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GoFundMe for Autism

Autism Rocks is a well-organized charity that was developed by Sanjay Shah accepting donations to increase awareness with autism. Autism Rocks is based off of private invite only concerts that are conducted by musicians in the music industry. Some of the musicians Sanjay Shah has worked with are Snoop Dogg, Drake, Prince and Michael Buble. During these concerts, they accept donations that help raise money for the charity. Shah is scheduled to work with many other famous music artists in the future and continues to work on the thriving success of the charity. He started a gofundme campaign to assist even further with the fundraising and donation process.

Shah began to dig deeply into the neurological condition, autism, after they received the news from the doctor that his youngest son has autism. Shah and his wife were shocked, and needless to say, they wanted to do everything in their power to help him in any way that they could. Autism isn’t a condition that has a cure and it’s not something that just goes away, so Shah had to come to this understanding. At first, he wasn’t exactly sure what he needed or wanted to do. He just knew that he wanted to help. His musician rapper friend Snoop Dogg stopped by his him in Dubai one afternoon, and over a cup of tea they discussed avenues of ways he could help raise awareness. In the past, Shah had been involved in the music industry, so it wasn’t a foreign thing to him. Snoop Dogg felt that he should get involved again, and so he did, and developed Autism Rocks.

The Go Fund Me campaign was started just recently to help with donations. They have been quite successful with the charity, and have been able to donate some of the money to Cambridge University. They conduct research on autism and help families, along with those that are diagnosed, cope with the condition.  Visit his Youtube page for more information about Sanjay and his endeavors.

Michigan Businessman Sails Ahead of the Competition

Recently in news, the 2016 Gold Cup that is hosted by the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club took place. The event was filled with careful navigation and high speed winds that increased the overall excitement of the crowd. Overall, there were three races that determined the overall winner of the Gold Cup of 2016. One of these contestants was Dick DeVos, an American businessman and entrepreneur was described to be leading the race by a single point within his Volpe. Directly behind Mr. DeVos was Alessandro Rombelli who slowly overtook Mr. DeVos within the next lap. The results for the overall win showed Alessandro Rombelli in first with Dick DeVos in close second.

The young sailors were each able to experience the thrill and the excitement of raising with some of the greatest sailors in the world. At the end of the competition, youth sailors, Denver Rozzo and Michael Moss demonstrated the best overall efforts during the competition. With the challenging breeze and the difficult navigation, the youthful sailors proved to be an invaluable asset.

Of the excellent sailors, Dick DeVos is one of the most versatile of the group members. Dick is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who has found many outside hobbies such as sailing as well as joining the liquor business. DeVos began his path to success at a young age when he received his undergraduate degree in business. After receiving his degree, Mr. DeVos used his degree to help benefit the family company of Amway Corporation. 

At Amway Corporation, Mr. DeVos was able to work his way up to become one of the company’s vice presidents. As a vice president, Mr DeVos was put in charge of international sales. During his time as vice president, Mr. DeVos raised the international sales to makeup over 50 percent of the overall company’s sales (MLive’s article describes Dick’s career at Amway).

In addition to his wealth and acquired success, Mr. DeVos is a philanthropist that is a strong supporter in education for all despite income backgrounds. Mr. DeVos and his wife, Betsy have donated millions of dollars to educational institutions in hopes that those who come from low-income families can also pursue a higher education through their charitable foundation. Mr. DeVos is a firm believer that success does not originate from wealth. 

Dick is also a well-known political donor and his generosity has been noticed by those at Netflix who referenced his donations in the popular show, House of Cards (Read Dick’s thoughts on the reference here:

Learn more about Dick’s career by visiting his New Netherland Institute page.

Talking With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a communication device that offers video email product, among other social media solutions. The feature by Talk Fusion allows people to send crystal clear video messages via email. How cool is that?

Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, started the company when he realized that he could not send a 10 second video to his friends. America Online said it was impossible and that was the birth of a grand idea. He achieved success by contacting an I.T friend who helped him achieve the impossible.

Before the discovery of this million-dollar idea, Bob was a police officer who practiced marketing as a part-time job. He is a smart individual who graduated first in his class. Bob has Criminology Degree form then university of South Florida.

Talk Fusion has been received well globally as an online content provider becoming 8th in the world. This means that it has surpassed big companies such as Yahoo, Viacom and MegaVideo. The communication service is available in over 85 countries, and continues to conquer other countries. The invaluable service offered by the company is something that the online community seemed to yearn for. Talk Fusion is a current member of DSA and DSEI in Dubai. The companies deal with professional and ethical practices related to direct selling.

With video becoming an integral part of an online experience, Talk Fusion has captured a niche that was much needed. It brings better service and at a relatively cheaper price than other rival communication companies. It has excellent graphics which relates directly to good quality videos. Of course, the better the device, the better the video. It is also very simple to use.

Talk fusion has made video conferencing, social networking and broadcasting a much easier and relatable experience with the simple-to-use feature. The company has the video email product which can be branded with the pre-made templates or company’s brands. The sender can then choose to include whatsoever message they wanted to send, and click ‘send’ to relay their message to intended recipient. Since the video is embedded in the email, it just takes a simple click to have this done. At a small fee, this is an absolutely amazing product that Bob Reina brought to the world of tech.

$50 Million in Funding Opens the Door to FreedomPop’s New Global Hotspot

FreedomPop is on the move globally. Ironically, thanks to a massive new round of investment raising, those who subscribe to FreedomPop services can also move around globally without losing their access to the service. FreedomPop is hard at work at developing a fantastic new global hotspot service.

The amount of the funding raises is a tremendous $50 million. The end result will be cheap global roaming. Anything inexpensive is sure to be met with enthusiasm by budget-conscious mobile users.

FreedomPop’s new global hotspot concept is going to deliver a lot of stiff competition to major cellular phone services. The big names in the cell phone service world are notorious for their massive roaming charges. FreedomPop’s affordable new global hotspot is going to eliminate all those costs.

The CEO of the Los Angeles-based company has said deals are being made with the 25 countries in Europe to make sure the low prices stay low. (Also, in time, FreedomPop wants to add another 40 countries to the list of participating regions) Travelers through the participating countries never have to feel they are locked out of the communications loop. They also won’t have to pay outrageous fees into order to use basic phone, text, and data service.

Access to the hotspot is afforded after paying a nominal fee of $49. This is a one-time fee. The SIM card required to access the hotspot is only $10, and the SIM card comes with free upgrades.

FreedomPop’s service is carried by Sprint in the United States and the Three network in the United Kingdom. T

The entire story can be found at Recode. Subscribers and potential subscribers should check the article out.

Reasons Why The Manse On Marsh Is The Best Facility

While conventional nursing homes and medical care centers can be life-saving, they can also be destructive for senior citizens. In addition, they can be expensive for anyone looking to have a modest living after retirement. Many commonly known facilities like these have been poorly tested and some provide low quality service. Assisted living facility like the Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo, on the other hand, is a reliable center for seniors.

Those who are planning to retire or have already retired and are looking for an accommodation to spend quality time, the Manse on Marsh is the best place to be. At this facility, seniors get more than just meals and beds. They can avail features such as laundry service, transportation, education, classes, medical care and more in a community like setting. As many people would already know old age brings with it a wide range of issues, both physical and mental. SeniorHousingNet states that the Manse on Marsh facility handles seniors from all walks of life and makes sure that they are getting the right combination of service according to their needs and budget. The gold standard for the facility to evaluate how well a program works for a particular individual is through years of experience in this business. Having dealt with thousands of seniors, this facility offers programs that are tailored to a specific need. That means everyone benefits from this facility and it has been very well evaluated.

The facility further explores the fact that seniors expect better lifestyle than they are accustomed to. All the features are provided according to their wish without compromising quality. The residents get to interact with other people in similar situation and enjoy life inside a safe campus. They get to use amenities like club house, gym, play courts and much else when they are staying here. Developing a basic understanding about what to expect at the Manse on Marsh can go a long way and help you start with the new life through the activities available. This facility, in fact, has opened up a whole new world for senior citizens and their loved ones. They now have access to all information that was once provided only by private and sophisticated care centers. Knowing a bit about the flexibility and affordability of this facility will help seniors to find their way around as well.

The reality is that in far more cases than anyone can expect, assisted living facility like this is the best place to be. Manse Blog details that the programs and treatments offered here are likely to have major benefits for seniors.

Meet Organo Gold Powerhouse CEO Bernardo Chua: A Healthy Coffee Brand

Coffee drinking has become a global culture, especially with Organo Gold finest brews. The leading gourmet coffee innovator doesn’t produce generic blends. In fact, Organo Gold entire coffee line is of bespoke quality and authenticity. The company’s respected chief executive and founder Bernardo Chua continues to educate society about the benefits of consuming quality coffee daily. He was profoundly empathetic as he shared a powerful speech at the Annual Organo Gold Convention. The company commands some the top-earning employees of the food and beverage industry.

With a profuse variety of tasteful blends that are richly fortified with Ganoderma Lucidum, a 40-decade-long Chinese recipe; Organo Gold coffee beats all else. So, what’s the potential of this secret coffee ingredient? Ganoderma itself contains potent proprietary agents known to accelerate the body’s healing capabilities. In fact, it has a powerful adaptogen compound and antioxidants strengthens immunity. Additionally, it repairs any internal inflammation triggered by health conditions: asthma, low energy, migraines, high cholesterol, kidney/liver dysfunction, and diabetes.

As a proprietary ingredient of Organo Gold coffee, Ganoderma reacts similarly as it reaches the bloodstream. Bernardo Chua continues to use the Organo Gold Annual Convention as a platform to share rich content focused on improving health. It’s an idea that he’s passionate about as nations consume invaluable tips to make life profoundly filling. In fact, he’s managed to convert a mass non-coffee drinking audience through this same information channel.

Bernardo Chua has just launched his gourmet coffee franchise in Turkey. As demands for organic coffee grew, he sought expansion that extended to the volatile North American market. Affectionately called “Bernie,” Bernardo Chua isn’t the typical executive. Those under his command are respectful and committed to the Organo Gold vision. Among achievements as an elite business mogul of industry and marketing, Bernie received the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award in 2014. He’s also an NHF (Napoleon Hill Foundation) Gold Medal and five-time Direct Sales Company-of-the-Year awardee. Additionally, Organo Gold holds two elaborate People’s Choice Awards as the world’s best gourmet coffee concierge.

Organo Gold, which he founded in 2008 became the most successful of all his startups. In 2015, Bernie authorized a major rebranding for the company’s entire coffee consumables. Today, it’s simply “Organo,” although the integrity of Bernie’s production hasn’t changed. With Organo Gold distribution networks worldwide, an expansion in Turkey was imminent. The nation’s locals consumers coffee in rich portions as it’s not a culture encouraged, but rather embraced. Visit YouTube to see Organo Gold colorful CEO Bernardo Chua indulge his audience here!

Apple Thoughts From Marcio Alaor BMG


With experience in the business side of banking, Marcio Alaor is the quintessential example of someone who knows what he is doing when it comes to business. He has made sure that he knows about different businesses and that he is able to pass his knowledge onto the customers that he has at the bank. As someone who is seen as a leader for his bank, Alaor wants to make sure that everyone else sees him in the same light. He has made it a point to provide a large amount of information to the people who visit him at the bank and to give them what they need when it comes to business. He is very educated about the top businesses in the world and works to pass this down to the customers through the different blogs, speeches and classes that he offers to the banking customers.

Marcio Alaor knows all about Apple and has been studying the company for a long time. He works to stay up to date on everything about this smartphone and computer company. He focuses around the iPhones that the company sells and makes sure that he is aware of all of the options that they have for their phones. He has been able to provide a great deal of information to his customers about the company because he has worked to learn so much about it. He is an Apple expert when it comes to learning more about the business that they have.

One of the newest technologies that is going to be coming to iPhones is emotional recognition. Marcio Alaor talks to people about this all the time and knows that people are interested in seeing what the new iPhones can do. He makes sure that people know there will be facial recognition in the future. Another option that the iPhones are going to have is self-repair. This means that the phone can essentially repair any damages that it sustains. Everything from screen cracks to water in the phone will be handled through the phone. These changes could be coming as soon as the 2016 release of the iPhone 7.

Marcio Alaor, as a businessman, works to make sure that he knows everything that he can about the business world. He follows the information of a lot of the biggest businesses in the world, especially technology-related ones that are constantly growing. He knows that these businesses will be able to continue to improve and that they will get better with what they are doing.