully delicious dry dog food blend made of green beans, apples,carrots and real chicken. BENEFUL® DRY DOG FOOD HEALTHY LIFE with real chicken is a favorite of all dogs! It’s fortified with essential nutrients, and protein that helps your dog stay fit and full of energy. BENEFUL® DRY DOG FOOD HEALTHY LIFE with real chicken is available on WalMart® in a variety of sizes, 3.5 lb, 6.3 lb, 15.5 lb, and 31.1 lb bags.

A yummy blend of carrots, rice, tomatoes and real chicken, your dog will go crazy for BENEFUL® WET DOG FOOD INCREDIBITES! Full of the necessary nutrients and proteins growing dogs need, BENEFUL® WET DOG FOOD INCREDIBITES with real chicken is complete nutrition, prepared into small bites, or your adult dog. It comes in convenient three-ounce cans.

A pallet pleasing mixture of tomatoes, carrots, wild rice, and real beef in a delicious sauce, BENEFUL® WET DOG FOOD INCREDIBITES® will have your dog jumping for joy and wanting more! It’s complete nutrition in a convenient three-ounce can. Moist, rich in protein, and essential nutrients, your dog will think they are enjoying a gourmet meal with BENEFUL® WET DOG FOOD INCREDIBITES.®

All Beneful® Wet and Dry dog food products are manufactured by Nestlé Purina Store PetCare Company, St. Louis, MO 63164 USA. Each blend is nutritionally prepared according to the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for adult dog and puppies.

Eyes On The Future: New Shopping Frontiers With Visual Search Technology

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s an old age, but the advent of visual search engine technology has allowed users to beef up their search capabilities to get more accurate results. Now, visual search technology is entering a new frontier with big tech players teaming up with retailers to take the technology to new heights.

Although visual search technology has been around for awhile, more and more retailers are adding visual search capabilities into their apps. What began with snapping photos of barcodes and QR codes is now rapidly evolving into full photo recognition. Social media and marketing platforms merge with visual recognition to allow users quicker, easier access to information.

The technology allows users to take a snapshot of a product and then searches for the product by identifying the color, shape, and size through advanced neural networks. Along with search engine capabilities, some retailers are now beginning to combine visual search with mobile concierge technology. It’s like having your own personal shopper at your fingertips.

Slyce, a visual search company out of Toronto, is leading the way to the new frontier with new technologies in image recognition. The company launched its initial image recognition technology in 2013 and since then has partnered with top retailers to help shoppers have a more personalized experience within their mobile apps.

Slyce’s newest offering is the product of its partnership and acquisition of SnipSnap, a coupon app creator. Scout, a new couponing app, allows shoppers to snap a photo of a product they like and find the best deal from an aggregated list pulled from e-commerce websites and apps.

Along with photos of products, users can take a picture of a printed coupon and Scout will convert it to a mobile offer. No more searching through your wallet for coupons. This new technology allows shoppers to find all the best deals in one place.

These days it’s all about a user-friendly experience. Smartphones are expected to reach 6.1 billion users worldwide by 2020 and visual search technology is likely to overtake text search as an easier, quicker way to find products and information. Companies like Slyce are taking marketing to a new level by allowing retailers to give shoppers what they crave: fast, easy access to the products they want at the prices they need.

Shopping In The Future

Recently, the highly lauded designer search engine Slyce has entered into an exciting new partnership with Shoe Carnival, a massive footwear retailer. Marketwired first reported on the new collaboration between the three dimensional search platform which will now embolden online shoppers on Shoe Carnival’s website. The groundbreaking technology behind Slyce will allow said clientele to use photography as a means of finding what their looking for. In other words, one could take a snapshot of a pair of shows and use the visual recognition software that will then match them with what their looking via, thus further ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, it appears Slyce CEO and Kent Zimmerman, the vice president of eCommerce for Shoe Carnival are as excited about their work together as their surely enthusiastic clientele. Slyce stands to benefit financially through fees accrued according to their pricing structure, based upon the variety of services it’s platform prescribes. Shoe Carnival is without a doubt one of the biggest chain of shoe stores across the United States. Based out of Evansville, Indiana, they have an upwards of four-hundred stores across the country, covering thirty-four states total. For more in depth coverage of this recent announcement, go to NASDAQ’s website and read further on the exciting news.

The genesis of Slyce began in Canada, with founders Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot, who established headquarters in Toronto. Later, they grew, and offices sprung up both across Canada, and the United States, in Mineapolis, Minnesota. In 2013, Slyce introduced their visual recognition software at the Mobile World Congress located in Barcelona. Previously they had raised six-million to finance their brand. The six-million skyrocketed to nearly eleven, and a year or so later, Slyce made an amalgamation agreement with Occulus Ventures, before scooping up the mobile app, BuyCode to further hone their innovative shopping tech.

Slyce is a creator of innovative, highly functional visual recognition software. Their technology is constructed for use by formidable retailers looking to make themselves and their products available through the internet. Slyce is somewhat of a bridge for brands like JC Penney and Home Depot to transition smoothly to the online world, where the majority of people are shopping nowadays. Their platform speeds up the process through image recognition that links customers directly to whatever product they may be scouring the web for. They empower customers and businesses alike, and will likely be around for a long time.

New Tax Regulations Are Making An Impact On Mergers And Acquisitions According To Madison Street Capital’s CEO

Charles Botchway, the CEO and founder of Chicago-based Madison Street Capital, has been involved in merger and acquisitions for years. Botchway is known for his ability to put medium sized mergers and acquisitions together without going through the painful process that some investment firms go through. Botchway is a former co-CEO of Houlihan Smith & Company. He was responsible for corporate strategy and planning in that role. Before his role at Houlihan Smith & Company, Botchway spent a great deal of time putting deals together in emerging markets around the world. But many emerging market deals might not go through in the future if the U.S. Government imposes new tax regulations.

Botchway told some of his clients that the U.S. Treasury Department’s proposed new tax regulations threw several proposed mergers on the back burner. One of those mergers was the Pfizer Inc. and Allergan Plc merger. That merger was a $160 billion agreement to buy Allergan Plc by Pfizer Inc., but the U.S. Treasury wants to stop that merger and others like it. The government wants to stop large corporations from evading taxes.

The U.S. Justice Department is filing a lawsuit to stop another large merger from going through, according to Botchway. The Halliburton-Baker Hughes merger would put the No. 2 and No. 3 oil services companies together and the government doesn’t like that idea. Botchway said that large merger are not Madison Street Capital’s target audience, however. Most of the mergers that Madison Street Capital is a part of range from $2 to $500 million.

Madison Street Capital likes to find companies in emerging markets that are undervalued because of economic or political reasons. Botchway is a master at identifying companies that could benefit from a merger or an acquisition in the United States or Canada. The benefits may include tax incentives, but Botchway made it clear that the main reason for Madison Capital mergers is not to evade taxes.

Madison Street Capital has the resources and a competent executive team led by COO Tony Marsala. Marsala focuses on helping corporations get healthy again. Tony Marsala and his team use several strategies that help companies become profitable, so they can be good candidates for an acquisition. Botchway said Madison Street Capital is a diverse company that offer clients several services. The end results are usually better profits, productivity and employee satisfaction.

There are other investment firms that do what Madison Street Capital does, but none do it better than Botchway and the Madison Street team. The MSC capital reorganization program excels in identifying internal issues in corporations that are hindered by cash flow issues, poor efficiency, and negative bottom lines. CEO Charles Botchway and the Marsala team at Madison Street Capital identify potential glitches and correct them before things get really bad.

Why Is Brian Bonar’s Bellamy The Bite To Eat You Need

Brian Bonar opened Bellamy after changing the name of a local restaurant into something that was still friendly for all the people in Escondido. It is a Scotch who came over to America with a dream of making food that people would love, and he wanted Bellamy to fit right in with all the other places in the area that have the names of people who started them. He is not a Bellamy, but he is a man who loves food enough to start making it for everyone in a friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant is a bistro that was made to make people feel at home, and it still offers food that is of a much higher class than what people might expect in the Escondido area. Dalarda reports that Brian Bonar wants to make his restaurant accessible to as many people as possible, and he thinks that he can do that by making sure that people can get the best food possible in a place that feels like the down home diner they used to eat in a long time ago,

Brian Bonar is doing his best to fit in in the small towns of the San Diego area, and he is starting a nice ranch outside the city that is going to allow him to host events with the great food that he plans on making. He even said that he is trying to build a sort of dream kitchen that is going to bring him and his best chef out to the ranch.

Bellamy is already a great lunch and dinner haunt for people who live in the area and want to stay true to a place that was built in the spirit of Escondido. Brian Bonar is totally sold on the way that people live in San Diego, and he is making sure that people get that idea when they come to his restaurant. That is the only goal because he already has the best European food to be paired with traditional food that people would find in a bistro.

Brian Bonar is a restaurant owner who wants to be much more connected to his community than the average owner. He wants people to love coming in, and he wants them to keep coming back to try all the things that are on his menu. The menu is that expansive, and it is something that everyone in San Diego needs to try at least once.