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Wen By Chaz An Unbelievable Hair Product That Works Miracles

At one point or another we have come across various advertisements about hair products and cleansers. Some of this advertisements are not what they seem and are fake hopeless knock offs. WEN hair by Chaz is all in one hair cleansing care line that works beautifully regardless the hair type. WEN by Chaz has various hair products that are designed to work wonderfully promising best results and nourishing your hair. An editor at tried the hair products and was amazed by the results. She was especially impressed by the Sephora Fig Version which transformed her hair in few days making it thick and smooth. She noted that you have to follow the instructions written at the back of the bottle, she admitted that at first she was skeptical but was amazed by the results which were almost instantaneous. The editor has displayed several pictorials that you can view together with the original article at http:// www. 136320-i-used-cleansing conditioner on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened or visit

Wen hair products by Chaz is a line of hair beauty products that guarantees a turnaround from bad hair days. The hair products offered by WEN by Chaz have been tested making it safe and fun to use. The hair line products are made by a mixture of herbal and nourishing botanical hair vitamins. Boosting favorable reviews worldwide is a testament that the hair product line works and is safe to use.

WEN hair by Chaz products sold on Amazon does not have the normal harmful products such as sulfates that are harmful to both the hair and scalp.




Devco Paves The Way


An article published by Press of Atlantic City, recently reported that the Middlesex County Improvement Authority is in debt to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The county Improvement Authority hasn’t paid the principal one-million or the accumulated interest on the the twenty-million dollar investment. Unfortunately the said organization has amassed almost seven-million in debt over the course of the past five years. The Improvement Authority originally obtained the loan in order to build a New Brunswick hotel called The Heldrich, a building designed by nonprofit organization, the New Brunswick Development Corp. Things have been slow for the two-hundred and thirty-five room hotel, having launched in 2007 during the traumatic market crash. Allegedly, the hotel has had to dip into it’s own money, which amounted to nearly eight hundred thousand dollars to provide clients with clean carpets’ and mattresses’. The New Brunswick Development Corporation included the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority’s loan of twenty million in the one-hundred and seven total million collected to construct the hotel, Heldrich. This is an unfortunate situation, that will surely be rectified, and it should be noted that the The New Brunswick Development Corp. has been publicly lauded and praised as the penultimate example of a successful privatized major construction company focused on demanding projects. Check out the original article: for further information on the matter.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco) emerged in the seventies and was created to launch economic redevelopment in not only New Brunswick, but across the state of New Jersey as a whole. The corporation has garnered pull to utilize federal, public, private, and federal support systems to facilitate their large scale construction projects.


Skout Uses Their Platform To Raise Funds For Charity

The Skout community is giving back to the world again through charitable donations and wonderful contributions from their users and employees. The company has a good reputation for giving back to others. The frequently give back to the world through volunteering and giving back to the food banks. Actually, they have worked with San Fransisco’s Marin Food Bank on a few occasions. They recently worked with the organization to help with their food drive in honor of International Random Acts Of Kindness Day. Since then, they have stepped up their contributions quite significantly, working with the San Fransisco Marin Food Bank once again, but this time they are there in a larger capacity.

The recent donations to San Fransisco Marin Food Bank were accomplished by gathering funds from users through the application. This measure is extraordinary because it shows what types of people use Skout.

What Is Skout All About?

The company that gave back to their community is full of community oriented living and those similar events. They are constantly sharing these types of holidays with their users. The event for this charity was actually called National Potato Chip Day. It is celebrated on March 14th every year. The community on Skout’s platform is filled with caring and kind individuals, so this turn out was a good one.

The platform is available on most devices. It can be found for free download in the AppStore and on GooglePlay. Most people like using Skout to meet new and interesting people in their local city, but it is also a nice application to have when you are traveling to a new city that you have never visited before because you get the opportunity to meet people online in order to spend your time with, and this is based on your shared interests.

People meet other people using Skout based on a variety of search criteria, including sex, relationship status, interests and location. Users can meet individuals in their demographic, or if they feel like meeting people outside of their demographic, that is easy to accomplish as well. This information was originally published on PR Newswire, and it can be found by going to this link.

Jon Urbana: The Master Behind the Lens

If it’s Jon, it’s about nature. It’s about the beauty of the Mother Earth and all that lives in her. Jon Urbana’s videos show his love for the simple things in everyday life, like the rays of sun peeping out from behind fluffed up clouds that hang above a sea ( With some editing, Urbana has managed to add a vintage effect and create a masterpiece on Facebook. The simplicity of the scenery selected here contrasts heavily with the time lapse video of Alaska Mountains ( This video features the absolutely splendid view of clouds rushing across the highest peaks of Alaska and is a true inspiration for camera freaks and tourists alike.

Although photography is not a job requirement for him, Jon Urbana has created a ripple by uploading some of the cutest videos and photos from all around the world. If they aren’t on Vimeo, they’re likely on his blog ( famous compilation, some of which can be viewed at, talks about the popular tourist spots, the innovative and artistic statues, the beauty of the sunsets and his desire to inspire people to travel and view the planet they live on.

Understandably, nature occupies a special place in the life of Jon Urbana. There’s a cute animated video on his Vimeo channel ( that shows his fundraising campaign for Earth Force, an organization dedicated to the education about a clean environment and involving his lacrosse campers in the mission (WRCB).

Jon’s Twitter contributions towards promotion of the importance of nature and innovative photography are immense. Educated at Villanova University, Urbana has spent all his life in Denver and has harbored a deep love for photography, reading, squash, flying and skiing. He also founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in a tribute to Jon’s dedication to the sport, of which he was a devoted player at the Villanova University.

QNET Embraces Women Entreprenuers

In a February article published by Gulf News in their Business and Money section, QNET, a direct-selling company, headquartered in Hong Kong, was profiled. The company was formed in Hong Kong in 1998 and is a member of the Association of Governing Direct-Selling Companies in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. QNET is also a member of the Hong Kong Health Food Association, and the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore. 

QNET has taken its place as a world-wide direct selling organization with 25 offices worldwide.

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Posted by QNET (Official) on Thursday, March 3, 2016

In the newly emerging marketplace, the United Arab Republic, the company operates offices in Abu Dhabi, Mussafah and Dubai. More than 100 countries have QNET distributors who offer products through their e-commerce platform.

The executives at QNET have realized the values of sport sponsorships and they support and identify with both football and badminton. 

Recently QNET entered into a partnership with the Manchester City Football Club located in England. QNET, also, has hired Martina Hingis to be their roving ambassador for the brand. Hingis was a former number one ranked female tennis player from Switzerland, who dominated her sport during the 1990s, winning five Grand Slams title before injuries shortened her career.

The selection of Hingis as representative plays well for QNET in its program to appeal to and help women from around the world; women who may wish to enter the world of direct-selling business but on their terms.
The article went on to report that USAID, United States Agency for International Development, headquartered in Washington, D.C., stated that women and girls must have access to education, healthcare and technology. Further, these girls and women must have equal rights and opportunities as breadwinners, peace-builders and leaders (learn more about their employees here: To read the full article, click here.

QNET is dedicated to empowering women, who make up almost 75 percent of their direct-sellers work force, by encouraging them to be a part of the QNET team. QNET offers products designed for women in the areas of health and beauty. In today’s marketplace, which is depending less on brick and mortar retail stores and more on e-commerce, QNET has assured its place in the future. 

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